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  1. Walthamstow's a weird place - rough around the edges, but lots of middle class young professional families moving in because they're priced out elsewhere. Tbh, I think you're wrong about it de-gentrifying - its improving fast and that will continue - even if prices fall. Way to much development and improvement for that to change. Not saying that prices won't fall though! Personally, they appear static right now and dipping if anything.
  2. Who was the ranty Scottish bloke? The east anglian fella made sense in a nervous kind of way.
  3. Born here, spent my life here - bar 3 years in Norwich. It's the best all-round place in the UK and all my family lives here.
  4. I understand why so many of you hate London house prices, but I just want to even up the hate london bit! For a start the city after 6 o'clock is one liveliest places going - almost too much so - drunks everywhere! I spend quite a lot of time visiting Frome in Somerset for example and it's a lovely place, but nothing happens there of an evening! Family - perfectly possible to bring up kids safely here - London's full of little villages which give the benefits that those in the provinces enjoy, but also access to all those facilities some of you have mentioned on top. And what about teenagers
  5. Weight loss coaching doesn't pay (don;t they even offer that with weight watchers now?!) - executive coaching is where the lala is.
  6. apologies for the double post - fat fingers.
  7. I'm not a coach, but know of a fair few. two things: - The last thing it's about is advice. The iniative comes from you the punter - the coach just helps bring this out. - 8 sessions for £400 is actually dirt cheap - its not uncommon for a 1 hour session to cost upwards of £400.
  8. ""With your budget you can also look at NW6 (west hampstead - eastside to the westend road only) or N6, N2 (highgate,fortis green, hampstead garden surburd etc)"" I was going to suggst NW6 / west hampstead - lovely, whole houses, with Gardens for less than 900k - *west* side of West End lane though! (imo, some of the nicest parts of West Hampstead, aren't in fact the most expensive - obviously, I'm on my own there.
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