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  1. This budget should give us an insight into what's in store for the next few years, I think it will be interesting to see how much is influenced by Lib-Dem previously declared policies or whether they have been brushed aside due to the unforeseen depth of the economic mess we are in.
  2. I have been in private rented accommodation since selling in 2006, every landlord has allowed it to go to rolling term contract which required them to give us two months notice to quit and for us to give one months notice to quit, this is standard practice for the letting industry unless your landlord is a "special person"! How many years has your landlord been renting out houses for? You might also want to ask previous tenants too! We finally found a house to buy but were only looking because the landlord in Switzerland has decided to sell this one, we have had to allow at least three viewings per week with a minimum of twenty four hours notice from the estate agents! Great fun with four cats and two kids! Good luck with your landlord.
  3. With the upcoming "Emergency Budget", ( it's not like we hadn't seen it coming!), the country appears to be in universal uproar after being told that it has to stop spending more money than it is earning! There are some interesting predictions in the mainstream media including: 20% VAT in line with other European countries and taking away Child Benefit from those who are too rich to need it but too tight to pay pay for a good accountant to hide the fact! These aside what else can we expect, I'm hoping for a completely self serving lower Stamp Duty Threshold to come at £235,000! lol, any other ideas or predictions, not necessarily realistic?
  4. Hi, Finally found a house to buy, priced to sell in the area we wanted, Santander have given us 4.5% fixed for 5 years! Being the Bear, I think after 5 years the dust will start to settle from the upcoming fallout!
  5. Nikkei opens at 9 am, Tokyo is GMT +9 = midnight GMT
  6. All the signs say that it's crash time! Spain is defending the Euro to the death (of the Euro)! Angela Merkel is stalking Obama (3 calls so far)! Europe has lined up a slush fund of $645 Billion (enough to last until Wednesday at least)! http://preview.bloomberg.com/news/2010-05-08/eu-finance-chiefs-race-to-ready-emergency-fund-before-asian-markets-open.html This all adds up to a lot of stabilisation in the marketplace, but will it be enough?
  7. No rush to buy but the same old story with the house we are renting! Yes you guessed it, the owner (in Switzerland) has decided to put it on the market which means we may expect a letter any day asking us to vacate within 60 days.
  8. Just had another offer turned down! The estate agent agreed that it was a fair price for the property which needs a lot of updating but the vendor was going to see if he got any higher offers first! If it doesn't sell my offer may turn out to be £20K less than I offered previously!
  9. When I said first house, I hope I don't sound like a BTL, we are currently renting and the kids are fed up with trying to keep the house in shape for someone else! Political article on Daily Mash (made me smile) not directly to do with houses. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/peppa-pig-will-work-with-labour-but-not-brown-201004272682/
  10. I am working my way towards embarrassingly low offers, the first house we bought in the Nineties cost less than the difference between asking and offer prices!
  11. Hi, Angela Merkel is refusing to pay Greece any bailout contribution until it has been proved that the total amount paid to Greece will be enough to bail them out and not to just pour cash into a bottomless pit! http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/markets/europe/article7109209.ece Nothing to do with the upcoming German election of course!
  12. The houses we are looking at are around £300K, £250K puts them at the lower Stamp Duty cut off point, most require an amount of modernisation but are in a habitable condition. I cannot bring myself to see the prices being asked as anywhere near realistic at the moment and the market is getting a case of the jitters in Hampshire (UK) at present, I will be interested in seeing what happens after the 6th of May!
  13. Sold and renting until house prices stabilise or someone accepts a sensible offer from Me

  14. After taking advice from a well known website (HPC), I have been making realistic (or silly) offers of £25K - £50K below vendors asking price! I haven't had a single estate agent laugh or sneer at them so far, which is leading me to believe that the market in the South of England is in a worse shape than anyone is letting on or I am still offering too high a price! Any thoughts?
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