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  1. Plus remember that this is a country that has already had a popular revolutionary overthrow of one government in the last 2 decades Love this quote: "The state sector is like a fat man of 200 kg sitting on the back of a 50 kg little man who is the real economy."
  2. She actually makes a point that we would all agree with - too many government jobs
  3. Quite the opposite for me. I've been looking forward to this moment for years now and I'm not missing a thing. I've got one meeting in the afternoon tomorrow so I can stay up all night and lay in in the morning. Kinda got that world cut final feeling. Especially with the Greece riots as a bit of a taister
  4. Avoid anything called affordable housing and all government schemes to help people who can't afford to (or just don't want to) buy at current prices - they are always a con in one shap or another
  5. elections must be strange things in Poland, since everybody can predict the outcome before they start anyway
  6. My prediction is that the conservatives will do significantly better than we all expect. I didn't vote (for them or anyone) I just have a hunch that that will happen People might not like them but everyone I speak to hates Brown. Clear Conservative majority - larger than expected - thats my pridiction
  7. BBC news 24 just now had the usual cheesy polling station report about how lovely everything is. The foolish reporter then semi-interviews Derek a local. Reporter: Have you cast your vote yet? Derek: 'Oh know I dont vote' Reporter: You don't vote? Derek: My view is not to associate with crooks and criminals Reporter: Well we can't talk about that. Top man - Kind of how I imagine Injin to be
  8. i'm half swiss and it does have its down sides. You get a voice on everything which is much better politically but it has lead to a society with a million pointless laws. It is actually illegal to have a bath at 10:00am for example. and not just illegal in the way that we have stupid laws here that everyone ignors but they actually follow up on them. My step dad (who is not swiss) actually had the police round as a neighbour had called to report he was taking a bath at an illegal time.
  9. Kurdistan (Iraq) turning itself into a tourist destination
  10. I can't see how wars in the old school sence of the word are still possible now. resource wars in some far flung corner of the third world yes - these are wars that most of us don't even notice taking place. but proper 'they might land in Dover any day now' wars that threaten and disrupt our own lives. I can't see it. aside from the fact that any invading enemy arriving in Dover would assume they are in the wrong place as no-one speaks english here and there are bairly any white poeple. the world is to politically and economically integrated for nations to seriously attack each other, and further than that modern nuclear weapons (infact even 50 year old ones) would make a war last about 2 minutes. Cant see it LRYMS(H) - can you explain a framework for how a real war would be possible in todays world?
  11. Well think about what a positive effect today's riot's will have on the economy. All the extra demand for things link hospital treatment, shop front glazers and guns. Think about all the new jobs created - House prices can only go up in such an envrionemtn surely
  12. My question here is why on earth is the Economics Editor of one of the UK's most respected newpapers doing 'back of an evilope' calculations? would it be so hard to get some stats togeather and do some actual maths. Some people on here put more efforts into their posts. Although to be fair to him the answer is pretty obvious without them
  13. That is why our "democracy" doesn't really work or effectively give people much of a voice.
  14. I don't like big government myself at all but rapidly srinking the state right now would have ca atestrophic monitary economic impact. Be careful of the unintended consequeses of what you wish for
  15. But arn't the fire brigade nice. isn't it nice of our governments to provide fire men to save us from the buildings. Forget all those men dressed like robocop beating protesters, your taxes pay for the nice firemen
  16. I don't know, its a bit like repressed anger. you can bottle it up for a while but then when you do blow your really blow. One thing I would say though is that we are not as united as a people as the greeks. you would almost certainly see race riots, increased crime ect first. In my town we have a massive gurkha army base. If anything happened here there are loads of soldiers who have no loyalty whatsoever to the local population and are basically mercenaries.
  17. agree with you in principle but you could only get back there through direct social egineering. In reality employable type people tend to couple up togeather so they will end up both working. the work shy will probably also couple up and both end up on benefits. Just look at the way society is going. i'd love you to be right but unless jobs get centrally allocated or something it will never happen
  18. There is the adverse possession law about squoting on unused land, you can officially own it if you can prove you have lived there for a certain number of years (ten I think) and no-one has complained, you can gain legal title for the land. I've been considering pitching a tent in the middle of the abandoned gardens outside our place and if it is still there in 10 years having a go. however i think there were some changes to the law recently.
  19. exactly - even worse tthe is way they substitute items in the 'basket'. I wonder what it will be next? "We only count items in the inflation statistics when their price goes down"
  20. Exactly what I described we did earlier. Only we are more hopinhg that no-one will notice rather than going down the intimidation route
  21. more likely half of the families will have two people working and be just as stressed as today (possibly more stressed as they are poorer) while half of the families have no-one working and either servive off benefits but with low self estime or fall appart. that seems to be the way it is going anyway
  22. actually there is a massive patch of disused land just outside my front door. Used to be a communal garden for all the houses / flats arround it but was bought by a developer who didn't get planning permission and now just over-grown. couple of weeks back and wife and I spent a whole day planting potato's in the middle of it, mostly fgor fun but also as a just in case senario. Looks like I'm going to Singapore now so I won't get to harvest them but oh well - might keep some chav alive for a few weeks once shtf
  23. almost so obvious it doesn't need saying but it is impossible to keep both inflation and interest rates low. Low is a relative term. the phrase 'Low interest rates' would describe a situation where interest rates were lower than the economic environment dictated that they should be for optimum monitary policy. This situation will cause inflation, there is no way arround it*. (appart from changing the definition of inflation, which would be, errrr, a really stupid thing to do )
  24. And on behalf of all the 20 somethings I'd like to say thank you to you guys for getting us in this position. We will be the first generation in a long time to be substantially poorer than our parents. Thanks for that.
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