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  1. Hi, Thank you for your reply, I got from AFEX Market Watch at EUR 1.1584 Regards
  2. Good morning, I have few thousands of Euros in an Euro account, few months ago I wanted to sell euros when sterling was weak at a rate of £1.11-1euro but I didn't and now the Sterling is much stronger (£1.1579-1 Euro). In your opinion 1) Will the Euro go bust? 2) Is it best to sell or keep? 3) If the Euro go bust, would you agree that my euros could be worth more when replaced by French Francs? Thank you for your help. Cat
  3. Hi Vagabond, I like your username, it's very French. Thank you for your mail, I will try to upgrade my member profile in order to send a pm. I'm interested in the house purely for the location as my son travel to grammar school (it would be easier for him to walk to the bus stop). Cat
  4. Hi, I've tried to PM you this lunchtime and it just won't work. I'll try it again. Thanks
  5. Hi, I appreciate the fact that you need more information and I have a lots of it but I was hoping to ask specific people as I'm interested in it. So I have decided to PM. Thanks
  6. Sorry, I just sent you the same request I will PM you! Thanks
  7. Hi OzzMosie, Can you send me a PM please?
  8. Hi, I would like your opinion regarding a 3bed semi in Cirencester please, what would you say is the current value for this type of property? Thanks
  9. Hi, I can talk to you in private please? Is regarding a property in Cirencester. Take care
  10. Hi guys, I need your help please! I'm looking to buy a home in Cirencester so that my son can catch the bus to grammar school from September 2011. There are three pick up areas, the Forum, The Beeches and Stratton House Hotel. Which area would you recommend to live in? Which village would you recommend near by?
  11. Hi Ozz, I hope you are well! started my search for a home to buy AGAIN after two months break since I couldn't find anything descend out there. I'm looking at both villages and in town of Cirencester area and I would like your help please? Loved Cecily Hill, The Meads area but heavy price tag. I'm renting at the moment and I would like to get out of here. Have been offered a mortgage and the offer will end in October (it doesn't bother me but it's a good rate if I could find the right home). I have two young children so school is important. My eldest will be sitting the 11plus soon for Gloucester schools and ideally I would like him to take the bus from town centre or able to drop him off near by to catch the bus. Look forward to ready your post! Regards.
  12. Can you please advice if a small amount holder like me in a Euro currency have any need to worry about the Eurozone and if the currency is safe to hold for the next couple of months? Thanks
  13. Looking to transfer money from France to UK.
  14. Gd morning, Looking to sell Euros against Pound. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  15. Hi, Hope you can help. Can you recommend a currency broker please? Thank you!
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