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  1. Thanks, but not really sure what that means?? gruffydd, unfortunatley I want something i can possibly eventually build on, so want to stick in south wales! Thanks for the information though, would you suggest looking into woods too then (i'd need to chop down trees if i got planning permission!) cheers
  2. Hi All As houses prices are crazy and pensions are a joke, i'm looking at long term investments problem is capital! I was thinking of buying a load of fields, and sitting on them for 20/30 years (i'm still a youngster!) I woud ideally buy a few fields and try and apply for planning permission on them over this long term period If all goes to plan i'd have an investment worth quite a bit of money one day, but if it doesn't then i'm not sure what position i'd be in its risky, but also big gains, also, would farm land be sod all or is it going up in price? I would welcome your input on th
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