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  1. Those would look good on T shirts. They could be worn to their trade shows.
  2. The issue was created at the time of ‘the big bang’. Across the world changes were permitted which previously kept credit pricing real to be swept away. In the following decades banks were able to reduce the cost of credit. People rejoiced, credit cards all round and everyone can get a mortgage without realising the toxic economic environment fermenting. Interest rates were miss priced by only a few percent but the effects have been massive HPI and the destruction of industrial innovation.
  3. His honesty is commendable, they know they’ve rogered the country and are now predicting the effects of their actions.
  4. A bedsit houses many. Ownership is immaterial it is the density of occupation that matters.
  5. Though many migrants may either chose or be forced to live in swatty bedsits the few who purchase are used as a fig leaf to cover cheap credit, the real cause of HPI.
  6. Supply and demand are a convenient excuse to hide the effect of cheap credit on the housing market.
  7. And unbelievably the master plan for the EU is to allow financialization of residential mortgages across whole swathes of Europe where housing booms have yet to price out the inhabitants.
  8. Just listen to complaints about the housing crisis, there just aren't any about lack of choice, it's always cost. We need to stop the meme that building more unaffordable homes will solve this, everyone knows it won't, it's just a delaying tactic. I agree the one and only solution is control of credit. We are now at a point where this is becoming apparent to the public, the banks will fight tooth and nail to stop this gaining traction, we need to stop lying to ourselves that we can build our way out of this and and make sure we support the truth, control credit is the only way.
  9. But it's racist to link pressure on housing with migration, innit.
  10. Certainly looks like a more balance article from the BBC for once. I remember when their map of affordability used to include shared ownership. Despite discovering the the deaths caused by air pollution we now chose to build over the green belt. Not that build more housing will solve the housing crisis as only about six percent of new homes are classed as affordable. The one bitter pill that is never mentioned is allowing a price correction, as that would solve many issues in one go.
  11. "Abstract This article examines the effects of implementing the proposals of the European Commission to institute a Capital Market Union (CMU) on the diverse landscape of residential capitalism in Europe. The CMU will bypass existing national institutional blockades that left core countries of the Eurozone, namely Germany, France and Italy, largely untouched by the housing-centred financialization that developed in countries like Spain, Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands. It is widely acknowledged that the rise in securitized mortgage debt contributed to the global financial crisis. As part of the CMU, the new European Commission is promoting mortgage securitization throughout the EU and thereby rescaling the political economy of housing finance that was hitherto rooted in national, institutional models. We argue that countries which ‘missed’ the previous housing boom will not be able to prevent future housing-centred financialization. CMU thus signifies a spatial expansion of the debt-led accumulation model." How thoughtful of the EU to make sure the whole of Europe can share the joys of house price booms.
  12. It tells a lot that a story already covered is released again with more spin whilst KSA issues are ignored. Real journalism has all but died. Manufacturing of news is what we are feed.
  13. What about all the BTLer. Many rent to family and some are even claiming housing benefit, plus all those beds in sheds across West London.
  14. Isn't amazing a near decade of rent increases whilst rates were static and hardly any questioning from our media. No wonder they're scared their lack of integrity is about to be revealed. I noticed how James O'Brien was just concerned about mortgages going up.
  15. Supply won’t solve our crisis as even ‘affordable’ homes need HTB to sell. Decades of using HPI to create a false veneer of a buoyant economy fuelled by cheap credit have suffocated the real economy and led many to think that we could build our way out of this problem. Raise rates as soon as possible and accept the consequences now. It’ll hurt like hell but is the only solution. I know of lots of houses that are empty and being banked. There is more than enough supply of cheap credit to support that, end the problem, raise rates. House prices should reflect local earnings not corrupt leveraged lending.
  16. Well at the time their reasoning was that they were trying to head off their predicted post brexit vote recession. Many have questioned why they did so as far as time scale and scope of actions. A mere six weeks later and introducing the term funding scheme. They even admitted that the increased QE was to offset the damage dropping rates were causing banks. They seem to be able to look through hardship facing the public but not when it's faced by the sector many of the MPC originate from. Its that fact that is undermining the publics confidence in the BOE.
  17. Maybe he’ll announce a rate rise but schedule it to come in to effect next year or the year after. Also why raise the full twenty five basis points, that would double rates overnight. They might chose to bump it a few point then wait a year or so to see how that works. We have to remember they’re about to try to reverse a mindset of not just theirs but the whole country. The recovery was predicated on encouraging borrowing and after ten years that message is going to reverse. I don’t see any middle ground after such a long time spent convincing the feckless there’s no need to worry just stick it on your plastic they are being told to wake up it’s tomorrow look at your card statement we lied and you’re going to pay. The fear is that they just stop spending. No wonder they’re worried history is about to show that rates should have been rebounding over a lower and small range rather than bing parked and ignored.
  18. Apologies but I just had to. Development of flats locally has no parking, apparently the main 106 sweetener was that they pay for the roads leading to it be widened however because of where it is the actual roads in its direct vicinity are only single track if vehicles park on them. Can’t imagine the residents in the area of the road widening not being nimbys as they know that they are about to find that their roads used as a car park. So the solution the house price crisis is to build our way to affordable housing, really?
  19. I would like to see this get picked up by the all forms of main stream media. It really demonstrates that throwing state money at housing is just worsening the situation. Just hope that it hasn’t been fabricated.
  20. It would certainly have been an incentive to study hard at flight school as I would imagine only the best got to fly the Mosquito.
  21. In the latter stages of the war target choice may very well have been driven by the duel aims of defeating the Nazi and demonstrating to the Soviets a willingness to go the whole nine yards. As far as aircraft speed just look at how fast and lightly armed the Mosquitoes were. Personally if serving in Bomber Command heavies at that time I’d have preferred a bunch of three o threes keeping fighters a little further away than the speed, but that’s just me.
  22. HMRC have the highest powers in the UK. Agree creating entertainment from the distress of others is a poor show. However there has to be a way to recover debts from those that fail to honour debt or no lending would be possible. Where will you go.
  23. Even if the address is a registered business address?
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