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  1. Brexit: May to introduce EU repeal bill in Queen's Speech Blimey, so Brexit does mean Brexit. Very good.
  2. IMO anyone who buys now or indeed bought in the last 18 months to 2 years is ******ed.
  3. OP its up to you but I would not buy at the moment. Having said that I've been waiting for 8 years. I will wait until some sanity returns to the housing market
  4. The BBC's broadcasting has been treacherous since Brexit. They seem to be intentionally frightening people.
  5. It is in part indoctrination. My 8yo was surprised I'd voted Leave as everyone at school had voted remain. She also couldn't understand that I told her not to say the I promise to serve the Queen part of Brownie promise. The Brownies had been telling all the kids how wonderful Queenie is and celebrating her birthday. Are the young gonna rise up and get rid of the Four Olds in support of their glorious EU. Hmm maybe I shouldn't have told my daughter I voted Leave <nervous>
  6. Peston is saying Carnage is happening on the markets. Black Friday anyone?
  7. My thoughts exactly. The wests puppet has become rabid, will the west put it down?
  8. Can't help thinking the Co-op train wreck has been engineered. Flowers is a vile patsy hired to put a few more nails in the Co-ops coffin. Cui bono??
  9. Hellsbells check out suicide rates after divorce. I seem to remember suicide rates amongst divorced men were higher than any other group. I'm currently really worried about a lovely guy who has been gutted when his wife decided to end the marriage because of issues she has to work through. He's not replying to texts. Such a lovely bloke., I just hope he's ok.
  10. Liberal Democrats vote for cohabitation rights I ******ing hate libdem twats :angry:
  11. I've been saying for years, Im surprised any bloke with assets would get married.
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