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  1. Well I moved to the Isle of Wight (my choice) after I got made redundant so there are not that many printing jobs anyway and yeah actually I really enjoy the work .
  2. you are so wrong on both counts. First of all why should it be 'tragic' for young people to volunteer to gain work experience and why is someone over the hill and will never work again at age 55 After being made redundant last year from a highly paid printing job, I started volunteering in a charity shop On Monday I started PAID work as a charity shop manager, a position I would not have got if I had not had experience (and I beat 35 applicants for the role) and by the way I am - wait for it.......... 56 YEARS OLD I am sorry if you think volunteering is tragic and people in their 50s ar
  3. I normally go by hover cheaper and quicker - but then I dont drive
  4. Yes I know it is but all the overners or down from Londons agree with me that the Pan is not as bad as parts of the mainland and thats includes someone I know who works in housing on the Island, he worked in housing in Peckham before he moved here, and as he says the Islanders have no clue what a deprived area really looks like I have been through Pan on a bus as recently as last week I didnt see any cars on bricks - I didnt see any gangs on street corners in fact the Pan was part of the Christmas illumination tour I was on before Christmas, lots of houses with deccies and lights outside , do
  5. Oh come of it the Pans not that bad. I dont live there but have heard bad stories about both Pan and Oakfield in Ryde. But as someone who lived in South London all her life until moving to the Island I actually find both areas a breeze compared to Brixton and Camberwell both areas which I worked in and both areas where I had to walk at night - I haven't heard about any drive by shootings in Pan and Oakfield since I have been here, but there were dozens where I used to live - witnessed two myself.
  6. In some cases but not all. When a proposal for new housing at the end of my street was put forward, it became very obvious who was blocking it, it wasnt the older people, as the developers were talking about paying for a a new bus service and in a rural area with lots of elderly people relying on public transport that was quite an exciting proposition, they were all for it It was blocked however by a cabal of 10 or so 30 somethings all with cars and some with 2 or 3 cars who were whinging about excess traffic and noise. So the houses were not built and the poor old Boomers have had to g
  7. When did they start doing that I am sure when I went past it last Thursday it wasnt like that
  8. Sold out eh Today I was visiting someone who has REALLY been sold out by this country my 80 year old father who never went to uni - spent a lot of his time in his youth dong national service, never had his own home and when I was young worked THREE menial jobs to keep his family together . My father is in Hospital after a fall and despite having worked and paid taxes all his life was found by my family on Thursday in a hospital bed crying from pain and covered in his own Sh@t ,ignored by nursing staff with a cold meal on a tray he could not reach - thats being sold out mate and there are
  9. But there are exceptions to the rule. Its perfectly possible to buy a flat on ladder 1 in a rough part of London only to see the area gentrify and property prices rise. You then sell the flat and buy a property in a cheaper part of the country and you have enough cash to buy a semi in the nicest part of the town you move to thus getting on ladder 2 I know a few people who have done just that
  10. See below [b]How volunteering affects your benefits Volunteering shouldn’t affect your right to benefits, as long as the only money you receive is to cover your volunteering expenses, such as travel from home to the volunteering location.There are no limits on the amount of time you can volunteer for as long as you continue to meet the conditions of the benefit or tax credit you are receiving.[/b] I know this because I am on JSA myself INo they are not exempt from rates at least ours wasnt - the big boys like save the children and BHF may get special deals but ours was a small animal cha
  11. No you dont get it, we dont get young people coming in and asking to work, the jobs are not salaried, they will not get paid, however if they want to get a paid job say in a shop, then a volunteer job with experience in till work, customer service stock control and housekeeping, will look good on their CV and actually help their prospects, In most charity shops only the managers get paid, I actually applied for a job as a manager in another charity shop at min wage, they had 300 applicants and the person who got the job used to be a branch manager for woolworths with over 20 years retail e
  12. Sorry is this for real? Whilst I am looking for a job I am volunteering in a charity shop, its unpaid because there are very very few Charity shops that actually have salaried positions, the shop where I work has only one person who actually gets paid and thats the area manager, so even if I gave up my job for a young person they would not get a salary - so how can I possibly be taking a job from a young person. And as for beneficial rates and rents dont make me laugh, when I worked in one in Clapham it had to close down becauase the business rates that lambeth demanded were more than the s
  13. Yep I gave money to my parents - gave not lent. My parents have never had much money live in an HA property and my dad still works at age 78. I on the other hand made quite a lot of money when I sold my London gaff and moved to a cheaper area so have a bit to spare, so why not.
  14. Of course they can afford cars however I think you will find IN THIS CENTURY there is a problem with the amount of cars on the roads as it is - you know green issues etc etc It makes PERFECT sense to build homes where there is public transport and not in semi rural areas where there is none.
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