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  1. Why should I care what you think of my credibility. Take a look at yourself Injin. What are you doing here?
  2. Very literate, but again not important. Take a look.
  3. Why try to win something I'm not interested in, like appeasing you. You're not that important Injin. Honestly.
  4. Shithouse it is Injin. You can't please everyone.
  5. Does that include letting them deal with "slow impoverishment"?
  6. Why do you expect an answer. Do you feel you deserve one?
  7. Made provisions for his children. Isn't that what parents are supposed to do?
  8. If you're having to think about that now, I'm afraid you're too late.
  9. I take it you live in the UK. Good luck.
  10. Do you mean as individuals or as a country?
  11. I understand that there needs to be trade and agreements are in place, but would you say that we have got the balance right?
  12. Sorry Injin, you've lost me. Enlighten please.
  13. You're presuming that you'd get caught. One step at a time.
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