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  1. While I was out in Dubai I knew a guy who had a little scrape with the police which gave him a real hatred for the country and culture. to get 'them' back he just started taking loads of loans from government owned banks. He walked away with a six figure amount and then moved to thailand where he used the cash to start a scooter hire business - will probably never have to work a proper day in his life again
  2. All the talk from the BOE is of new QE though and further loosening of monetary policy. and with the sovereign debt crisis seen as having come and been debt with base rates won't go up for a good few years.
  3. Why are you expecting my reply to be abusive? (By the way the name has a bit of HPC history to it and I keep it for that reason, not just to be rude. It wasn't made up by me but by the BBC radio4 dj who introduced me as such on a housing discussion as few years ago)
  4. I don't see how our money system creates unemployment. perpetual unrepayable personal debt for the majority yes, but not unemployment. In a sense totally full employment is structurally impossible because it would mean that businesses are not able to make the new hires that they need to and therefore cause both inflation and business failures which will result in unemployment, but it could easily cope with 95% full employment (of healthy working age people). And on a personal level any structural problem does not mean that I will ever accept being unemployed and is not a reason for any one
  5. On the plus side the influx of ex commies has definately increased an ugly british mans chancing of pulling a hottie
  6. sorry that word has too many sillybulls for me - what does it mean???
  7. wages where I was living in the uk are very low, I think I was bringing it up to show how the national average salary figure shouldn't be used to value property in areas of high unemployment. I've never moaned about it personally. I've commuted to london (2 hours each way), moved to Dubai, started a business (which admitedly I had to sell at a loss) and now signapore so I don't get stuck in a workless town. We are not talking about mega buck jobs but jobs that pay more than basic benefits. Look at how the increase in the sales effort has effected our economy over the last 40 years.
  8. You missed an I Oh and the sh!t is never actually going to hit the fan by the way. There is loads of poo and a massive fan but should the two ever actually make contact people all over the world are too guttless / stupid / hoping for a hand out and lazy to actually ever do anything about it. they will just live slighty sh!ttier lives, so to speak
  9. in a way this will bring prices in Edinburgh down as these units are currently empty will now be lived in by somebody, taking them out of the housing market. ha ha VI's always seem to forget that the market wins in the end
  10. exactly what i did - get yourselves out to singapore and see what a real first world country is like
  11. The answer to that question is so simple I've never bothered to post an answer to the million times before when you have used the phrase. 1) small amount created from economic growth / technology development / more complex society 2) Increase in the sales effort will create 90% of them as has been the case for the last 50 years. There is no company in the UK who wouldn't hire a eger, willing and capable sales person tomorrow if they met one. simple as that It is pretty dumb economic thinking to assume that there is a limited number of jobs out there and a natural rate of unemployment. No
  12. Problem is they have to find a way to do this while convincing people buying gilts that it should not be included in our debt figures as it would blow them out the water and we woulf be borrowing on the same terms as argentina and north korea
  13. That is exactly it. Liar loans have inflated house prices but they in themselves guarantee a crash. The whole idea of judging affordability of a mortgage is that if you lie to get more money you will not be able to afford to pay your mortgage. Fine in a market where you can sell the house nect week having made a years salary but in a falling or even static market liar loans just make the people taking them go broke. That is why we have zirp and all these government schemes to help people facing reposession. All of a sudden monthly repayments for people who exagerated their incomes are aff
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