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  1. (a) We've been importing cheap electrical crap from china and clothes from india for generations which has helped keep the RPI figure low for a long time ( The RPI is ignored in all public sector (1/2 all employees) wage negotiations, instead the gov friendly CPI figure is used which has been 2% lower YOY for a decade until now,though all are now being asked to accept pay freezes © The black economy, illegal immigrants, cash in hand and EU migrants have driven down wages in many many sectors. These don't show up on the official stats but ask any tradesman if he feels wealthier after having t
  2. Labour / TheEU bestride it like a Colossus though wouldn't you agree
  3. Any excuse will serve a tyrant, besides It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong .
  4. I'm sitting pretty (or sh1tty) either way tbh. low mortgage, lots of equity but hoping to move up in next few years so I like to think I'm unbiased as I win/lose whatever happens Once you start joining the dots you see that "they" have more control than you ever imagined. "They" can move the goalposts at a whim to suit whatever. "They" control interest rate setting, taxes, laws. "They" decide what funnies go into the inflation basket depending on what they want you to think, they even make up new Michael mouse measures of inflation (like CPI) when the old ones don't suit their purposes. They
  5. I was until I realized a hung parliament / another Labour government were on the cards Crap government = rising deficit = rising interest cost = inflation to erode debt Houses as an asset class will keep up with higher inflation (historical fact Inflation+ >1% infact) though may dribble down 10% at some point Houses haven't gone up ........Real wages have just been going down We are not richer we are poorer than ever before Oh also "they" won't let it happen even if it means a fkcing bailout for every single house owner in the country (paid for by their unborn offspring) Hate Britain,
  6. er I think you'll find higher interest rates follow higher inflation. HIgh inflation eats debt away
  7. What utter bilge most people have had below RPI inflation for a decade and the public sector has been linked to the mickey mouse (make it what you want) CPI since Layabout got in. Add in cheaper immigrants (who's presence or impact you fail to even mention) on the black economy and the average wage has been dropping since 1997 possibly even before, I can't remember Life before Labour I'm not saying its ALL the disparity between House prices and wage multiples but its in there and in answer to the OP its yet another reason why House Prices won't be going down ever
  8. If we are headed towards high REAL inflation (say 7-10% YOY) then surely people would be better off getting on the ladder now, as their debt will get eaten away very fast, while their asset will also rise in value A similar argument to my old man bought a house for £5K in 1970 blah blah blah now its worth £750K You can't have it both ways, the reality is that wages haven't kept up with inflation (funnily enough since Labour came to power) this is due to globalisation and higher immigration (cheapo labour), so the argument of 3.5x salary is now meaningless as salaries are 50% of what they wer
  9. bump I know no one is interested but someone bleedin well should be!
  10. It would explain why prudence has gone out of the window in just about every nation virtually overnight (I know man has screwed up hundreds of times in history, but its hard to claim ignorance in this information age) i had wondered of late why western governments had been acting as if there were no tomorrow..... There isn't really The best they can do now is buy up assets with their sh1tty currencies until the music stops Shame Brown sold off so much of our ancestors gold for some dogsh1t Euros Twerp Any ideas when TSHTF?
  12. Mr Kaczynski, whose brother Lech is President, will accentuate the country’s status as one of the most awkward members of the European Union. In an inaugural speech yesterday he promised to make Poland a big country that would count in Brussels while protecting its culture and morals against EU liberalisation. Marriage should remain a union between a man and a woman, he declared. “We won’t let ourselves say that black is white,” he said. “We are going to protect this foundation of social life.” Homophobic, intolerant, ultranationalist and always eager for a scrap with Poland’s neighbours, th
  13. Dont blame the boomers, most of them vote tory year after year Most of them need every penny to counteract the fact that labour took away the pension tax credit, scrapped student loans and bought in tuition fees and have to keep their kids at home well into their 40's AND have to dig out deposits if their kids are ever to be able to afford slave boxes. Blame the fvcktards that voted this shower in again and again and again and... Everybody is getting shafted by the debt economy
  14. I concur. As a Scot myself the only reason why 60% of us vote Labour is because they seem to favor us financially (Why I am not sure but I think its to ensure we don't get too concerned about who owns North Sea Oil). The silly things is most Scots are relatively old fashioned and think everything Nu-Labour stands for is a crock of shit
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