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  1. Aren't you making the same mistake as the Labour party? I think you'll find most Scotts view their nation as being Scottish. The Labour party view 'British' as their preferred nationality with it's capital in the south east of England. That's half the problem.
  2. This may be an interesting article for some on here suggesting why Cameron has to act on England and why Miliband will have to change his mind concering English devolution. http://www.ippr.org/publications/england-and-its-two-unions-the-anatomy-of-a-nation-and-its-discontents
  3. If you liten to 1929crash and even TMT at times, it would seem so.
  4. Wales is being colonised. And there's also cultural hegemony at work at the hands of the English dominated Brit state.
  5. The irony in this is that say if the Welsh were to vote to abolish the Assembly which I don't for one moment think they would.....it would be in order to be ruled directly from London. But the fact of the matter is, that since the Assembly has been rules by the British Labour party since teh beginning, it's already more or less directly ruled from London. 'Welsh' Labour sticking heir noses into the Scottish referendum debate is evidence of this with Carwyn Jones Welsh FM behaving like the poodle he is, running back and forth to Scotland and the behest of Labour HQ in London. Wales hasn't had a party running the Assembly with it's interests at heart....unlike Scotland or the London and the South East. Until Welsh people realise this which they are slowly doing, nothing will change.
  6. They will find a way of circumvening the democratic will to create them.
  7. The Labour Party conference begins today in Manchester and they will be discussing devolution.....to the English regions. :-)
  8. This battle in Scotland was narrowly lost. But the war vry much continues. Ditto Wales.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/columnists/article-563112/Pain-gets-worse-Hains.html
  10. I'm sure 1929crash will be creaming himself over Haywoods ideas.
  11. They're attempting to split up Wales too into city regions. With the north east being hived off into a Chester City region. The task group which came up with this was headed by Dr Elizabeth Haywood - wife of a Peter Hain. They want to destroy all feelings of nationhood....unless it's British of course.
  12. They could have tried some form of federalism.
  13. Why is it so difficult to redistribute wealth to the poorer areas of the UK? If they had done this, then the 'yes' campaign wouldn't have anywhere near the ammunition it has. Is it simply a case of greed? I honeslty don't understand why the 'Better Together' crowd which has most of the British elite within it's ranks and which claims to love the UK/Britain so much hasn't done anything to re-balance the UK from London to other poorer areas. It's quite possibly too late now even if there is a 'no' vote. The Scots have started something.
  14. Now that really is daft. You are suggesting he doesn't want to win ie gain independence from Scotland. Sometimes I think that some people on here are from another planet.
  15. LOL I've just heard him. He's also attacking the Tories. #BetterTogether falling apart.
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