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  1. Sentiment does change very slowly over time, I have already noticed the press and the bcc have many more ' be careful with property type articles' I have come to the point now where the wife and I are fairly chilled about buying a house. I have a large deposit saved up and would buy if it ever seemed to actually make sence but I have to say at the moment there is not much gain in it. Prices have seen massive inflation over the last decade, this is unrepetable and I am certain that there will not be growth in house prices over the next 20 year This will be in an environment of general high inflation I've kind of got used to renting and actually really like the freedom it gives me, plus it is still cheaper (unless you are able to get a really good mortgage deal).
  2. When I first started reading here I was thinking prices would drop 40%. I am now totally convinced that in real terms they will drop by much more than that over the next 10 years, probably 60%
  3. If you read elsewhere that is what has been agreed to. The EU can make loans using our promised EU contributions as security. This money will be lent to countries in trouble, should they default we bare the risk. I believe the figure for us is 10 billion (I assume that is annually) For a cokesnortingtory you seem surprisingly happen to be screwed out of billions by Eurocrats Assuming they use american billion here that is about £165 for each person in Britain. Tonight you are potentially £165 poorer than you were a few hours ago and your not even drunk (I assume as it is a school night.)
  4. 25K is an average income, spiked up by the really rich and by London. Anywhere outside of London 25K represents really quite a good job, say a qualified accountant with a couple of years experience. Decent level manager or qualified professional in the mid level of their career. For a couple to both be in a situation where they achieve such a status is unlikely and they would be doing very well. You are therefore saying that houses are not overpriced because a very fortunate couple who can both consider themselves to have made it professionally, have good qualifications and several years experience are able to buy a small 2 bed house while both working full time. sounds ****** to me
  5. If that is true they can't do it for ever without going bust. Its not like they have unlimited government guarantee of bail-out if they ever get into trouble is it
  6. exactly - No actual money handed over right now but we are still liable to take the hit for billions of loans being made with our guarantee. This is dirty from the EU as far as I can see. Can't imagine them coming the the help of the £. In principle I'm personally in favor of the idea of the EU but it always seems to be UK giving and the rest taking.
  7. Yes it does imply that. As I read it it is him agreeing to the EU taking out loans backed by the national governments (essentially their contributions to the EU's coffers). He is not stumping up any actual cash but is allowing loans to be made which we are liable for if they are defaulted upon. Still criminally insane
  8. Actually the article say that he said no but instead agreed to it. Rather confusing but read it to the end and it is clear double speak From link Darling is expected, however, to offer support for the use of about €60bn (£52bn) to come to the aid of any member state that runs into trouble, an extension of an existing fund that was originally set up to supply aid in the event of a natural disaster
  9. No can't see the logic in it. fine i guess if you are expecting genuine mad max type thing but short of that you might as well just hold $ / US T Bills if you are ultra conservative. I've nevr been able to get my head arround ETF's. I was temped to buy into oil ETF's when the oil price was right down just after Lehman and wish I had but didn't because I just couldn't figure out how the machanics of how it actually worked and didn't want to put my money in something that I only loosely understood
  10. All Agreed ringledman, we'll have to find something else to argue about. own any gold?
  11. No - I'm not aware of him?? It was basically you vs Injin with a few wackey 'others' thrown in it make it look like a real democracy - just like in real life
  12. You won my HPC election (at during election night) for the most popular poster. Whole thing didn't get many votes though as the mods quickly put it off topic and it currently buried somewhere there. sounds like a cover up to me (not unlike the real world) Congrats
  13. such out-dates ideas of demand and supply are so 20th centrury and don't apply today - just look at the housing market
  14. Agree 100%, I follow Nadeem Walayat's inflation megatrend ideas as found at the market oracle. Governments will try to inflat their way out of this on-going crisis and are showing no signs of tackling inflation which is significantly and consistantly above target. I don't think we have relly seen the end of QE, this is all good for equities. What other investment choices are there: bonds - pritty risky right now (although I guess could be a good counter cyclicale time to go in if you have the nerves for it) Property - already exprerienced (hyper)inflation over the last few years - even in a generally inflationary environment price growth is limited What else Post art and fine wine? clasic cars? Stock market only place to be
  15. So in order to not lose exports we are going to give the people we export to tens of billions fo pounds. nonsensical Its as if I sold you apples every day and then when you ran out I just give you loads of moeny so you can carry on always buying my apples. fvck it - I might as well just keep my apples and my money. argument doesn't hold.
  16. Well i can't argue with you Mr Parry since you won my HPC election on the off topic forum. i think your dead right about riots achieving nothing. When you see them on the tele it does seem very poitless. an excuse for meatheads to have a punch up most of the time, bit like football violence. On the bbc they had a loop of footage showing the greek riots and one of the bits had a man on the floor and a riot police man kicking him - the guy was already on the floor - totally pointless
  17. close to its knees yes - so probably the perfect time to do it I don't know, personally I've stopped caring over the last few months and more just take a spectator's view. could be about anything my point was simply that it would be a really effective 21st century way to strike. You would have to do it in high enough numbers to make it noticable and be very vocal about what 'they' have to do to get you to call it off. I guess you would also have to take your money out of the banking system or else the banks could just lend it to other people to spend (several times over having the same opposite effect)
  18. Or your consumption, as I said above. I think 'they' probably care more about that these days, when was the last time a brit actually produced something?
  19. I've alwasy thought that a mass scale luxury strike would work a trick. If you could get million of people to say, "until the government do this or that, I'm going to live a minimalist lifestyle and spend as little money as possible" you would bring the economy to its knees pretty quickly and would get what you were demanding before too long.
  20. I guess the silver lining , if you realy want to see it... Is that this will further crap up the national debt, bond strick closer leading to public sector cuts and an inability of the government to be able to afford to prop up the housing market leading to... HOUSE PRICE CRASH sooner. Maybe the euro's are doing us an unintended favour by bring us closer to the edge.
  21. Are you sure - can you provide a link. It would be much better for my health and stress level if this wasn't true. I also have an option to go abroad again, singapore. I've only been back for 1 year and things are just so unstable here I', probably heading off again. The nations finances are ******ed, there is very little opportunity and the culture seems to have gone down hill massively - I'm 90% out of here
  22. How did we allow ourselves to get in a position where the rest of europe can force us to give them loads of money without us being allowed to say fvck off. :angry: Just sounds rediculous, absolutely stupid.
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