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  1. If you read carefully, I sold my £210 Escort as I had to make way for the new Mercedes Benz CLK 55 AMG i was waiting for. You lot on here are just a miserable bunch of *****ers!!! If someone says they are doing well you gun for them and if someone is trying to be humble you go for them as well. What a miserable bunch of old duffers!!!
  2. You sweetheart have clearly missed the whole point of my rant. Shouldn't you be reading The Sun.com or something more suited to your intellect. Remember, you should show me some respect as i could have been your father but the que outside your mums house was toooo long!
  3. Its better to strap yourself right up and just do whatever you want in this country. Why work like a dog to pay big taxes to get nothing back. Better to take out as many credit cards, loans, overdrafts, lock stock the lot and then do a IVA and write it all off. I reckon i could get £100k of credit from various places, that would last me at least 2-3 years then i just do a IVA and start again by signing on and get a council house after marrying a polish chick with 3 kids from 5 different fathers.
  4. Loaf of bread £1.20, Marg £1.30, slab of cheese £2, couple of packets of ham £4, jar of mayo £1, jar of mustard £1.20, bag of salad £2 and £2.60 per hour car parking for my £210 Escort. Out of all that I wrote all you could pick up on was £14 for a sandwich!! Loving your attention to detail my friend
  5. I am a HPC newbie and feel I have finally found a Forum where people like myself can truly understand the mentalist Society we are living in today in the UK I have been living in India for the last 18 months and have returned to the UK as life in Mumbai is chaotic, hectic, dirty, polluted, corrupt and just a complete head f**k however within 1 month of being back in the UK I realised why i left in the first place and that Bombay is not as bad as it seems!!! Let me begin my rant... 1. Mortgage - As I returned to the UK i decided to buy a property to live in. I have enough cash for a deposit however as I have been living in the India for the last 18 months I was not given a mortgage by Lloyds who have deemed me unsuitable for a mortgage beside having a 25 year relationship with them and putting 100's of thousands of pounds through their bank as i used to run a successful recruitment business in the UK before the economy dived in 2008. I HAD all my savings and money with Lloyds however even with money in the bank and a steady job I was not given a mortgage because I had lived out of the UK. Lloyds are blaming me but should they not be looking at their own mistake of buying HBOS and over extending themselves and getting their sums wrong. The same bank i have rescued from going under as a tax payer is the same bank that wont give me a mortgage and a house to live in .... there's gratitude for you!!! 2. Petrol - the cost of petrol is at the high of £1.20 a litre again yet the price of oil per barrel is less than $80!!! WTF!!! Where does this nonsense end. There is a petrol station at the bottom of my road that is being rebuilt since November (when i last came back to the UK). They have left there price sign still standing and it says 99.9p a litre. Have they left that sign up there to pi55 me off? How has the cost of petrol risen by 20p a litre in less then 4 months and please dont tell me about the cost of production or the £$ rate as petrol was not that much cheaper when £ = $2.10 3. Inflation since when has inflation being at 3% instead of 3.1% be good news when the target is 2%????? I got mugged by 5 guys not 6 guys, lucky me!!!!! WTF!! I thought I would make my own sandwhich rather then buy from a shop to save money last week. By the time i bought all the ingedients it cost me £14 to make a sandwich!! Not my best money saving initiative!! And they say the cost of things is coming down! Where? What tings? I must be the unluckiest guy in the whole of the UK as every single thing I consume like petrol, food, clothes, alcohol, rent, mortgages is going up in price!! 4. Interest rates - I cant buy a house cos I cant get a mortgage, (well I can now through another avenue but they want a 20% deposit). So my choice is to sit on the money earning way below the 3% inflation level so I am losing money every month as interest rates are so low or buy an over valued house that will be worth less in 1 years time. MY HARD EARNED CASH IS GOING DOWN THE PAN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. IT WILL EITHER GO DOWN OR PLUMMET!!! Thing is we moan and groan about these things in the UK and go on Forums like this a have a good old b1tch but that is it. We need to really stand up for ourselves we need to show the Government and policy makers that this is not acceptable anymore. They cant go on taxing us and taking that money to pay £500,000 to illegal immigrants with 10 kids living in a mansion or bailing out banks that then go on to make even more money from us and dont help us. Let me tell you another story .... I bought a £210 Ford Escort from the car Auctions when i got back from India as a run around. After getting spanked £120 auction fee's and then spanked another £110 Road Tax the car ended up costing double. Anyway to cut a short story shorter i sold the car today to a guy who works for the NHS. Now he has just come back from a 3 week paid holiday. (which is cool) So i asked how come he wasn't working today as he's just had 3 weeks off. He told me that the NHS gives their workers a FULLY PAID 5 week 'readjustment' holiday after they get back from holiday where they work half shifts to get over their holiday and jet lag!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! I could not make this up!! A holiday after a holiday. In India if the government do something the people dont agree with all hell breaks loose. There are mass protests and cities like Mumbai are bought to a halt but the politicians listen and make changes. We could learn a thing or two from those guys. They say slavery is over. To me it just seems like its moved to a different table!
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