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  1. This after their party leader threw my vote away with the "No early cuts" mantra that seems so pooular among the imbeciles. From what I have seen thus far there is not one main stream politician willing to quote the micawber principle "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery." We are ******ed
  2. As the idiots say location location location. This must be regional. I live in the Thames Valley and tbh nothing has changed. I'd estimate that prices are 5% off peak now. Supply is limited but growing steadily and those with cash are spunking their wad all over the property sector. Flats, houses and any other old shite are still going at near asking price in days. It's as if the mania never died. However, there will come a point where this activity eats itself. Supply cannot be met by rich boomers trading their top property trumps. Personally though the killer blow would be IR rate rises. Ev
  3. She should write back saying "Think yourselves lucky you don't live in Berkshire. You're getting an extra bedroom here for less money." A decent three bed terrace in the villages surrounding reading will go for upwards of 240k for some reason 2 beds come in at about 220k. All utterly mental of course. In the main these prices seem to have been maintained by the wealthy cash rich 40's - 50's deciding that pricing out the next generation is their right.
  4. That's a totally fair point. I guess the days of expecting to provided a reasonable service no matter what the fare are over. The market has certainly made traveling easier and more pleasant for all.
  5. It's supposed to be public transport, not luxury travel which is what air travel patently is. It is about getting the train to work. If it was so complicated how come this fare structure has only evolved with private companies involved? It's a con in my view. On edit. Actually that doesn't go far enough. Public mass transport is supposed to transport those wishing to work to their chosen places of employment at a cost that shouldn't exceed the cost of so called "damaging" other modes of transports. By introducing restrictive fares that don't actually incentivise use of mass transportation t
  6. I wonder what the fare structure will be? I Imagine something suitably labyrinthine. If you book several years in the future and know exactly what second you wish to travel you'll get a fare which is only slightly less expensive than building your own space shuttle to do the similar journey. Even then some twunt will be sat in your "reserved" seat. Should a mere prole have the temerity to wish to get a ticket on the day they travel? Well that'll be your firstborn please..... Train travel in this country is an absolute joke. This won't make it any better. It'll just mean you get to Birmingham
  7. I do worry about this tactic though. It's one that's been suggested before. The Tories throw this one and pick up the pieces after Brown inevitably screws up. My fear is that Brown is enough of an idiot to screw things up to an extent that cannot be repaired. The Tories are stuffed they can't tell the truth which is we can't afford the public sector as it is now. We haven't actually been able to afford the public sector jobs that have been created in the last 12 years. Those in the public sector won't swallow this regardless of the truth of it and will return a Brown government if they feel
  8. I love Florida and have been there several times. One cannot underestimate how much idiot building there has been in the past 15 years. Masses of habitat destruction. Condo spread ruining the very places that they were supposed to be attracting people to. Some places now look a bit like Brixton on sea. Still a bit nicer though. It's always amazed me that people assume you can buy and finance a holiday let in Florida. There's loads of property there and loads of competition 3 months of the year are mentally hot and humid, 3 more months risk you being evacuated every couple of weeks and if the
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