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  1. Don't get me started on the fertility thing. One of the kids in our home was on of 30 from the same dad, apparently fathering so many kids is something to boast about out there, even if they are all in orphanages. There is a real culture of not taking responsibility for anything as some NGO or another will sort it out. I love Africa, its the most beautiful fascinating place but aid is doing harm not good. We would be helping them more if we spent/invested the money building factories ect and provide employment opportunities. I've never seen so many people just hanging around in the town all day doing nothing. Well apart from a walk past my local Surestart Center
  2. I've just got back from spending 6 months in Tanzania and Uganda and this is 100% correct. It was horrific to see NGO workers living in mansions, dining at 5* hotels , driving 4x4's ect while. I remember seeing one guy get out of his 4x4 merc going to a plush hotel in Arusha, on his way he had to step over a little boy who was trying to collect water out of a puddle and put it into an empty drinking bottle. On the side of this guys car it had the "save the Children" logo. the vast majority of money given to charity is waisted on admin in the UK. The rest is spent letting a small minority live a very good standard of living in the third world. Very little actually goes where you think it will. I'd say give your time instead and go and make a difference. Alternatively find somebody you know who you trust who is actually there. Otherwise you are basically giving your money to public sector style workers in poor countries who live like footballer. Don't stop giving though, just be more wise...
  3. Don't you think people selling are bright enough to think ' we've probably not had many viewings because of the snow, lets wait until it melts and see what happens' i can't see someone selling something it takes a lifetime to afford (several lifetimes on my wage) cheaply because they can't be bothered to wait a few days for the snow to melt and see if more people come.
  4. 100% agree with that. when we moved house recently we had over 25 people come and help out. All from our church. We don't even have much stuff. someone even came round to bring us dinner later in the day because they didn't think we would want to cook. Church is an excellent place to get involved in community. It has the added benefit that most of the people there have to (at least pretend) to be nice people and care about you.
  5. Wow - if only they had thought of looking on facebook we wouldn't have needed all this war...
  6. I just flicked through my regular Rightmove search to look for any price changes. As has been the case recently there are lots of small decreases but mostly they are so small they seem pointless. One property had been reduced from 96,995 to 94,995. Although its always nice to see a bit of property bee yellow on the screen, £2,000 off a £95,000 - whats the point. I can't imagine a 2% reduction is going to change anyone's mind on a property.
  7. But, ignore the facts, let's kick the Public Sector who generally earn below the average wage. That way we'll all benefit. The irony in that statement...
  8. Pfizer already moved half of the jobs from Sandw2ich to Ireland back sometime around 07/08. They only have research and sales departments left. However it happened without many headlines nationally, locally it really gutted the jobs market though. Oh and Smiths Medical shut down here moving all the jobs to Mexico.
  9. Because, as hard as labour try to convince us otherwise, people are not all equal. Equal in worth yes, but not natural ability and we all learn at different rates. It makes sense to build that into an education system.
  10. We've just moved into a new rented flat at £350 p/m, nice enough place, nothing flashy but near the sea side and under an hour to London by train.
  11. Doesn’t it also work the opposite way. Lots of my friends fall into the trap of buying something, then disposing of it because it doesn’t fit into their new flat only to buy a similar item again 6 months later. I’m 27 and have owned 7 sofa’s during my life. If I owned a house and didn’t end up living quite a transient lifestyle I would probably have only had to buy 2. I don’t know how many toasters, kettles, hovers ect I’ve bought over the last 7 years. Certainly more than my parents would have done by 27. In this way renting helps the a throw-away consumerist economic model. (Not that I think it is a good thing)
  12. Not down in Kent. We still have grammar schools thankfully. If you are bright, work hard and come from a supportive family you are able to get world class education without having to be rich. Of course it means the ‘secondary modern’ school end up as terrible places. However in its own way that gives a motivation to both parents and kids to work hard and get into the Grammar
  13. Agree 100%. If we had bought a house a year ago there would no be an orphanage in Uganda which we kept open where 35 kids live.
  14. If you do that I'd suggest somewhere a little further east along the coast than Dover. Central Dover is not quite the nice sea side town of 20 years ago. We have quite a lot of poverty and crime problems mainly due to being the main route for illegals smuggling their way in. Places around Deal are similarly priced without the crime but there are no jobs there at all (shouldn't worry a retired artist though).
  15. Thanks for the tips, though I don't have 70K left now after the traveling. most of it is in non-UK based funds so I guess I have sort of hedged against £ by default. Do you think that is sensible enough or would you hold actual cash in $ ect?
  16. Thanks, I haven't actually bought the house, I was just using it as an example. I'm going to hold on another year I think.
  17. I went with Ecclesiastical Amity International Fund, Ecclesiastical Amity UK Fund and Schroder Global Climat Change Fund
  18. I started reading HPC in 2007 and it really helped me to be able to articulate a fear that I had about the level of house prices ect (particularly who needed convincing not to buy). Around a year ago we came into some money (about 70K) and the natural thing to do with it would have been to use it as a deposit, however because I was able to use the arguments from this site to convince the misses (and myself) not to, we put half of the money in various other investment funds instead and spent the other half taking a year out traveling and doing voluntary work. Since then our investments have made a little under 10K and the type of house we want to by has reduced almost by half. We can now almost afford to buy a simple little house in our town such as this one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-20661157.html?sortByPriceDescending=false&displayPropertyType=houses&oldDisplayPropertyType=houses&pageNumber=1&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2FDover.html%3FsortByPriceDescending%3Dfalse%26displayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dhouses Which has been reduced from 100K to 60K without a mortgage and on top of that have just had the most amazing year of both our lives. So thank you HPC and to the posters on here who take the time to educate those of us who otherwise might have made some very costly wrong decisions. Particularly, Realist Bear, Dr Bubb and others who put a lot of thought into their posts.
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