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  1. When we applied, and were granted, planning permission in 2005 to convert an outbuilding within our garden into a self contained granny annexe it made no difference to the council tax. Although it was stipulated that we couldn't rent out or sell the annexe independently of the main house so maybe that was why there was only one council tax? Our current house has an attached annexe (not built by ourselves) and again only one council tax bill at the same band as our next door neighbours who don't have the annexe - this annexe is also self contained but can be accessed from the main house. Gues
  2. Well despite the very valuable information from here he phoned the agents armed with all the facts which they flatly refused to listen to and insist he has to give two months notice!! He has now written and told them where he stands - hope some of you don't mind him copying your words!! - and stated he will be leaving by giving the one months notice from rent day!! Will await their reply!!
  3. Thank you - really appreciate this - will post an update after he has dealt with the LA on Monday.
  4. Thank you for such a detailed reply - very helpful and I think he is now fully armed to go to battle with the LA on Monday!!
  5. I have asked him and his rent is payable on the same date as he took on the property each month so for him it is one and the same thing. I couldn't see how notice given by the LL could effect it - but happy to be corrected if anyone knows better!
  6. Thank you for taking the time and effort to reply - I will pass on your suggested response to him. I think he felt, as you say morally, he should give the two months but then felt that the LL was taking the p%ss with his response but he wasn't sure legally where he stood. Its a minefield!!
  7. Thanks for that Rozza - have googled and amongst a lot of conflicting info on the likes of MSE etc I can also see info to back up what you say. I am going to suggest he rings the Shelter helpline to try and get as much "official" information as possible to go armed to the LA with!
  8. Two months was agreed via email and confirmed by letter from the agents. My brother was happy to accept this and abide by it. He can find no mention of the two months only running from rent day though. As I said letter says "on or before rent day" which he took in good faith as meaning he could give two months notice at any point but maybe he has misinterpreted this!
  9. An agreement (via email) was agreed as two months notice on both sides but at no point was it mentioned it could only be given on rent day and the wording of the confirmation letter is as per my OP - which says on or before rent day but doesn't say it has to run from rent day only? No renewal contract was signed it was purely email and their confirmation letter? The landlord wishes to sell. He had already issued notice for by brother to vacate 28th Feb - landlord gave more notice that required out of "fairness" for my brother to find alternative accomodation. Does this make a difference? Th
  10. My brother is on a periodic tenancy in his current property and is trying to give notice to the landlord via the managing agents. He originally had a 6th month AST and then 18 months ago moved to the periodic tenancy which required landlord and tenant to give two months notice. The letter confirming this states "both parties to provide two months notice to terminate the agreement on or before a rent due date" which he duly did on the 5th of November thinking he would be able to leave on the 5th of January. The agents have said notice has to be given for two months on the next rent day and th
  11. Many thanks for all the very helpful replies-I have never bought leasehold before so all new to me!! My daft Gran thought that as long as there is enough lease left to run before she dies (12 years in her estimation!!) then that would be ok!! So far the agent has said there is 75 years left to run, the current (slightly senile) owner said she hasn't got a lease but would buy one at the supermarket and her son said 40 years or 9 years he couldn't remember which. Think this is going to keep me busy!!
  12. Does anyone know of a way (other than asking EA or vendor) of finding out how much of a lease remains on a property to a prospective buyer? Any help appreciated before my Grandmother makes a big mistake!! Thank you.
  13. Used to live in Andover - and left quickly!! Chav central, full of London overspill council estates (mass exodus from Walworth in the 60s/70s) which are now full of single Mums working out which way to get the most benefits and struggling to name the fathers of their children etc etc Outlying villages very nice but not so easy for station and on my more limited experience of Pewsey and that area all seemed very pleasant with good rail service. Born and bred in Sussex - the places you mention you will struggle to get a decent flat/area on that budget IMO unless you are looking at retirement pl
  14. Having previously lived next door to a fairly nice village pub I can say that 1) I would never do it again and 2) it should halve the value of any house to be in the vicinity of a pub!! The clientele would arrive quietly and looking like very nice people - they would however, after sinking a few, leave noisily and in need of being awarded an ASBO - made worse once the smoking ban came in and they would spend most of the time hovering outside - why when people have had a drink do they get so loud?!!! Even said village pub would start being noisy at about 7am with deliveries and putting bottles
  15. Have been using this for a few weeks and it works ok for my postcode although only a few properties seem to have the historical data, some historical data has been archived so you can only see the asking price (useful in itself sometimes tho) and some have the full sales particulars in full shoiwing all photos, room dimensions etc. It needs tweaking and to be more comprehensive but I have found it useful.
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