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  1. Best town for Gatwick is Reigate You can easily avoid the M25 M23 if there are problems on the motorway (inevitable) £10 in a taxi (including the tip) - Belfry cars - so you can avoid car park fees (extortionate!) Fast train link into London from Redhill (fairly reliable) Easy access to M25 Full of yummy mummys Good curry house - Clove What more can you ask for?
  2. Divorcing couple = great opportunity Screw them - if they were stupid enough to get married in the first place then they will need to either become friends again - not v likely - or accept that the housing market has moved against them and furthermore it is going to get worst DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy into their sob story DO and I repeat DO exploit their sob story. Knock your offer price down by at least 20% otherwise it will be you who will be sobbing in 2/3 years time!!!!
  3. Ben, Most government revenue comes from 3 taxes - namely Income, NI and VAT - Revenue from stamp duty, although it has obviously dropped, is small beer in comparison to the big 3. The following link gives you the full breakdown over the last few years - interesting to see overall revenues falling. The UK is completely and utterly stuffed!!! http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/stats/tax_receipts/table1-2.pdf Cheers Python
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