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  1. I am in no way a racist and in other threads have argued vermanently against judging people by their ethnic background, reglion ect However I have to say that, based on nothing more than a casual interest in current affairs, senior politicans who are ethnic or women (or sometime horedously both) do seem to get more than their fair share of bad headlines for coruption and other things. I've always tried to assume that it is down to the press doing the reporting being institutionally racist and sexist. However looking simply at the headlines the first guys comments were not without cases to back it up. On the other side i guess it could be that they have not been screwing the system for as long as the white men have and therefore aren't quite as good as it themselves.
  2. So why did Flash Gordon say to paxman the other day that he will be able to cut spending because the infrastructure investment of the last few years doesn't have to be repeated??? hmmm, not a lie from the savour of the universe? Flash - Oh, Ah - He saves every one of us!
  3. A kind of scary funny. Like when something really terrible happens but all you can do is laugh about it because it is totally out of your controll. It is 2,118 TZS to the Pound. That would hit a few STR funds and all those 1/2 million pound 2 bed tarrence houses would seem fairly valued all of a sudden
  4. Thats the main reason I hate labour. Long live UKIP (for smoking rules anyway - I'm not going to actually vote for them
  5. You having a laugh, they have a booming economy, hard working industrious population and living costs that enable their economy to compete internationally. Parity with the tanzanian shilling more likely. Load of people sitting arround not working in a waste land with no natural resources doing nothing all day and hoping for a hand out with which to feed their kids. More comparable to the UK
  6. So following from what you have said the people who were in government at the time should have to personally settle the country's debts? Why does the man on the street have to accept a lower standard of living because of past irresponsible governments? The same question will come up here in the UK too before too long. The bill for the welfare state which the boomers voted for for themselves will come due and it will be through higher taxes and lower public service levels (overall lower living standards) that we pay for them. Is this fair? Is it worth rioting about? In many ways we are already paying for some of the government's fiscal irresponsibility through high house prices as the only way they have been able to paper over the cracks that they have created is through pumping up asset bubbles. We are paying the price of bad government through the lower living standard associated with unaffordable housing. Is that worth being angree about? Is it worth setting up a web-site about to get your anger accross? Is it worth a riot or two?
  7. I'm surprised that with minimum wage legislation it can be worth paying someone to do that.
  8. In the past it has been so. However in the age of deficit financing that has all changes, see my above post
  9. I would agree with the system you propose for the financing of many things which make our world a better place, schools / hospitals ect However I believe you have misunderstood the way that the state finances itself in a democracy. In a democracy, in order to gain public approval, politicians finance spending programs that go way above what they could do just with citizen's fair tax contributions. Thy leverage up to the level that the value of the labor of the population will allow them too, using our future labot as security on their loans. They then spend this on a mixture of bull sh!t we don't want and stuff that is inefficient but still usefull. However the cost of them leveraging up in order to spend their way to political success makes tax slaves out of their citizens. We are now in a situation where we pay tax not to provide ourselves with the honorable services that you suggest but simply to keep repayments on the loans (that were mostly squondered ). You have to ask yourself is this fair tax, is it worth your labor to pay it? This is what I think the greeks are rioting about, they are about to be officially tax slaves - not to provide themselves with services but just to service a debt which for many of them they did not see any benefit from in the first place. Post war era, tax made sense from a social justice point of view. today it is just international usury and your future lives work is simply just the security to pay for the loan that covered the pension of a unneccassary public sector manager.
  10. Oh yer I forgot, we can just pay for it all out of the fortunes we make from the ever increasing value of our houses.
  11. Our taxes cover a small amount but most of the cost is yet to be paid for by our children / children's children / possibly us if UK can't roll over the debt
  12. Good Man - got to love Mad Max. "inserection is a possibility" - bring it on Edit to say - I don't think the posters above get it. Greece is in the position it is in because the state has been over-spending, but who has benefited from it. When it is 'our' turn it will be taxes going up / standard of living going down for everybody. Why, because the government spent the money on BS non-jobs, paying themselves too much and the money being sucked up by the financial service sector. Inserection is not too strong, we have all been screwed so a minority could have a party.
  13. Are they deployed by specially trained women who pop them out of their privates
  14. i would ask the outright and direct closed question. "It seems to me that high house prices damage our country's economic competitiveness and the life chances of the under 40's. Is it your party's policy to maintain high house prices?" Would get them in a pickle I think.
  15. However it is obvious that there is an over-simplication in these stats. Mostly as the averages are distored by the very high paid. Where I live the official average salary is 18K. However an average person with an average education and an average working history looking for a job right now would get about 14K. Houses are certainly not 4 times that.
  16. Pursuing low interest rates were specified as Labour government policy in the dabate on Thursday.
  17. Love that line, that is the new one I'm going to trough at people in house price conversations. not that they will understand what I mean though anyway
  18. And you will never be able to move unless you can find a greater fool willing to buy your 0.005% "equity" off you at the price set by the HA. (i.e. massively overpriced valuation).
  19. Sounds dull - kid of job everyone is jealous of though. good money - low stress
  20. Isn't one of the Lib Dem policies something like a yearly 1% tax on houses worth over 2 million (£20,000 per year). I'm surprised it didn't get a mention it is the only sensible housing policy I've read in the election campaign.
  21. You lucky ******* - If I were you I'd be praying for a BNP victory - £50,000 in the bank and a free flight out of this sh!thole
  22. Unless you have worked in such an environment it is hard to understand the misery of it. I was turned corporate assassin not by the money but by the horrible way they treated some of the people who worked there. Really absolutely grim. I felt like some post-modern robin hood at the time. A combination of a bad company, a horrible boss, a sole-less working environment, an unnecessary repetitive job and no employment contract or rights makes you lose all loyalty you might think an employee should have to his employer. In fact it really de-humanizes you. These days I'm a little more committed to my employer's business success as I'm self employed.
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