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  1. Yes, good luck in your new home.
  2. laurag

    I'm Out ...

    Yes, enjoy your new home. L
  3. Good article. Last time I read The Times (pre-paywell) that crazyhorse David Smith ruled the roost, with his insanse predictions for never-ending house price inflation.
  4. Yep, enjoy your new home!
  5. Great news. I'm also finding lots of price reductions in the Glasgow area, and this is before the public sector cuts start to hit. Excellent. I take it a non-scot wrote the title for this thread? Nobody from Scotland refers to themselves as from 'Jockoland'. But whatever, nice find
  6. It’s time to hang on to your home Published on 27 Feb 2011 HOUSE prices are falling again. Good. Property values are forecast to fall in the UK by 20% over two years. Excellent news. Mortgage lending in Scotland is now half the level of 2007 – not surprising. A record number of people are renting property. About time. No – this is not the kind of article you normally read about house prices. The default position of the UK media is: rising house prices good; falling house prices bad. Yet this is perverse. You don’t see headlines celebrating increases in petrol prices, cars or the cost of ga
  7. Yes, McWhirter is great. The article isn't behind a paywall but you do need to register.
  8. Hiya Being a HPCer is difficult in all regions of the UK, Scotland isn't unique. I walk among high-house-price-believing-economically-incompetent-fanny-baws every day, and I'm pretty sure most people who frequent this site have similar frustrations. L.
  9. ah, I didn't see you there Killer Bunny. You were very good, well done.
  10. I've just watched last night's Newsnight Scotland and couldn't believe how fabulous it was. Music to my ears. Jonathan Davis did get a bit fire and broomstone towards the end but still made valid points. Just magnificent. Fair play to the presenter as well, spoke calmly and objectively. Nice work BBC!
  11. It's like his Guardian article from a few months ago, which to sum up, was, 'keep interest rates low and inflate our way out of problems to prevent house prices dropping'. The article itself was poor, but it was his tone that really got to me, he was addressing readers as though they were all homeowners who would hate the idea of house prices dropping, assuming they were as economically illiterate as he clearly is. Sorry for ranting.
  12. I thought it was name then comment? I thought he said this: David Blanchflower, Dartmouth College and former MPC member House prices probably have a further 20 per cent to go based on house price to earnings ratios. And more if there are increases in interest rates as folks on trackers are hit hard and that would cause prices to fall further. We should care especially if house price declines cause consumption to fall.
  13. I'm suprised at Blanchflower's response, after his dire Guardian article a few months ago.
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