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  1. Chocolate fudge should do it I think. Yes, up the production of all fudge and export it in massive overpriced quantities, then press a button on the computer to show that our balance of payments is marvellous, and of course the deficit is down by 3 qrtrs. Also production will be up, so no recession - now that's sweet...
  2. I'm sorry for us all. This misguided govt is trying to 'buck the market' with non-existent cash. It will end in tears. It may be that people will not take the bait - it will be interesting to see how the no. of mortgage apps goes - for new lending. Savers are obviously stupid according to this govt, since all money can be printed or electronically summonsed, on a Bof E laptop, thebanks and people are all govt guaranteed...so what's the point of worrying you might ask? Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...aaaarggggggg.....plummet
  3. It all implies that house prices will fall if large scale building were encouraged. In fact it is only partly true. If interest rates were to be 'normal' then I firmly belive you would see an almighty correction - and boy do we need one! Land prices are controlled by the ability to borrow. If we put rates back up and restrict lending multiples to 2.25 x salary, prime and sub alike, then the market would adjust and rents would fall alongside indue course, HB would become sheaper, the cost of living would fall, the wage pressure would wane, the manufacturing would become cheaper........malinvestment to simple bricks on mud would correct, growth would return, some people would be in negative equity and some would go bankrupt - all alot better than the whole country living in lalalalalala land forever.
  4. Savers in this country are often having several % of buying power removed form them forcibly by this Govt, since they have allowed the Bo of E to set a ludicrously low interest rate below inflation year after year. It is the permanent rape of savers. Not a sign of a bank run here since Northern Rock....
  5. I am sure u can tell us the answer then, given that you're so vewy vewy clever yourself? Should we pump billions into pointless degrees (loaded Q) or spend more time training people in post with day release, or just have academic and non- academic style apprenticeship? What gets me going is to hear that Companies want to hire p[eople from abroad because ' the skills they seek' are not here in Grrrrreat Britain! Why don't they train them then, either on a UNI course suited to it or a combination of training in post and UNI. ANOTHER THING THAT IS QUITE INCREDIBLE, IS TO LEARN THAT WITH COURSE WORK IN GCSE's, students can do the course work over and over gain until they reach the highest grade possible. No wonder the number of A's has soared! People who get an A or A* first time are lumped in with those who did it several times and appear to have the same skill set! We have been kidding ourselves that standards have improved. They have actually gone backwards in some ways since the 1970's. You have people presenting themselves fo Degrees who do not have the basic understanding required and have to be taught, spelling, grammar and underlying knowledge in many cases for a year. No wonder they don't want to take into account first year marks for Degrees.
  6. Its the fault of a pointless and politically led increase in provision of 'so called degrees' so we could say that 50% of ypoung people had one..the Blair double vison trip. That's where we encourage young people to spend or borrow huge sums in the belief that a degree confers a great advantage in the workplace. It's all backed up by stats which are very historical showing graduates earning a good deal more over a lifetime than non-grads - they might have at one time. Now that we have so many people pouring out of places, all called Uni whatever the employers think of them, they are finding out that the simple word 'degree' only means something if employers think it does, not if politicans and terciary colleges or CFE's decide to invent a course and add the word degree to the end of it.... TRY THIS " Parapsychology -they really wanted to call this one 'Ghostbusting' but decided that would probably count as lying. Parapsychology, which was launched as a masters at Coventry University in 2006, looked at the existence of ghosts, haunted houses and 'the survival of bodily death'. What about a degree in Golf course management, or even Youth studies....do they need to be degrees?
  7. Does somebody think readers of HPC forum are a bit dim? I am sure we are all quite sure that properties rose in price by an average 35% since January having read this article......
  8. THAT'S RIGHT! The govt should ensure a quick and severe fall in Land value, then we could get on with building affordable places to live! I know so many late 20, 30 somethings who cannot buy and don't want to buy at these silly prices. The Chancellor has brought along a rag bag of plans to prop up the housing market, but has forgotten that the income multiples do not exist (unless you mean 4 and 5 x incomes is ok for mortgages!) to buy these overpriced boxes on tiny mud plots. He has forgotten that the UK is already one of the three biggest property bubbles on the planet. HE HAS FORGOTTEN THAT THE HOUSING MARKET DOES NOT PRODUCE PRIMARY LASTING WEALTH. In fact he is clueless as to how to direct this economy. He is not evenTory to spend his time inetrefering with normal market forces in this manner. Despair....
  9. You can still only buy if your income multiples can cope with the outrageous house prices! Rising prices will simply fall down afterwards because it is already a massive bubble inmany parts of the country, particularly the South.
  10. Osborne is a subprime junky on crack! He has no understanding of markets or necessary corrections or malinvestment or competitiveness. In fact it's a wonder he is actually Tory!!!! He does not belive in the free market as afar asa finance is concerned. Whilst it may need many things, one thing it does not need is further distortion. The Budget was vacuous and aimless. There is no coherent strategy. The only thing that has been going along is reducing public sector employees - that's quite right. But the tendency is for low paid part time jobs in their place. Still little in the way of increased manufacturing and exporting
  11. Wth star comments like that you'll go far my lad. Frankly the whole idea of PCC's was pathetic, costly, pointless and even farcical. I have seen either ex police officers doing it (Hampshire) or here in Sussex an unsuitable lady, who happens to be the tory candidate who has also appointed someone to 'help' her. What do they think this is? A free for all? Why on earth was it a politicised role? That's why voters hated it most, apart from seeing no point whatsoever.
  12. The above is right and I would include that a good half of homes did not have central heating, lots with outside loos. HOWEVER, where this is woefully wrong is when it comes to our ability to buy the same size of home with the same position in life. YOU CAN'T. Homes are about 3 times as much compared to incomes than they were in 1970. Some areas are 60 x as much as then. I will give you an example. Brighton BN1 - House I know of, bought 1970 - £10k. Today - £600k or more. People in Brighton for example, may think living in a fishermans cottage for £400k near a train station is a good idea. Same houses - even in 1992 were £38-45k. Incomes have gone up 28 x since 1970. The govts policy is to steal from the savers and give to the borrowers. It is nothing short of the same policy, applied to all bank deposits, as you see now emerging in Cyprus, but in slow motion. Inflation is higher than deposit saving rates! who ever heard of that? It is distortion of the savings and borrowings markets and will have terrible long term consequences.
  13. Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland - take your pick. Bettter just to put up taxes frankly. What's the point of causing a bank run? We have anew bedroom tax. What about a window tax? That was here in the 18th century......
  14. You can post your offer, 'Subject to contract', through their door and aks them to tell the agent their response, stating you did not think he had given it to them as no response. That is the case isn't it? You made an offer and there was no response to that offer - not the same as the, 'they've already refused a higher offer' rebuff, which sadly is sometimes a lie, or otherwise said a long time before and may not matter. As stated on here, agents are legally obliged to inform their clients of all offers, whatever the previous responses.
  15. Yes they should. But I don't regard people in social housing as beyond being reasonable about the accomodation they need. I met someone this week who said they had tried to swap their 3 bed home for a 1 bed flat with their provider for over a year. Despite a number of attempts to do the reasonable thing (no longer having kids at home) nothing has been done. Poeople should be moved over time and be required to do so. they shopuld not be penalisded while waiting when they are offering to do so!
  16. It would be cheaper to help those poor lemmings who overborrowed than carry on with this ponzi. We sure do need to rebalance the economy, but not by current policies to uphold a property bubble. We would already have been well on the way if it had been done in 2010.
  17. He has lost his shine. There is no substance; no understanding of how the conomic cycle dictates certain policy issues. He is a front man - his backroom staff have no clue. He heads up The Cluelessition.
  18. As you put it, there is a very strong feeling among many not to spend. This is the fallacy of economics being a science - it is a hybrid art/science. The behaviour of the unpredictable - PEOPLE. Fiddling reality in the way this Govt is pursuing is not anything remotely sensible. The plain fact is, this country no longer has the productive capacity to benefit from any 'pump priming'. All we get is a quick sugary fix, followed by a long balance of payments burp, as we suck in more imports. Then tax receipts do not match outgoings....... so the cycle continues. WE ARE NOT PAYING OUR WAY. WE NEED TO PRODUCE MORE AND IMPORT LESS.
  19. LOL ......Good one. Sadly very near the truth about all this. FannyMcBenefitBuy & FreddieMayBuyWhatUwant. IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THE PM EVER STUDIED ECONOMICS AT OXFORD.
  20. No wonder Osborne actually thought Mr Carney was the 'best candidate' for the job of Governor at the Bof E ! The pumped up Canadian property market is all he has to show for his incumbency in Canada as Governor there. It is now beginning to crumble...... watch our space! THE GOVERNMENT HAS LOST ITS MARBLES ON THIS. THE FFLS HAS ALREADY SHOWN SIGNS OF CREAKING. NOW THEY WANT TO ADD MORE PHONEY MONEY TO THE PROPERTY PONZI. THEY THINK IT CREATES WEALTH DO THEY??? IT IS A SIDE SHOW TO PRIMARY AND SECONDARY PARTS OF THE ECONOMY IE MANUFACTURING. YOU CANNOT LIVE ON PUMPING UP THE PROPERTY MARKET OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THAT'S WHY WE ARE IN THIS MESS! THEY HAVE LEARNT NOTHING
  21. If you want to holiday there - have weekends away etc, you go for it! It does not seem excessive. In fact it puts into perspective some of the stupid prices for homes, no better, we all see in the UK. If that were for sale as a home in West Sussex it would fetch at least £180k - 2 beds, lounge, bathroom, room for a pony.
  22. On a main road. No photos of the inside says it all.
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