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  1. Congratulations, sponge, I hope to report a similar story very soon...
  2. Has Proprty Bee gone mad or can I get excited lol. I usually search FY8 between 200k and 325k detached and pretty much every property that was sold or under offer still has the little green tag on but on 5th and 6th oct they changed status back to available. I have seen this happen on single properties before and the next day or two sees the green tag disappear but this is pretty much every sold property. Anyone eslse see this? Thanks Angela
  3. Had a viewing this week of a property which needs quite a lot of work on at 300k. I happened to say that I was surprised a builder/developer had not already bought it as it's quite a good address in FY8. EA said oh a builder would currently only offer 200k for this and really nothing much over 200k is selling right now. Builders/developers are going for the cheap end of the market to either do up or as btl. Well that explained another thing to me as currently Entwistle Green are having a promotion called The Big September Move. Anyone who reduces their asking price can be involved and although their open houses are this weekend (17/9) last weekend 13 of their properties went under offer. I was pretty shocked/amazed by this, but having searched through them the bulk of them are at the cheap end, eg flats/terraces just around 100k. This fits in with the idea that the btlers are going for cheap stuff. The most interesting thing the EA told me though was about surveyors. They sold a house at the peak of 2006 (yes she called it that!) and the guy decided to sell this year and of course against their advise wanted to ask even higher than he paid. Within 2 weeks he was offered what he wanted. Anyway the surveyor came out and said they now had to value it using similar local properties which sold in the last 6 months, so the sale never happened and the guy took it off the market. This made me quite happy as finally the odd cheaper house that I missed out on may now help me in the future. I offered 250k on a house where 2 similar nearby recently sold for that and was turned down by a very disappointed vendor, but the EA said it was a fair offer. I feel quite vindicated in my judgement now and hope said vendor will come round eventually!!!
  4. Just read with interest this thread and decided to look up Japanese Knotweed so I might identify it whilst househunting. From the photos it looks very familiar. Is it quite tall with a thick stalk? If so I had a battle with this outside my garden gate where I used to live, it was awful and in stamping on a stalk it snapped and the bit still in the ground went into the back of my ankle and was an infected mess for ages. Avoid this house Wheat you have been really really lucky the bank told you about it.
  5. FGear that there won't be a crash or there will? Angela
  6. 2 non smokers fy8 mews rent 700/month gas 45/month electric 197 per quarter council tax 1530 D band house ins contents only 11/month with tesco dog ins 31/ month pet plan car ins 2 cars about 300 each per year car tax about 200 each a year probably lots of other things I've forgotten too!
  7. Just noticed that myself: Not what I'm seeing here, prices are dropping like a brick. Can't sell my House in Loose, keep reducing the price, but I'm now in negative equity. Thankfully Ting Tongs got some night work to keep us afloat. - Sibley, Maidstone, 31/5/2011 8:40 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1392586/House-prices-rise-4-year-recovery-doesnt-start-Christmas.html#ixzz1NvLYZjWy
  8. I'm pretty certain that this house, new to the market today is Les Dawson's family home. It's on a lovely Road in Lytham St Annes and priced at a million. At first this obviously seems expensive, but thinking about it, compared with those round the corner, it's a bargain. Think a big fat gypsy might like the dining room that said! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-18937698.html Round the corner and neary 3 x the price http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26756863.html Round the corner and more than half the price http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30116212.html
  9. Angela

    Spring Bounce

    Ha ha ha 'Spring crash' love it. Must remember that slip of the tongue next time an estate agent rings me up!
  10. Look away now anyone with a weak stomach... A cousin of mine is a psychiatric nurse and he told me that they sometimes have older folks in displaying mental symptoms and they are so badly constipated they can vomit faeces. Once this is cleared up they regain their faculties. Diet therefore and toxicity can have a devastating effect. I hope your father gets well again soon.
  11. I've been scanning detached houses under 325k in fy8 for a while and since before Easter the same few houses have shown under offer but no movement. Anyway as someone on this thread suggested the Halifax index this month could result in under offers becoming available again I checked today and low and behold http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23962258.html is available again. I would imagine it was under offer to a builder or developer too. Also several reductions in price over 24 hours. Has anyone else seen the 'Halifax Effect' today?
  12. Great chart, thanks Neo. I am seeing reductions and very few sales, finally in my area, FY8 which had been bucking the trend -so I'm a believer :-)
  13. Have you driven past it? It's on the front of Rossall beach right slap bang next door to a pub car park. Nice enough house but terrible location. I think it was up last year for nearer to 450k!
  14. Claiming to be unique (they must not know about Express) this Estate Agent says: 'Get an Offer provide a unique Nationwide Estate Agency service. Unique because they specialise in introducing motivated sellers to motivated buyers. Sellers are keen to sell fast and therefore are generally able to take discounts making their property the best value in the area. Buyers are pre qualified to ensure that every sale proceeds as quickly as possible. Covering the entire United Kingdom Get an Offer will find you a buyer. Fast. Members of The Property Ombudsman and NFOPP you can rest assured that the transaction will be dealt with efficiently and quickly. ' http://www.rightmove.co.uk/estate-agents/agent/Get-An-Offer/UK-48375.html Let's hope this is a new breed as anything which knocks the local prices down is welcome to me. Angela
  15. Fantastic site idea, I've added my twopenneth!! Exposed our local agent who told me a west facing garden was south facing....the sea was a giveaway. Apparently west is the new south - his words not mine!!??
  16. I agree with you no real problem if it's a good buy but I find 'fixed price' off putting and tend not to bother viewing when the vendor does not appear open to negociation. Thought it was an interesting tactic to relist all your stock in this manner though!
  17. We have been renting with Lytham Estate Agents for 2.5 years and signed up very quickly, rentals are big business around here and tend to go quickly. Have you looked at houses up for sale? I think because it's a popular area the prices have continued to grow from their 2007 peak. Hope you enjoy your rental, it's a lovely area Angela
  18. Yes Lancashire. It's been really interesting reading all your comments thanks, a lot of different ways of looking at it I'd never thought of. Maybe in future instead of being put off by 'offers over' or 'fixed price' I'll still make silly offers!! Thanks Angela
  19. Pearsons a local estate agents in FY8 just relisted it's stock over the last 24 hours at fixed prices. Obviously property bee is not giving history but to me they do not look reduced either. Sign of desperation? Sign too many folks offering stupidly low prices? Personally as a potential buyer I avoid viewing properties at a fixed price as I have no intention of paying the asking price. I see this as a good sign nonetheless :-) Angela
  20. Entwistle Green Estate agents in FY8 have an interesting new sales technique, they are having a 'make me an offer week'. Bit of a variation on their open house weekends maybe. The prices on several of their properties have been removed and replaced with POA whilst still remaining at their old positions within the hierarchy eg still in the 249k position listing wise. This particular example says was £375k but not all do: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29994758.html *MAKE ME AN OFFER 11TH - 18TH OCTOBER 2010 - CONTACT US FOR DETAILS. * WAS £375,000 * Was talking to other half last night as a couple of the houses we like which are too expensive are on this 'offer' wondering if it's worth going and offering say £240k for one we know was £325k. If they accept ha ha doubtful it's a bargain but otherwise they will know they are asking too much. I think this is a good thing and wish they would do it with every house. Angela
  21. My parents live in this area and pay their council tax to Tameside. My dad is a veteran bowler and has been trying to get the council to pay for cctv in his local park because vandals burned down their clubhouse and constantly ruin the greens. Getting the new clubhouse has been slow going and I'm not sure it will happen. Even if it does it won't be protected. I told him about this 'imaginary townhall', needless to say he is spitting feathers and telling everyone he knows! Oh I did suggest they buy him an 'imaginary second life clubhouse', he was not amused :-)
  22. If the equitty in the house is 40k might her ex take the house as a btl as payment for the 40k. When she's washed her hands of house and 40k debt she could borrow your 8k or part of it to set herself up in a rental flat and then repay you. If she got into more trouble maybe she could get some sort of benefit to help pay the rent at a later date? Not sure how that works but she'd offload most of her debt that way. Good luck and be careful you do not do her a disfavour by sinking your money into something that does not help in the end.
  23. both instant access 3% lloyds incentive saver, runs out next month tho as 1 year fixed rate 2.75% ing saver
  24. A lot of IT companies on that list! Man vs Machine - machine is winning at least financially ;-)
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