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  1. Paying 1800/month for a modern 5 bed detached in SK8 Cheadle with minimal back garden. Rents are no way soft in the area you are looking in - our lease is up in Sept and I'm sure the landlord would be asking 2k/month. We are going overseas, so will be able to resist his wonderful offer!
  2. Was in Cyprus for 4 years until 2007. The prices there were insane then - and have shown little evidence of pulling back. The Cypriots' answer to a shortage of buyers is to raise prices - I kid you not! Greek logic at its finest. When the Cyp currency changed to the Euro, they just multiplied their old Cyp prices by 1.72 (or whatever the then exchange rate was) to get the Euro price. Of course, when the Euro was then converted to pounds, the prices were out of reach for 99% of British buyers. Lots of shoddy construction over there - anyone looking to buy would have to do serious structural inspections. Then there is the title deeds fiasco, which has been round and round the Cyprus legal system and is now heading for the EU courts. Some people have been waiting 20 years for their papers on property they have paid off long ago. Add to that the bent solicitors and developers and the place is an absolute nightmare for the unwary investor. Saying that - it's a great place. I would suggest renting!
  3. Kayuya, Everywhere is way overpriced at this time - but all that's needed is to point out better areas than the Whalley Range originally mentioned. Agree about the Mauldeth Rd area and the new builds.
  4. Stretford - between Chester Road and Barlow Moor Road there are some nice areas. Lots of leafy roads and some nice big houses without the stigma of Whalley Range. Also you could try Sale, which has very good transport links with the Metro. Failing those areas i think you are stuck with Didsbury and the Didsbury end of Withington. But don't go any further towards Manchester than Didsbury/Withington (Fog Lane area). These are just my opinions - you must drive round yourself and get a feel for them.
  5. Natalie, As a Manchester lad and not an estate agent, I have to tell you like it is - not how you would wish it to be. Whalley Range has a reputation. Have a look at the Heaton Moor area of Stockport.
  6. Have the police sorted out the kerb-crawlers and the hookers now then? That part of Whalley Range used to be full of them not long ago. Also, proximity to Moss Side and druggies does not do wonders for the ambience.
  7. The problem in S Cyprus is exacerbated by the ineffective legal system, especially where buyers use lawyers who are often also acting on behalf of the developers from whom they are buying! Unbelievably, there are thousands of Brit buyers in this position, having been duped into believing that the lawyers working for them were independent. The trusting Brits were victims of elaborate marketing scams (Cypriots are excellent at these scams with their easy going Mediterranean charm) and the misleading claims that Cyprus law is almost the same as English law. All the egentsd and developers pump this line and iy=t is sa heady mix. I lived in Cyprus for 4 years and saw a good number of scam cases myself.
  8. With such a low initial amount, I would suggest you get into a monthly savings plan with Fidelity, Invesco, Henderson or any other of the major unit trust firms. Just pick your sector - you suggested the US, so go for the S&P500 fund - and just keep the payments up every month. I believe the minimum monthly amounts required go as low as 50 quid. For share buying, it is simply not feasible to invest less than 1,000 to 1,500 a share due to dealing charges and buy/sell spreads. Good luck. John
  9. Peter, Yes I do expect hefty price drops - actually, I'm planning to buy around 2013 for precisely the reason you mention. I had been expecting Phil prices to have dropped by now considering that remittances from overseas must be severely affected, especially the States. I'm just curious on which developments you would recommend in Manila. Although I've been there many times, I'm not as in touch with the details of the market and daily living as you are! John
  10. Ulidia, Looking at Manila, which development would you recommend for buying into for a 2-bed condo which will be used by my wife and kids on our trips back to Phils? Prefer resale but will consider new if the numbers are right. Cheers, John
  11. Nautorius, I looked at Altea and Denia on the map, but it seemed too far away from a major town. Now, we're thinking of around the Alicante area, close to a good school as we'll have our youngest still with us (will be 12 then). I was looking at Elche. Are there areas you would recommend that we should look at - safety being a prime consideration, as you say. Thanks, John
  12. Nautorius, Yes, much as I thought - at 4% yield, those houses are still way overpriced for me. I think 3 more years of doom and gloom will take them nicely down another 40-50% which is roughly where I hope to be coming in. We're planning our move to Costa Blanca for 2012, so with a year's rental under our belt, should hopefully pick up some hefty discounts by 2013. Cheers, John
  13. gotoutintime, Exactly what I said in the first paragraph of my post No.17. Can't the Phil Tourist authorities see that there is no way that serious foreign money will ever be invested in their country until it improves the general infrasturture and standard of living of its people first? Flying regularly from Tokyo to Cebu, it took me just 10 minutes out of the airport at Mactan to get depressed at the poverty, begging and all round crap that is everywhere. There's nothing like this scale of poverty in Malaysia and Thailand, which are the Philippines' direct competitors. John
  14. I would much rather hold dollars than sterling IMHO. With all the money being pumped into the US stimulus, the dollar will resume its safe haven status - especially as the Euro will collaspe soon (and good riddance to it, I say). So wherever you have the dollars, keep holding.
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