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  1. its almost impossible to see if u will save anything! I have tried to see if you can work this out and when I compared tariffs between companies, almost none of them were exactly the same, so you could NOT tell who would be cheapest for you atall. The way to deal with this is actually very easy. The Companies must be forced to provide say 4 tariffs that are exactly the same - ie amount per unit at a level amount whatever you use; a low user tariff with cheaper units to start then more expensive units; a high user tariff with tapering lower price per unit after so many are used etc. But all companies would provide the same formula. At present they are not reconcileable. If they have to do as I say then the first 4 tariffs presented MUST be the comparable ones. They can then offer any others they like. What's so difficult about that??!! I suppose David Cameron just shot his mouth off before anything had been thought through and now thee's a silly furore - that's UK idiot govts for you.
  2. We need to stop the party stranglehold over MP's. They may not object to the Cabinet/govt or otherwise end up facing deselection! It's an elected dictatorship. It's broken. It cannot tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but...simply because we (the electorate, so that's you too) keep on demanding they lie to us in terms we'd like to hear; talk of change; tell us they will take the 'tough decisions', when really a real change and long term type policies would lose them any election in this 'spin' world we currently live in. They come up with absolutely ridiculous policies without any background consultation of those who would know and can advise (ie not civil servants - but the health workers or the teachers, the police, the judges, the construction industry, the manufacturers. No, they just think of something and run with it. Take Law & Order - latest news is that Prison Governors are going to receive payments for the prison based on the rate of re-offending of those they incarcerate - the lower it is the more they will get - payment by results! The govt have previously announced that community based penalties produce much lower re-offending rates and quote a load of stats. But of course they don't realise that those who were not sent to prison were deemed fitter to undertake a community sentence than the ones sent away. People are rarely sent to prison now or in thepast, unless it is the last resort, or the matter is so serious the public and anyone else would think it only right. So truthfully after 25 yrs knowing about and dealing with all this I have never once been asked what might improve anything in the Justice system. I could soon sort it out over a 3-4yr period! I have offered many times. No doubt lots of you would know of other areas but govt never bothers to ask those best placed to know. There is a serious myth being put about concerning crime. You may think the rate has been falling recently, even for years. Well, I can tell you the same number of arrests takes place annually within a few hundred at every police station I am aware of - that's quite a few stations. Govts have re-classified crimes time and time again to massage figures. It's in fact pretty steady. There are slighly less burglaries since DNA started but rather more alternative crimes take place, such as street robbery. I could write an essay, but you get the point. The govt's output on this subject is woefully misleading. And I believe it is the same with just about everything else. Sad.
  3. The s 21 notice is valid but early! It's a LL who wants to preserve his position at the outset and he can. He can withdraw it if he wants you to stay aswell. You do not have to give any notice to leave at the end of the fixed term in this case. U only give notice if it becomes a periodic tenancy, running month to month after the end of the fixed term.
  4. IT'S IN AN AREA WHERE HOMES ARE £50-150K. In fact, it will only seel well below the price it could otherwise fetch set in a nice road with similar homes. £200-225k and someone who would never otherwise be able to live in that size of home may be tempted.
  5. As these 'new' mortgages require a hefty deposit of 30-40% it's strange to think that they only exist because of the latest govt and B of E printing money game. It can mean only one thing - the lenders do not see prices going up and expect falls to continue. Otherwise why wouldn't they offer 10% deposit low rates mortgages with this mickey mouse money? They have to protect themselves from buyers going into negative equity territory. It reminds me once again that the 'money markets' availability to banks for mortgage lending is one of the reasons home are so expensive today. What happened to the good old days of savers depositing into a Building Society and a mortgage applicant borrowing the same funds? SHORT SIGHTED IDIOTS ALLOWED THEM ALL TO BECOME BANKS - They had to be able to 'compete' with banks didn't they? The result, lower mortgage costs they cried out. NO, it was a mirage leading to higher house prices and long term distortions and in the end much higher prices to live in Britain. It is making us feel poor in a country which should and could have easily have been in the top 3 wealthiest per capita nations. ..only with sensible bank and lending policies.
  6. Well, I have not seen so many prices being cut in West Sussex since 2009. The much heralded RightMOVE September asking price hike is a load of nonsense. Looking at sales; they are either absolutely spot on location/most desired homes or are the ones with a cut price about 10-15% lower thsn their neighbours asking prices. Sales are slower and still slowing. Sentiment is definitely for prices to fall. The economy has avery long way to go before you can call it any sort of real recovery. Unemployment is only showing a fall because a. many peoples full time jobs are replaced elsewhere with part time and 2. there have been real wage cuts and/or freezes and 3. Benefits have become a little more difficult - eg disability or ESA - lots of people told they are fit to work - then taking up some sort of work. It's harsh, but the facts of life. Under Labour the benefits would have carried on flowing with less questioning and therefore unemployment would have appeared higher. Tax credits etc are being limited, so some people may seek part time or extra work to make up for it. This is why u have heard economists wondering why there is a rise in employment and a nominal fall in unemployment when we are in recession. Lots of non-working persons would claim benefits if allowed to do so when the wages do not give them a greater standard of living - it might even be worse by the time you take into account all the 'passported' help once u are on benefits such as free school meals, prescriptions etc.
  7. Too many leaves on the internet......a fall is a fall is a fall. If maintained it's a trend, a trend, a trend.
  8. It only works when it is on a small scale and when govt borrowing is not ALREADY out of control. otherwise it does NOT work and does not even pay for itself. The effect of massive QE and low interest rates on current circumstances is ... 1. to stop markets correcting 2. maintaining a pointless and damaging bubble. 3. To have, in just 5 years (ONS STATS today) the number of people in full-time employment fall by 355,000 • the number of people in part-time employment increase by 724,000 • the number of unemployed people increase by 883,000 If just spending would create wealth, then any govt could do it - the more the merrier. It sounds too good to be true? OF COURSE
  11. QE already has failed. YOU ONLY HAVE TO SEE THAT THE EFFECTIVE CANCELLING OF GILTS/GOVT BORROWING (BY USING ELCTRONIC CREDITING - PRETEND MONEY) OF £375 BN HAS NOT BEEN ENOUGH TO STOP THE NATIONAL DEBT INCREASING TO £1.1 TRN AND RISING, WITH A VERY SMALL REDUCTION IN THE STRUCTURAL/ MONTHLY DEFICIT. IT WILL CAUSE INFLATION BEFORE ANY SIGN OF A CURE WILL ARISE. PERHAPS THEY THINK INFLATION IS A CURE - IT IS NOT ANYTHING BUT A DIFFERENT DISEASE TO DEBT, BOTH OF WHICH RESULT IN AN INCREASE IN POVERTY. What’s killing our economy? Money. By Dominic Frisby Notebook Friday, 12 October 2012 at 2:55 pm (GETTY IMAGES) I subscribe to George Orwell’s view that “On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” But if man is “mostly good”, I ask myself, why is it so easy to look around at the world and find so much to be troubled by? Wars, waste, famine in one part of the world, obesity in another, excess consumption, a financial system that’s out of control – and so on. My particular bête noire is the unequal distribution of wealth. There are all sorts of manifestations. Across generations – for the first time in history, my and the next generation is poorer than its parents. Yet, with man advancing, surely this shouldn’t be so? Most people in London under the age of 30 don’t believe they’ll ever own a house – that’s awful. We see it across nations. The richest 400 people in the world have assets equivalent to the poorest 140 million. We see it within nations. The wealthiest one per cent of Americans pocket one-quarter of the country’s income. Through property, bank accounts, investments and art, they control as much as half of total US wealth. That share of wealth has doubled in the past four decades. We even see it within institutions with the high-flying City boss who earns 1,000 times more than some lowly cashier in the same bank. If man is, as Orwell says, “mostly good” how has the distribution of wealth become so skewed? I would argue that it’s our systems that are at fault. Yet they are so big and entrenched, there’s nothing much anyone can do to change them, beyond superficial reform. The biggest villain of all is our system of money. Many people spend a lot of time thinking about how to make more money. But not many people think about how our system money actually works. It’s a system that has been in operation globally for just 40 years – since the US finally departed the gold standard in 1971. The Bank Of England calls it “fiduciary money”, others “fiat currency”. Under this system, money is the issuance of governments, it’s not backed by anything tangible except the law. Banks have the power to create money through lending. In 1971, I could have taken my son to the FA Cup Final for £2 (now over £100). The Mars bar I bought him at half-time would be 2p (now 60p). The beer I bought myself would be 11p (now £5 a pint at Wembley). The gallon of petrol I needed to get me there and back would be 33p (now £7). And the house we went home to would be something like 2% of the price it is now. Average earnings have increased too, but not by the same multiples. They have risen from around £1,500-2,000 per annum to about £25,000 today. The differential has been covered up by more debt, longer working hours, more women in the workplace and so on. Yet through the 100 years of economic growth of the 19th century, prices actually fell according the wholesale price index, and wages rose. Why does everything – except mass-produced goods – relentlessly rise in price? It’s this system of fiduciary money. There is almost no limit to how much can be created. And the more money there is, the more diluted its purchasing power becomes, and the higher prices will rise. Some benefit hugely from this system: those who control it, and those who are at or near its point of issuance. Governments and banks, in other words. As well as enjoying a monopoly, they have the power to create money (whether by printing or through lending) and to charge interest on it. They also get to buy assets with their share of the newly minted money, before prices rise to reflect the new money in circulation. Meanwhile the rest of us find that our savings or wages buy less and less, so we have to take on debt, and then pay interest on that debt, to be able to buy the things that we, or our parents, were once able to afford to buy outright. There is a constant transfer of wealth and it compounds over time. The few benefit at the expense of the many. This is why the state and financial sectors have grown so disproportionately large. It’s led to the horrendous gap between the so-called one per cent (the super-rich) and everyone else. It’s responsible for this gap in the wealth between generations. It’s why we have a culture based on debt and spending, rather than saving and investment. And it will only get worse as this transfer-of-wealth cycle repeats and repeats. However, changing the way money works is simple. It’s not electorally unpalatable. And it would make a huge, dramatic improvement in all of our lives.
  12. It's so overpriced, no wonder it sits waiting for Godot. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-34763524.html It looks like a converted ex small light industry space. Totally souless and lacking any style. The sort of building which would fail to make the grade for future desirability and fall in relative value against other tradititional designs. I f***ing hate it. Cheshire is very expensive without enough reason.
  13. Shame for them house prices will not recover whoever may win an election in 2015. House prices are doomed, just like the Japanese found thropugh the 90's all the way to today - the policy of borrowing and not allowing the market rebalance itself with normal interest rsates is creating just another distortion. It is so short sighted I wonder whether anyone in govt knows what they are doing. I am not into soaking the rich. But the only rich peoples tax I am interested in seeing however, is one which makes people pay a fair sum, whatever 'paying vehicle' they may use to draw an income. It is high time that people cannot do business here, be domiciled somewhere else and withdraw large sums without paying any tax on dividends, or that Companies are used as a fence for a so called Contract of services, when really there is a fixed term contract of employment. I would stop all of that sort of thing. Any sums going abroad would incur a minimum tax of 20% come what may. I pay large sums in tax at times ( mostly better ones than now!) and resent people just getting away with it by using devices which should all be shut down. It can be done quite easily, but no one has had the balls. Not the ED kind
  14. They don't do it any better where there are qualifications, such as in the states where there are Realtors. Qualifications would make no difference atall. It's a market. If you don't want to pay an asking price then offer what you want to pay. Simples. This idea that somehow there should be rules to stop silly prices or that a college course will suddenly make EA's all lovely people, is frankly fantasy. That said, a good agent does perform a task people want as they keep on instructing them time and time again. People like them to shield the truth about a mortgage problem, keeping a chain in tact. But as soon as they feel a slight untruth cam etheir way, they suddenly villify them. Just as with Politicians, people should decide what they want. If they had no useful function they would soon stop using them! People like the go between negotiator. They like to get 3 price appraisals and that in tis country, all the advertising is in the price and that when they don't sell after 12 weeks otr whatever, there is nothing to pay! That is not the case in many other countries. ie Australia, where it's an extra to pay for advertising over and above the RM equivalent. It's an exrta to a pay for an auction, which is very common. It will probably be 2.5% plus adverts and auction - say £500. In France it's about 5% when all is said and done. The price is what someone is prepared to pay - your first economics lesson.
  15. It's not a fall in unemployment atall! They take people off the register once they are ineligible for the dole in the USA. The real level of unemployment and foodstamp takeup is phenominal in the USA. They are about to run out of their budget of 16 TRILLION DOLLARS of debt and no one really knows what to do about it - election time too!! The "Let's spend and wait for growth to catch up and pay for the borrowing policy" ain't working Mr President. It would have been harsher but kinder to have tried to balance the budget and had more folk on foodstamps so you could actually get to the botttom of the cycle. Then u would see real growth born of a real economy, not based on phoney money made up on a computer screen. All that has happened is you have mortgaged away another 10yrs of income in 4. Europe is at it too!
  16. Nothing wrong with offering 20-25% below asking prices at the moment. Plenty of price cuts coming on in West Sussex in recent weeks. Quiteencouraging
  17. He committed 'CRIMINAL DAMAGE' when smashing things. He should be reported to the Police and he will be arrested. While he is in custody make sure the police understand that you and your gf are frightened of his behaviour and expect bail conditions of non contact and not to attend the said house/address/road in which house is, to be applied - explain his threatening behaviour. RE-occupy the house and arrrange with LL for locks to be changed. Ask LL to terminate the Tenancy and reissue one for 6 months with facility to find a third more normal house sharer. OK? He will have evicted himself by his totally unreasonable behaviour. Ar......
  18. My wifes loves to scour RiGHTmove almost daily and she has reported a good quantity of worthwhile price drops in the last 3 weeks. MANY more than we have been seeing - like £349,950 to £327950 to today..£310,000. That's in 3 weeks. Quite a few like that in West Sussex and in perfectly liveable areas. Whether its another blip remains to be seen. Sales have definitely slowed up again. It won't take much for this teetering market to fall over, but we have had a long wait and the slow motion crash is not helping anyone
  19. The current acccountant has just got his Euro pension at age 50 for Euro 500,000 pa. So nothing unusual there. The post is now advertised and applicants with Euro Central Bank background are the front..ooops..only candidates.
  20. It's EU corruption. We are taxed and then have NO control over what it is spent on! The EU is so divorced from democracy that it beggars belief.
  21. Lets all flog the EU together. Perhaps they'd like us more then?
  22. POWERFUL REBOUND IN THE SERVICES SECTOR! This is not very likely and will be a statistical blip, just as the 0.7 decline turned out to be - 0.4 instead! It is a very rocky road out there. Southern Europe is in depression and that will soon include Italy. France has just announced serious budget cuts. Germany to follow? Any growth will be weak for the short term and may even fall back to recssion again. Services alone will not pull us from recession. Generally accountants and Lawyers are not seeing any rebound and business is tight. A few massive London firms can give a false picture if they temporarily get some huge deals on the their books. HOWEVER, we are exporting more outside the EU. Perhaps a lesson in stopping this belief the EU trade area is our only living. ROLL ON AN EU REFERENDUM. DON'T VOTE FOR ANY PARTY WITHOUT A CAST IRON GUARANTEE OF AN IN/OUT REFERENDUM
  23. The Govt keeps claiming to have got rid of 25% of the deficit problem. They are referring to the month on month borrowing (structural deficit) govt is doing to just pay for the public sector. It has fallen a bit, but every month massive sums are being added to the overall national debt now at about £1100 billion or £1.1 TRILLION. It went up again lately. The interest payments to service that are rising even though for some inexplicable reason markets want to lend to us at about 2%pa. Also the B Of E is buying our debt back with non-existent money too! They are only doing that because....ereeeerhmmm, we can't pay it. Imagine if those national debt bond rates rose to 3 or 4 %? We would not be able to service it atall at 5%. Our borrowing could rocket very rapidly out of control a la greece & spain. There would be no nice man at the ECB saying he'll print anything we like to buy our bonds like he says for Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal & Ireland to mention some of them....now how realistic did that sound? I think 2013 brings the bottom of the business cycle with it. Possibly an 80yr cycle. The fairyland economics of the 21st century continues....next episode soon...
  24. It is very telling that this growth is paid for by excess borrowing and is not paying for itself. A growth of 0.5-1% cannot overcome escalating borrowing of £14.4bn in a month. The national debt is now over £1.1 TRILLION. It would not be funny if the markets wanted us to pay more than the 2% or so currently. Growth which does not more than pay for the borrowing and start to reduce it, is NOT a recovery...yet. The Govt's claim in recent months that they have got rid of 'a quarter of the debt' , sadly does not stand up to scrutiny. They have scraped the top off the structural deficit without any sign that it is anything like enough to prevent a borrowing crisis at some stage. If the UK PLC were going to a bank with their criteria for Company lending, they would take one look at the balance sheet and say, you are dying and require massive structural changes. Let's not forget that the August current account deficit was also massive and apparently took the govt by surprise. It may be a blip but nevertheless it can hardly be encouraging anyone to think we have turned a corner. Sir Phillip Green's comments are not evidence of that opinion. They are evidence that the HIGH st has hit bottom. Since SO MANY shops have shut and so much trade is now online it probably has reached a 'can't get much worse' position. Note here, that online sales have recently shown a DROP for the first time. That's evidence of an economy turning round? I think it's going to take 5-7yrs and will require more austerity than so far put into place. The USA is better placed to recover. Borrowings about the same against GDP, but crucially, the house market and State govts have been allowed to adjust by going through a big bust. That process is around bottom. We haven't even bothered to allow markets to prevail over housing.
  25. Clearly a very stupid idea. For one thing, look at all the trouble brought about by endowment backed mortgages which did not perform. Why? they were riding on a guess that the stockmarket would rise and pay off the loan. Pensions are....well...riding on the stockmarket in the main. Can't these idiots see that what we need is this fairyland equity to be wiped off those grandparents homes and real prices related to incomes return? Put up interest rates to 4-5% ...simples!
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