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  1. The reportage of this story on the BBC has been driving me to distraction the amount of times I've heard something along the lines of. " anything over the cap will be paid by the government" No it won't. It will be paid by the taxpayer to keep people owning houses they don't need. This is a gift to boomers and gen x at the expense of later generations. It's a quite disgraceful policy.
  2. You're right to an extent but outsourcing is an opaque area. The likes of capita will outsource regardless of impact. The contracts are awarded by the state. Your choice? Nowt. Capita are as close to the Tories as they were to labour. So what voice is there? Bnp? ****** that shit. The globalists have won. The uk is a Hollow shell of a nation. When the kids are grown I'm taking them out. There is no future here for them.
  3. Between them and their outsourcing mates in Serco and Capita the chances of employment for people requiring a wage suitable to live a traditional family life in the U.K? None. Totally and utterly ******ed up the harris in the name of globalism.
  4. Surely capitulation is not a measure of price but volume? I see no significant evidence that the volume of transactions is rising. Capitulation would have rapidly followed ir rises. Tptb have engineered a soft landing for house prices at the expense of pretty much everything else.
  5. Dollars? Them with the multi trillion dollar debt? Frying pan and fire spring to mind.
  6. Yes I have to say that this "fairness" argument is very odd indeed. "See that bloke over there? Every hour his boss comes over and kicks him in the ********" "So?" "Well surely in the interests of fairness we should be encouraging all bosses to kick their staff in the ********?"
  7. I absolutely concur. I'm a saver and have diligently built up significant savings and was going about sorting out a nice retirement plan. All of which is being hammered by the actions taken to save the banks. Even with a balanced portfolio real returns are at best minimal and are trending negative. ****** it I'm buying a BMW m5 and going to Vegas with my mates. The state can ******ing sort it out when I'm skint.
  8. Er. You need to be careful what you wish for here. The state would bite your hand off if you were willing to forgo your final salary defined benefit for your contributions + a bit. The problem is that both your and your employer contributions get nowhere near meeting the cost of the pension benefit that you are contractually obliged to receive. Annuity rates for a male at 65 escalating at rpi £100k buys you Aviva 1 £4,300.00 Canada Life 2 £4,107.72 Standard Life 3 £4,064.40 AXA Sun Life 4 £3,741.00 So just for fun lets take a teacher with 40/60ths accrued and a final salary of 40k so lets say 27k benefit due. The cost? Approx 630k So your 3k a year suddenly looks like a pretty good deal does it not? You'll get your 75k and the state gets to keep plenty more. Someone check my maths... That looks mental even to my jaded eyes.
  9. Normal retirement age for teachers joining the scheme pre 2007 was 60. For post 07 joiners 65. Retirement with reduced benefits from 55 like the vast majority of public and private sector pension scheme members. I don't know whether it's so much left vs right. What I see is frustration leading to insular selfishness. I can empathise with this to some extent. The damage done to this country by the previous administration is almost fatal. Even arguments about who pays for what are nonsensical now. Yes your taxes pay for some pensions. They also pay for foreign aid, military adventurism and ultimately bailing out a banking system that serves an agenda that impoverishes people. The government-have managed to fixate on the former whilst doing precious little about the others. What really ******s me off is that the voices that did raise concerns about the hollowing out of private sector benefits were totally ignored in the boom. Now those in the private sector are understandably looking at the benefits in the public sector and seeing inequality. But I'm utterly certain that the vast majority of cash saved by eviscerating private pension provision hasn't been used to benefit companies other than exec remuneration and by slinging a load of money at fund managers. Most if us will be getting poorer and yet they have us fighting each other. Evil they are, but not stupid it seems.
  10. Tis true. The final salary element is partially funded too but not administered in the private sector afaik. I doubt that contribution based db schemes ever really work due to prohibitive contribution rates. All that said the private sector having been raped cheering the raping of the public sector is highly unedifying. The vast majority of those that have to work are going to be poorer in their working lives and in retirement. Hardly a cause for celebration is it?
  11. Youd almost believe that the Greeks had never elected a succession of feckless governments
  12. Right so when private sector pensions were being raped the public sector should have agitated and now public sectors are being hammered they should look at the big picture? Get ******ed.
  13. Seems there's some odd stuff going on here. Having been raped of decent pension provision and job security by the actions of those paragons of virtue in the private sector. Those who lost out are now cheering on the same behaviour as it occurs to others. I'd bet there's a lot more final salary schemes in the exec / banker world. Its just they cost too much for the proles to have. I'm not a fan of state expansion and make work schemes but once again this is diversionary. The people actually stuffing themselves with tax payers money are the bankers.
  14. Yup that was the intention. I simply dont understand what I'm seeing in the se. Those in the best positions that is cash or low ltv aren't bargaining at all. Asking price or asking price plus are not uncommon. Which is just ******ing stupid.
  15. Ah that old canard. Nope I have no mortgage and don't want one. I have two young boys and worry for them should they wish to live near here. I won't be selling this place fo 10 years. However feel free to come and visit reading, winnersh, Twyford and Wokingham and point out houses selling for less than their 2007 prices. In fact hereabouts there's again a lack of supply directly caused by zirp protecting those on trackers. There may be fewer transactions than the stupid years but as yet no crash. Ir rises are the required trigger and how many of those have there been? I want hpc because I believe it's crippling our country socially and economically. However in this neck of the woods tptb have engineered exactly the soft landing the ****** bulls were on about. What it doesn't address is the sift landing is at the expense of high and persistent price inflation. I'm sorry but real drops don't interest me. I like most people earn in pounds and haven't seen a real terms rise for 3 years now. I'm getting poorer but houses aren't getting cheaper.
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