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  1. Ya think? What took you so long? Corbyn and Marxist McDonnell are leavers; the EU is anathema to both of them.
  2. That is stunningly awful in so many ways. SSTC!!! Wonder what its like inside.
  3. Not if you are a Tenant Farmer. All you own are the cows and a few bits of equipment.
  4. Scottish and Southern Energy. If you want to play the market over devolution look for companies that are being devalued in case of a Yes (if you believe it will be a No) As always when talking stocks and shares - This is not advice & Do Your Own Research!
  5. I think you would be better off opening a position with SSE if you want to play that game.
  6. This was always going to be a point of massive resistance. If it goes then there is no bottom.
  7. Nestled up to the A4260. Noisy!
  8. Does not matter who we buy our gas from; the wholesale price will rocket as nations dependent on Putin gas compete with us. Re-open the coal mines?
  9. We would have easily paid £260 from the sold page... £272,000 Semi-Detached, Freehold 28 Feb 2014 3 bedrooms £250,000 Semi-Detached, Freehold 09 Aug 2011
  10. A house we were very interested in was for sale until we pressed for a viewing. Went for a bargain price that we would had bid well above if needed. It was back on the market before the sold price was available on land registry. And it was well above the price we were willing to pay. And we are cash buyers. Crooks!
  11. To get them to accept a low offer from one of their developer mates.
  12. Now 37% below March 3rd Price. Found a little support at 250 (-5.7%). Yet the press is talking of house building booms and rocketing prices. They know, but want to keep the sheeple blind just a little while longer.
  13. Yes, It could be tree shaking moment. Whether you believe this is an intentional, deliberate act or just a feature of a stock market is up to you.
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