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  1. FFS, it's as if the answer hasn't been known since 1879.
  2. TRIGGER WARNING: Remainers may not appreciate some of the videos on offer. Whereas I like to listen to this at least once a week: https://youtu.be/pqroWFN4d1E
  3. How often does the management team check the empty apartments? You could cut a hole in the wall and expand your living space too.
  4. It has to be deliberate because you just can't be that incompetent. Anyone with the slightest competence could have come up with ways to distribute covid relief that weren't open to such abuse.
  5. Last time I acted on HPC prepper ideas I was buying Gold for £740 and 4 tins of Tuna for £1.50 (on offer), can't remember the price of beans.
  6. All back to normal now, 10% year on year rise: https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices/bulletins/housepriceindex/august2021
  7. Actual story: Box on pavement replaced by slightly larger one. At least she got paid for her photo.
  8. Come on, think it through... Why do they get away with building crap at the moment ?
  9. So the building company sold a detached house on a plot that had permission for 2 semis, and then they thought this was the solution. It sounds like the council isn't having it. Is this situation actually bad for Mr Aryal ? Seems like he's stumbled into having spare land with permission to build.
  10. As long as they replace it with an annual property tax (as a proxy for Land tax which would be better)
  11. I wonder what they think a NIMBY is? This as a very biased piece by the BBC but against the NIMBYs for once. Is the tide turning ?
  12. My sales have dropped to near zero. I make a home entertainment product that usually sells to reasonably well off people. At start of covid I was expecting orders to increase. But none of my friends have been adversely affected, and most are better off. 2 are on 100% pay with nothing to do (1 government, 1 private). Everyone else I know is working from home or mostly from home (mostly govt workers). And then there are the Self-Employed with their £14k bonuses (SEISS). A friend who manages NHS staff told me her staff were moaning about losing their holiday days (because sitting at home on 100% pay didn't give them a chance to use them). Ooops, that doesn't fit the narrative, where are my pots and pans.
  13. That article is just a garbled mess of a re-write of the BBC article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-49500942 Interesting point that was omitted is that she fostered her two grandkids. Far from altruistic when you see how much foster parents are paid. Looks like this grandmother is now into round two of extracting the maximum from the state as a professional child producer. If her unmentioned previous child/children is/are not capable of looking after their own kids, why does the council think she is a suitable foster parent for these poor grandchildren?
  14. UK property taxes are so low because that's how the rich like it to be. The working plebs are stitched up by not being offered an alternative to vote for. And Land Tax is the answer to most of our economic problems.
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