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    Gas Bills

    shared communal heating between 4 flats. Heating on for 24 hours a day. The bill was £450 for 5 months (for whole house). (Very drafty edwardian house, poor insulation, single glazed windows).
  2. As the previous agent has been in insurance backed protection scheme (holding the deposit themselves) they were right to pass this on to new agent. This is what I got from mydeposits.co.uk "Dear Sir/Madam, Further to your recent email, please be advised as an insurance based deposit protection scheme we do not hold onto any deposits, this remains with our registered member. Therefore if your deposit was protected with our scheme, and by an agent, they may have transferred this to a new agent in order to reprotect. We advise you to contact your landlord or their new agent who should be providing you with proof of your continued protection with one of the three authorised protection schemes"
  3. I did check Land registry and LL owns the whole building outright. I guess it must have been something like overcharging or mismanagement by previous agent
  4. Thanks all for your response. One more question. If I would sign new contract, this would mean the old one would cease. Would it also mean that inventory could not be used to check for any damages at the end of tenancy? (new LA is not going to prepare new inventory and there is no special clause in the new contract). I hope to give 2 months notice sometimes in the future and just deduct the rent at the end or alternatively I would have to go through court if they fail to protect the deposit alltogether.
  5. Hello all, thanks in advance for any advice. In short my (until now) peaceful existence in my rental flat has been shattered... I have moved into mycurrent property in August, on AST 12 months contract with 6 month break clauseand 2 months notice. The property is managed by LA on LL behalf. Couple of weeks back a letter comes through a letterbox from LA, saying that with immediate effect they are to stop managing the flat (reason is not important, although I would love to know why?). They gave details for new agent and LL have written personally as well. My deposit has been transferred to the new agent (previous LA was in insurance deposit scheme). Now after a month it`s still not protected. LA and I came to a standstill as he wants me to sign new AST, due to change of agent details, before releasing my depoit to one of the schemes. I have mentioned that I don`t wish to sign new AST as I might not want to live there for that long. I don`t think he is being malicious or rude but perhaps doesn`t know much about tenants law etc... My questions are: 1:) it`s my understanding that my contract is with LL not letting agent and since 12 months has not passed my original contract is still valid? LA has put a special condition that I only need to give 2 months notice at any time intothe new contract 2:) New contract says that property is unfurnished, while property came fully furnished. The original agent has had an inventory done around 2 months before I moved in by professional firm. This list was not provided to me at all, until I asked for it 2 months after I moved in. I have returned this with my comments but not my signature and there were no comments from the agent. I however have set of photographs clearly dated and sent to myself on the date I moved in by recorded delivery (unopened). If I leave and we will be in the common situation of LL - tenant dispute, will LA have any legal standing for deposit reduction? Anything I may have missed or not thought about? Thanks, Janie
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