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  1. That article is just a garbled mess of a re-write of the BBC article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-49500942 Interesting point that was omitted is that she fostered her two grandkids. Far from altruistic when you see how much foster parents are paid. Looks like this grandmother is now into round two of extracting the maximum from the state as a professional child producer. If her unmentioned previous child/children is/are not capable of looking after their own kids, why does the council think she is a suitable foster parent for these poor grandchildren?
  2. UK property taxes are so low because that's how the rich like it to be. The working plebs are stitched up by not being offered an alternative to vote for. And Land Tax is the answer to most of our economic problems.
  3. Apart from the problems with GDP definition/measurement, it's also very telling that politicians talk about GDP, whereas GDP per capita is what most people should care about.
  4. I had excellent Fish & Chips, and beer, at Wetherspoons Bodmin this summer. Nice building as well.
  5. Is eviction notices the best way to go about selling up? Does this mean he thinks he is going to sell them to homebuyers, having failed to find anyone who wants them for rental?
  6. No need for govt to micro manage the builders, an environment of Land Tax plus keep making land available for building will get the result you want.
  7. If your driving is as good as you think it is, then the super driving AI that I want installed in your car won't ever take any action. You've got a point about edge cases, but that can be coped with, the important thing would be to take action against all the clear cases of unsafe behaviours. I see the purpose of the road system as providing safe transport from A to B, not to provide you with pleasure. So any conflict between those, you'll have to find a new source of entertainment.
  8. Ouch, looks like she is losing all her BTL profits. Although it does seem to be due to her over-arching refusal to engage with the law, rather than because she rented beds in sheds particularly.
  9. I don't see any particular need for govt owned and allocated housing as I believe the market would work OK if there wasn't a restriction on the supply of building plots. I'd be happy with state involvement at the top level planning, eg decide where to build a new town, compulsory purchase the land, put in the major roads, designate the commercial areas, sell building lots ranging from single house plots to larger areas for eg 100 houses, sell Shopping Mall plots of various sizes. This should be a big earner for the state at least until building plot prices return to a sensible level, which they will do as long as they continue to be made available.
  10. Where can I bet on the UK House price Indices ? Anyone having a punt? What are the odds saying at the moment?
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