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  1. Like all great ideas, it just moved the goal posts. More centralization = less small problems but more larger ones The issue is that it is almost impossible to price the 'value' of huge issues, but easy to price manpower. Ask anyone who has been involved with citrix migration, saves vast sums of money, until it breaks and you have 3k people sitting on their arses unable to do any work. Management will always see the 200k a year staffing costs, but cant see that 2 hours total downtime costs much more. As ever, the best solution is a mix of both fat/thin local/cloud.
  2. One problem is some of the worst parts of North Shields have a Tynemouth postcode.
  3. The problem is not the cost of transport. It's the cost of the ego boost that people expect with it. Running a small petrol/diesel is cheaper than it was 10 years ago, both in terms of MPG and stealership costs. It's just people expect air con, electric windows, huge name bagde etc etc. If we went back to cars being transportation, things are not any more expensive.
  4. Not really a fad. Just better to eat it, as greys are being culled on-mass.
  5. Ermmm. Just dont heat the whole house all the ******ing time! To keep one room nice and warm costs <£200 a year, even on electricity! There is no such thing as 'fuel poverty', it should be renamed to 'fuel greed'.
  6. It may look country estate, but the property is not ever 25 years old. High scale McMansion.
  7. Money sweetens labour, if you dont do your job there is a good chance you wont have one.
  8. 1) enforce building regs on all planning complaints from properties owners. Those that complain need to honour current regs. 2) link tax K codes to unfunded pensions. So the amount taken out each year is the same as what goes in. 3) Allow strikes, but all contractual advantages (eg more holiday, years service etc) was not honoured for the year when you were on strike. 4) Allow any business to lay off 5% (or min 1) of their staff each financial year without redudancy. Ie basic notice. 5) Scrap min wage and make all benefits subsistence only. I dont think this would fix the economy, it would act as a base to rebuild from. I'm sick of living in the 'now', lets actually think about the future too.
  9. Just pay them back their contributions. Job done.
  10. The rover K in 1.4 form is one of the best engines ever. Plenty of power, nice torque band and no need to trash it. But when you did thrash, it went like stink. Nothing today or even at the time can touch it, due to it being very light.
  11. Please remember that we never offered long term care to anyone. They just assumed we would give it.
  12. I can only comment on the OH who works for the DWP. Her dept is going from 450 >250 over the next 2 years. Fingers crossed she gets the chop as we could basically chill out and semi retire.
  13. Fag packet calc 100,000 miles at 40mpg = 2500 gallons of petrol 2500 gallons = 11250 lt = £15,750 So what is expensive? The car or the petrol? Hence buy a older car and let the fools buy/lease new.
  14. Phase 1 is going though. In terms of the civil service, there are currently 2 more 'exercises' planned. Trimming about 20% off the total workforce in the NE. yes 20 percent!
  15. Just think Darras Hall. Then realize you have some style and dont bother. It's a horrible place. Took a drive round Hamsterly Mill the other week, it's now very similar. All bling, no style.
  16. Fully agreed. Northumbria is a great ex poly, often with higher educational standards than Newcastle. Especially in engineering and fashion. Newcastle is where you get your degree, northumbria is where you get a degree in something useful.
  17. One of the mnagament should jsut say 'sod this, we have decided to close the business'. Start the ball rolling and see what happens.
  18. Germany loves the euro. Why? Because it now controls (via debt) most of Europe. Just really France to go and then they have their 4th Reich.
  19. Just add assets into any benefit calculation. Would save billions overnight. More than 7k of assets, you is on your own.
  20. What system is being used for the AV voting? I would assume first past the post?
  21. here u go HPI_Report_Feb_11_x1p5cst.pdf HPI_Report_Feb_11_x1p5cst.pdf
  22. Sod facts about particles or 'green-ness'. Most modern turbo diesels have much greater torque in the powerband used for 99.99% of driving. Ie they are better cars for what most people use cars for.
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