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  1. I have 2/3 of the value in cash but I would get a mortgage for most of it. My earnings can and have dropped but I'm reasonably confident I could find an employed position if I needed to down the road so it would most likely be temporary even if partial lockdown continues. I think your rule of somewhere between the optimists and pessimists predictions is a good middle ground. it's a shame governments prefer can kicking to small short shocks as it makes finincial winners and losers out of people just trying to live their lives.
  2. I live in a small town near Sheffield andI've been waiting for the crash that never came since about 2007. About 6 months ago I had become so tired of renting,. Having a young lad, and being 39 I'd had enough and decided to take the plunge, found a house I really liked for a really good price considering the Pre-Covid market and had the sale all agreed STC. Then Covid happened and the vendors, being elderly couldn't go anywhere. I instantly had no work and since I work for my own company I went down to about 1/4 my normal salary. We waited for a month or so to see whether things would settl
  3. Forget what I said it's all fine now. It's fantastic, congratulations and thanks!
  4. Looks great. Although I have it installed and I see properties that I kow have had multiple changes that say 'Price is unchanged'. Is this because the agents probably delete and relist it or is it an issue with the extension?
  5. IIf someone does have a crystal ball can they tell me if this is a time to buy or a time to sell? I need to protect my deposit, if my savings plummet in conjunction with job probably disappearing in a few months I'm going to be ******ed.
  6. I had the impression you were the most committed property permabear on the whole forum even before covid. What changed?
  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head there re the conditions necessary for a crash. What makes you think the conditions will be there in 2021, considering the powers that be will do anything and everything to maintain cheap credit.
  8. Friends fb post which I think is a well thought out summary of the current state of play: "Seeing loads of idiots in the UK property space saying that this is the bottom for UK residential property, there's no more stock market crashing to come and that you need to BUY BUY Buy, I urge you NOT to buy residential property if you're doing it for investment purposes. Same for stocks, it doesn't affect me whether stocks go up or down. So this really is a no-agenda stance for me here. I just want to be your dose of realism in this hypey-emotionally-charged topic as UK citizens seem
  9. It confuses me as to why the government seem to want to treat people who pay themselves through a ltd company as some sort of tax dodgers. I pay myself through a ltd company and pay as much tax as I would do earning the same amount through PAYE the government have designed it like that and I'm happy to pay it. I'll admit it would have been a lot easier if we got the same grant as the self employed during this time but I feel for the other people who are worse off.
  10. I'm in a similar position - where are you buying, .bear.getting.old? Been waiting for a correction for the last 14 years, not getting any younger and got to the point where I really just need a place I can make the house myself, partner and my son need. Agreed a good deal, on a house where the owners needed to sell quickly, about a week ago. I really want the house but I can't help but feeling like this may be the worst of times to buy. Also, got an email from my main client today saying I may not have any work for a few months though I have savings (which have dropped 35% the last few weeks ?
  11. Hi everyone. To add some context; I haven't been on here for a while as life has dealt up some major distractions, but I have been waiting for some semblance of value to return to the housing market for about 12 years now and I have just had enough of the rental market and really want a place to call our own! The last few years has made me realise there are no guarantees and I feel pretty settled in the area I live and want to stay here. Just wondering where we are now? Is buying just before Brexit as awful an idea as it seems? I can't see prices falling significantly without signif
  12. Thanks for the replies.. I have applied for a couple of jobs in the industry that don't involve eye examinations but I'm a bit under qualified as they seem to require experience I don't have or PhD's. I think further study may be an option but I'm a bit wary about putting more financial pressure on my family. I think I'm going to put what I have in Premium bonds into SIPP as it seems like a tax deferral - get the tax back on it now and pay tax when I claim my pension (at which time I'm pretty sure I won't be a higher rate taxpayer) and it is not classed as assets, though I really hope th
  13. Hello I would like a bit of advice if anyone can help me. I am 35 and I spent my life up to the age of 26 studying to become an optometrist and since have been doing all I can to save and invest as well as I can and have managed to save about 135k, originally for a house for myself partner and our 4 yr old; (45 in S&S ISA, 45 in premium bonds 15 NS&I index linked bonds and the rest in cash ISAs). Through my own stupid misadventure I have suffered an injury in February and lost the use of my right arm probably permanently which would make my job impossible so I will in all likeliho
  14. Chap I went to uni with works in a management PR role for one of the major banks. About 5 years ago he told me me they spent time and energy looking into alternative locations if they moved out of the UK and one by one were vetoed - they came to the conclusion that moving abroad was a complete non starter. He seemed to think any threats to move out the UK were bluffs.
  15. Anyone catch this tonight? Snakes alive! Real insight into how deluded people are. Couple can't sell the property can't pay the mortgage despite the mortgage being for less than half the amount the house is advertised at! The 2 bed high rise flat on at 1 million. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I get the feeling we will watch re-runs of these kind of programmes in years to come and wonder how everyone didn't see the crash on the horizon.
  16. There always seems to be some sort of agenda with these programmes. Possibly trying to tell the masses we're better off than we think?
  17. Thought people might find this article as interesting as I did:- https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/news/too-many-first-time-buyers-blow-their-home-buying-budgets-14022014?utm_source=d-outb&utm_medium=content&utm_term=ntwk&utm_content=d-hot-topics-mortgages&utm_campaign=d-outbrain
  18. I have been past these apartments a lot over the last few months at different time of day and I can say for definite that the majority are certainly not lived in. Walked past today and wandered through the complex and could see that almost all had absolutely no signs of life;no furniture or curatins or anything. Add to this there are only 2 ever lit up in the evening which I think are the only 2 that have tenants. Also noticed the communal areas are completely unmaintained and overgrown which is weird for a high end complex that's only a few years old. I'm just baffled as to why some nice
  19. Looking for a bit of advice on something that is far outside my area of expertise. Having saved very hard for a house the last few years I have decided that I am not going to take part in the ridiculousness that is the housing market, at least not for the next few years. I have about 95, 000 in savings 15k in NS&I index linked, 30 in ISA bonds, 40 in a savings accnt and 10k in my current accnt. I have decided I would like to have as little money in the bank as possible on principle so have opened a S&S ISA with Hargreaves lansdown and transferred this years allowance from my current
  20. So there was a development of a large amount of luxury apartments built a few years ago I think they were Foxglove house 41 Riverdale Road and BLUEBELL HOUSE, 43 RIVERDALE ROAD, SHEFFIELD. They are on the edge of Endcliffe park. They were nice apartments in a nice area but definitely trying to appeal to types who are impressed with the words 'exclusive' and 'executive' and were overprice accordingly. A few months ago, when I was more active on Rightmove, I use to search round this area and would periodically amuse myself by searching for apartments and finding literally pages and pages of
  21. Is it really worth listing this house as detached? # would love to see the EA sell this to someone "well Mrs Fudgepan you asked for a detached under quarter of a mill and I found you this beauty" Does it need a new term. 'pseudoterraced'?! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23356092.html
  22. Isn't this not all bad news for HPC though. I.e inflation runs rampant so peoples bills go up so they can't service a mortgage as easily. Also it puts more pressure on IR's which end up going up so people on trackers are in more trouble and voila reposessions? Or am I confused?
  23. So, was seeing a patient today, recently retired, got chatting and turns out he used be quite high up at one of the high st banks. Rather than launching into my perclivities on bankers I replied with a euphemistic 'interesting times in the banking sector'. Turns out he was glad to be out and was horrified with a lot of the banking practices that went on, he reckoned none of the people really knew what was going on and saw no downside to lending people money that they probably couldn't pay back. He told me about some ridiculous self certs and how the people whos job it was to oversee all th
  24. Was just half watching the bbc coverage (in sheffield), very had a real tollpuddle good for them swing to it. Then man in a silly hat talks to camera with his hand on the shoulder of a sullen faced mixed race child and says "this is not about us its about young kids like my mate here; it's about them having an education and an NHS to use in the future, blah blah blah" Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it about public sector workers protecting their cushy pensions and not wanting to have to work longer for them.. I'm sure little billy is less likely to have an NHS to look after him in the fu
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