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  1. Thanks Been waiting 1 week so I have no idea if I should be waiting longer (i.e 3 weeks)
  2. Hi, On average after an offer has been accepted, how long should it take for the sellers solicitors to give the buyers solicitors a draft contact? thanks
  3. When I think I have made a decision.... ha..... Very hard decision....very hard. I could easily afford 108,000 if I wanted to and after looking at load of houses on the market for £115,000 this house is actually better...a lot better and it would be still a bargain at 108,000........what a decision and what a mess!
  4. Yeah, I think everybody is correct, I think I was buying into there sob story too much and need to make a logical decision. So going to a) Keep my offer at 105,500 and I will not increase it. b ) Look at other houses in the meantime and see if I can find something better c) If I do find something better, will reduce my offer to £103,000 I think its time to let this house go and continue my search as they might string the selling of the house for months. Thanks for all the advice
  5. Really trying to clear my head on this, thats why I came on here before i do something stupid....
  6. No I think mine is the only offer on the house, the bought the the house for 105,000 in 2006 and with Estate Agency fees and other costs, they are saying they are trying to sell for £108,000 to break even
  7. I know, I know, I am usually a logical guy, but I feel that my emotions are trying to take control of my judgement ARGHH!!! I visted about 13 properites and this is the only one i have liked. Dont want to rent for another 18 months as I want to leave the area that I live in.
  8. Hi, Please could somebody give me some advice. I have put an offer on a house for £105,500 but there is a problem. The people who own the house are going though a divorce and for them to sell it to me at that price, I would put them both in debt by £2500 (negative equity) The husband is will to sell me the house at that price but only if the wife is willing to split the debt. The wife has said no she doesnt want the debt. I put my offer in on Feb 26th and the husband and wife are still arguing over this so what do you think I should so (i think solicitors are involved) ? Should I increase my offer? Walk away Wait
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