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  1. Has anyone else noticed that HPC haven't put their clocks forward yet - I just got a shock when I realized it was midnight - where did the evening go?
  2. Didn't mean it as a personal insult, I'm sure your not. You just seemed to write a post arguing that the right thing to do is work hard in a 9-5 and made it sound so uninspiring that I think I would prefer to slowly pass away in my sleep tonight. Sorry for calling you a loser - was a bit harsh. If anybody is going to win at the financial side of life it looks like it is going to be ou from the amount of effort you put in. guess you have to ask yourself whether it is worth such a dull sounding few decades.
  3. guess we will have to agree to disagree which is probably for the best. You can go feeling no sense of guilt and I can got feeling that I should do something of some value to society while I can. Oh and we can both hope for some more political activism. and preferably one that is not an x-box game.
  4. Yer - I could go along with that - we are in agreement But perhaps we ought tyo kill all the lizards in the world just in case eh
  5. good point - though it wasn't 'ownership' that they were fighting over but (from my limited knowledge) more that they objected to the other tribe's right to exist in the first place. Perhaps you could say that at least the concept of private ownership of stuff at least enables man to not want to totally annihilate anyone who isn't in their family. My only other suggestion for a refreshing view on the notion of absolute right to the private ownership (particularly of land) is the way that biblical Israel was structured. The earth belonged to God and therefore could not be held perpetually , and on the year of jubilee (every 50 years) all land reverted to its original owner (or family / tribe). the purpose of the year of jubilee was to provide a regular redistribution of wealth, since wealth itself was viewed as belonging to God and not man. could go on But I don't want to come over all religious two day in a row so I'll leave it and go a massacre some sweet old boomers and steel all their wealth.
  6. I love the way that you have complained about all the ******** fairy stories we have been told down the years while just after trotting out a load of internet based conspiracy theorist fairy stories - ha Dude there are no conspiracies just lots of people hoping they are going to have sex today - nothing to fear (except rape)
  7. I don't know, perhaps a kind of native american system, where the is no ownership of anything other than your immediate personal belongings and land and other stuff is simply there to be used by wherever needs it at the time, is the only time that human kind have created an ownership system that could be called fair. But obviously there is no way we can ever create that in the UK or even that any such society could survive the interacting with a society that did have private property ownership.
  8. Exactly my point. any individual boomer bares no guilt, but there is generational responsibility for the society you create and therefore generational guilt but you can't pin it down so it is essentially meaningless. It is more akin to a child who has been mugged by a broke gambling addict blaming the society he has been raised in for creating the lottery that started the man's gambling addiction in the first place.
  9. Generally I'm a fan of your posts - even if they are generally a bit analytical for me - it is great for this forum to have people who do their own research rather than just talk crap. However I have to say that you sound like a loser in this post Really not a convincing sell that you have made the right decision their and makes me all the more sure that I made the right decision starting up my own thing. especially after the post above made me question it. What is the actual tax on selling a business you have built from scratch? I always assumed it would be simple capital gains tax on the money you put in. Luckily half of my business is in Dubai so relocation would be easy.
  10. But it is in effect supporting the appropriation of natures wealth into private hands. It is very easy to morally reject the absolute notion of private ownership of pretty much everything.
  11. So the thinking is that a bankrupt country spends £300 billion it doesn't have propping up the price of assets that are at least 50% over valued and that should prevent a future crash? anyone buying a house right now is ******ing stupid and deserves the bankruptcy that will surely come their way.
  12. As I have tried to express several times on here there is no personal blame just the way a lot of individual choices have collective turned out. However there is a generational blame in that as a generation boomers have screwed us, and possibly the human race for ever (if you believe all this climate change stuff) but as there is no collective generational conscious no-one has to feel bad about it That fact that us youngsters are angry about it and realise we have been ripped off is a good thing though and should be encouraged as it will hopefully lead to social action either preventing it from happening again or at least trying to re-shape society in such a way as our children get a better deal
  13. I think it was always designed as a scam. If not then why did they call it insurance and yet set it up so that future commitments are totally unfunded. It was/is politically expedient during the period that the baby boomers have been democratically dominant.
  14. Now there is a culture we should model ourselves on. Strong economic leadership and the ability to make tough decisions: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8596307.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8593438.stm Just from today
  15. As I say I don;t know much about the academics of it , people did say that although you might be poor - you never starve in India. People selling really cheap street food wherever you go
  16. By the way your mum has lost her shirt, we can't find it anywhere - do you mind if I send her home without it?
  17. Almost as dear as buying normally means load cheaper on a month to month basis but think about the capital gains you get from owning while house prices always go up. Or that is what you mum told me anyway
  18. someone had the idea earlier of being able to directly borrow secured on the future earning potential of your offspring. they could be born directly into a mortgage agreement and be given no choice in the matter. Kind of like the boomer generation have done to the rest of us on a national level - think of the limitless leverage in such a system of inter generational mortgages. No more 20 year terms with 6 times salary, we're talking 1000 year terms at 300 time salary. The sheeple would go for it too if it meant that they got to look rich. Then they would bid u0p the price until everyone is doing it, just like what happened with liar loans and before we know it the average house is over £7 million without any change in average income at all.
  19. I don't know much from an academic point of view on the subject but I did live for 2 months in India earlier this year. Personally I saw it as the most free market place I had ever seen. Whole families die in the street if the working age adults are drunkards. you get nothing you don't provide for yourself and because of this motivation there is always somebody around who would do almost anything for a few rupees. taking the train is quite an experience. Every few minutes somebody walks down the carriage selling some snake or nick nack. People were shocked when I told them about our welfare system (I then stopped telling people as I thought they would all arrive in Dover a few weeks later) If you were looking for a fully free-market economy not as ridiculous as Somalia India would have to be pretty high on the list. And believe me it is not a utopia
  20. Yer - My wife is not one for thinking deeply about such things. She sometimes even comes home with part buy part rent adverts from newspapers and is quite excited that she has found a good deal. My girlfriend is much more understanding though. apparently she has a son who explains such things to her and his girlfriend even backs him up. she is also really filthy
  21. No offense but it it possible for you to give us the brief - If I wanted to read really tedious and long articles I'd buy a copy of nuts
  22. Mine is quite the opposite - she calls me Mr Economy if the subject ever comes up and even has made up a song about Mr Economy which she sings to shut me up. and that is after 6 years of marriage. Luckily she would never afford a house on her own.
  23. yer when I called into radio 4 they introduced me as someone looking to get onto the ladder but priced out or something like that. when I was actually called up to rant about how stupidly priced houses are destroying everything
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