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  1. "They doubt whether the global recovery can survive the fiscal tightening process." This is the big one for me. It is rock and a hard place stuff. From a monitary perspective our economy cannot afford to decrease state spending. From a common sence / fiscal point of view we simply can not afford to maintain a government of this size for much longer. What you we going to do? Only sensible thing I can think of is have a massive house price boom so we all feel like millionaires again.
  2. I can totally see the logic in what you are saying and I honestly hope that you are right. However I just don't see it, although I can't quite articulate why. We all hope that this economic crisis will finally bring us the small government that most on here long for. However until they have been able to blow another bubble to keep the world turning around the public sector (both internationally and in the UK) will not be able to reduce its size, or the economy stops. I guess the only answers to your points is more QE and weaker sterling until the next bubble is going. There is no way you will see small government or even much public sector reduction until there is a private sector recovery. E
  3. What was that phrase somebody came up with on Dr Bubbs thread yesterday to describe how soverieng debts that can be shown not to have been taken out in the interest of the people of the country are not treated as sovereign debts under international law but the personal debts of the leaders who took them out. I apply this to myself for UK's debts, I don't feel any sence of responsibiltiy for our national debt and therefore begrudge any portion which my tax goes to service. Us folk in this glass house nation shouldn't really be throwing stones around
  4. Whoever wins on Thursday I don't think they plan to actually reduce the deficit. In this sense 9and it pains me to say it) flash Gordon is right and actually being the most honest of the three candidates. Massive public sector cuts will lead to a deflationary environment which will not be allowed to happen. Debt is never intended to be paid back in a credit driven economy. From a montiary sence it would be next to impossible to have the government pay back all this debt (or even make a serious attempt at doing so) and achieve economic growth. The very best we can hope for is to reduce the 'deficit' by holding spending steady while the private sector expands. That is our only hope. Oh - I guess we could look at restructuring the public sector so the we pay them all money to do actual useful stuff. But then I'm just a dreamer
  5. Or where family breakdown is encouraged by the state and becomes the only way to provide for yourself and yours
  6. Actually, in my defence, i didn't make up my own name, it was given to me by a BBC radio 4 presenter. I called up with a HPC question, he got my name wrong and i was introduced as Ben from Dover (wonder what was on his mind). there is a whole thread on it somewhere and it is on i-player. Feel a little self conscious about it sounding so rude but couldn't let the joke go
  7. I think we will see this more and more over the next 5-10 years (or at least until HP's correct). Government / BofE have thrown everything posible to try and keep the mortage market happening SLS, ZIRP ect. However no of it deals with the basic problem which is that even at 0.5% base rate it only makes sence to leand money to credit worthy people. With house prices so high, and very few people expecting HPI, you need to have a huge salary / savings pot to be deemed an acceptable risk by a bank. This is what will bring up HP's back to being linked to salaries in the end. Banks have to find people who can afford mortgages and at current prices there are gthe exception.
  8. They also still blamed the wether!!??? It can also partly be explained by the severe winter weather the country suffered at the beginning of the year, which dented housing market activity, as well as the uncertainty caused by the General Election. Surely that excuse is getting a little tired by now
  9. Great suggestion, OP I think you should really look into this. Earning 65K and assuming that you have the right to buy a whole house yourself is so 1980. In this brave new world you can buy 5% equity share in a one bed flat and it will only take all your savings and 5 times your anual salary on an interest only mortage Or you could split up from your husband, get a coucil house, use right to buy to buy it at a discount.
  10. Yes you are right mostly It does make a little bit more difference than that when you take benefits into the equation. Countil tax benefit is means assessed based on the incomes of all the adults living in the house. If you had a load of pretend people 'living' there then you would have to prove that they too were not earning before you would be able to claim CT benefit and other benefits too I believe
  11. Could have gone for Ursula instead, which is a bit more common. same meaning - only down side I guess is that people would assume you are a bird and therefore not listen to any of your posts
  12. I would be quite up for joining a 'keep Britian Democratic' vigilante group. track down those committing election fraud and give them a bloody good reason not to continue
  13. Interesting that the first actual policy he disagrees with in the article is immegration and he is Asian. Now we have even ethnic minority politicians complaining about out of control immegration . Does make you think
  14. A further issue raised by the article but not expanded on is why somebody who is not a British Citizen and is just here to study should get the right to vote at all. This country is rubbish
  15. Wouldn't they end up paying loads more council tax? Wouldn't be surprised if this was linked to BTL in some way. all the properties in the article sound like BTL's and it would be much easier for a landlord to do this than for some random just to stick a load of extra names down on a house they know nothing about.
  16. It could be simply that it is a daily mail article that therefore they are linking the article to race / immegration as they so often do.
  17. I've noticed in recent days/weeks people in the media and campainging politicians using phrases and ideas that seem to be directly copied off HPC. Has any body else noticed this? On radio 4 this morning one economic comentator said jokingly mimicking the FSA warning on mortgage products "your country is at risk if you do not keep up payment made on your loans" when talking about the greek problem. that is stolen directly from somebody on here sig, can't remember who though. any one else get the impression that some of the polititicans, or at least their staff, have been on here for ideas?
  18. Excellent point - I've said it before on here. Learn to sell, get good at it and you will never be unemployed and never be poor. Even in the worst deflationary depression companies will still hire good sales people.
  19. Michael Fuller is an example so there are some out there, honest, hard working and doesn't seem to be corrupt. One of the good guys I recon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Fuller However broadly I can also see the pattern that you are identifying and support your condemnation of positive discrimination. Should be and kind of is illegal. However there is a sensible argument in some fields. police for example, in a multi-cultural environment a one race police force would be rubbish. i've lived in dubai where all police are arabs and it doesn't work at all. Criminals know that if they just avoid approaching arabs they'll never get caught. Most of the crimes they are trying to solves though are stuff we would never think of as a crime though. Same thing for other public servant areas such as social services ect However top politicians should be there on merit alone, always
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