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  1. I've never paid a water bill in my life accept for when we lived in dubai. As I see it it is a human right and something that is provided plentifully in the UK by nature. Its the same with TV licenses, just cause they send you a bill doesn't mean that they are in the right edit to point out that i'm not saying tv license is a human right, just that your a mug if you pay for one
  2. since it is cash and marketable securities its not hording - it is being used to push up asset prices
  3. There are some ways in which we are very definately richer. One example: I distinctly remember my parents being too poor to buy sofa's so we had wicka garden furniture in our lounge as that was all my folks could afford in the 80's. I'm 27 and have owned 7 sofa's so far in my life. I have to do far fewer hours work for a sofa than my parents did. However I consider myself to be poorer than they were because I would have to work so many more hours to buy a house. That is what it all comes down to - the price of land in the uk. To me being middle class means that you have a stake in society and although you may work for a living you also have some assets (traditionally a house and pension) as well. there is something to protect you from the way that the 'working class' survive. They can eat if they work, if not they have to beg. However asset (house) price inflation has made this almost impossible for most people my age. By my calculations it takes 20,000 hours or over 10 years of the average salary (after tax) in this country to buy an average house. And that doesn't account for mortgage interest.
  4. Exactly how I feel. For the first time in years I am starting to build a very small amount of faith in the british government. Hell - I might even consider coming back one day It's like a paradim shift for me (anyone know how to spell paradim - if it is even a real word)
  5. Why are all newpapers and lobby groups unable to see the bigger economic picture. I just seems insane. We live in a country with a stable ammount of houses available and a fairly stable population. If all of a sudden there is less subsidy given to support the housing costs of people who meet a certain criteria, that will have no effect at all on things like homelessness and poverty. As other posters have said all it will do is reduce rents. There will be the same number of houses for the same number of people as before, just who gets what will be more effected by your earning ability than the potancy of your sperm
  6. Since we are in the state the we currently are, with ridiculous and irrational welfare system, I think it is an improvement and would strongly support it. However I can't get my head around the underlying rationality behind it. Why have a system where you work to earn money but the government takes 1/2 and then gives you some (in cash) back. simply reducing all income tax to 0 until the person is earning above national average income would be more sensible I think. From a logic perspective. An additional problem would be the one of the EU membership and EU citizens rights to benefit in the UK. If we had such a system than everyone from europe who is too stupid to get a job would come here as they would get this income.
  7. Plus the countless people you've saved on here RB. I know you get your fair share of criticism on this forum but about two years ago I was about to leave Dubai with a massive stack of wedge and decided it was the best time to buy back in the UK. now amount of swear words could possible describe how glad I am that I didn't. Instead I'm now in Singapore (a real first world country) and still have my savings (mostly) intact! Probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your posts
  8. That is a bit worrying. State owned banks overloaded with guilts. Like a doggy businessman who has lent himself so much money that he can't pay it back
  9. sentiment will change though. once everyone knows a few people who have lost everything simply because they took a gamble to put a roof over their family's heads and your struggling to pay your mortgage yourself people will see the pyramid scheme for what it is. however that will take a few years. right now if you have a property conversation with people they are still bringing up their uncle who made a killing remortgaging and BTL'ing. The Wilson's are still the national hero's of middle england - that will change over the next few years, I'm certain.
  10. I think Gavin should send some flowers or chocolates to the gazumpers thanking them for helping him to avoid making a terrible financial decision.
  11. I don't think anyone had grown any crops in tooting for a long time. Maybe we are going the way of Detroit.
  12. Top man Gavin! Well done. When I first read that article (before reading your post) I assumed that you were thrown in there as a bit of hope for all the property 'rich' mail readers. 'There is no mortgage funding available and prices might fall 20% but at least there are lovely young men like Gavin the accountant who will still buy your home'. I always assume that people like that in articles are just made up and that the paper wouldn't bother going to the effort of actually finding somebody, serves me right for being such a cynic. Nice one anyway. and getting gazumped will probably be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  13. I think the issue here is Germany finally clamping down on their nudists. There is nothing my Swiss relatives hate more than the site of a group of naked German holiday makers when out walking. I guess it is a bit like diversity policies. You start with the corporate world and pretty soon people will be staying suitably clothed all over the place. Can only be a good thing
  14. Assuming they are supposed to track the cost of living through the things that normal people can / do buy the only prices that should be included are 'studio' (bedsit) flats with kitchens in their lounges, and 'shower rooms' too small for a bath - since that is all that an average working couple in the UK can afford.
  15. spot on - this is effectively the same thing as Gordon Brown did when he took them out. Distort the figures so that they politically excuse low interest rates and the blowing of another bubble. It is completely ridiculous that the state (as a whole including both parties) could exclude housing costs while they were rising so dramatically than then suddenly decide to include them now that they will almost certianly be a drag on inflation. It is pure politics and really caused me to lose whatever faith I did have that the conservatives would be better than Labour. The only positive is that it is in effect a government admission that house prices are not going to rise over the next decade or so!
  16. It kind of goes our way no matter what happens. economy down the crapper so interest rates stay low - people lose their jobs = HPC economy recovers and with it inflation pushing / allowing the BOE to increase interest rates - many won't be able to afford their IO 100% mortgages = HPC. Either way we win. The only other option is we muddle along with no real economic solution but no drastic economic pain which would allow prices to stay level at low volumes but over time (10 years) inflation eats into the real value of properties = HPC (albeit delayed and in real terms)
  17. don't get it???? Gosh now I've made myself look dumb twice on the same thread.
  18. man - certainly not a word for the dyslexic amongst us. I'll have to think of an alternative word that's easier to spell in the future. Edit: I know - Line. sounds a bit american but kinda sounz s!ck
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