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  1. Way past 100k now, freedom of speech is too important for this ridiculous so-called-law to be used (or misused) for this reason.
  2. It's completely insane isn't it. The bubble is just inflating and inflating, transaction volumes must be tiny as I've been following overpriced 2-3 bedroom places in roads within walking distance on propertybee, they've been SSTC and back a few times but not sold. No reductions in kite-flying prices ... must be expensive keeping up mortgage payments / council tax etc on those empty places.
  3. I'll have ainterested look at your thread, I too am pissed off at poor quality in midrange clothing. finding it really difficult to buy clothes that fit, don't look crap and wash without falling apart. Been buying strategically too, few items that will last year's. bought a mid length wool coat on sale for £100 which will last 5 - 8 years
  4. Hahahahahahaha pass me the next cracker for a joke inside.
  5. Pure brilliance on his behalf. It wasn't meant threatening ... it was helpful ... Comedy gold from our favourite BTL moron.
  6. The idiocy continues around our parts, person on the road I live on, had a new car (on finance) 2 years ago, now has the same model , just a 2017 plate, hahaha what a f*cking muppet. I'm sure he thinks he's 'arrived' and can boast about his shiny new car (and his missus can do the same about her new little 'sporty run-around') ... when the do quite lowly paid jobs. Let's do the maths: 2 cars on finance , at the VERY LEAST that's £600 a month - so £7k a year on cars that you won't own and just keep on continually paying for. mugs. So glad we bought our 10 year old golf TDI for 2.
  7. There are not enough lol emoticons to post in reply to this. ... savvy FTBs snapping up a 'bargain' eh??? Remember kids, asking prices (which keep on going up) are not prices paid (dropping). Bring it on baby.
  8. I heard the same programme (think it was You and Yours, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b092jw7z ), she's been on before when R4 last did a sob piece about the poor IO 'trapped' people, poor, poor them, tears tears etc etc. She's an idiot and deserves to be rinsed. The talking head was our favourite John Charcol ....
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