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  1. God wish i had punted 1000 on oxus at the time of my inquiry - would have doubled my money. They were at 40p/p/s then and are at 70 odd now!!!!!
  2. Hi, I occassionally read topics here about people wanting to leave the UK in search of greener pastures. Well whats stopping you? I.e. are you saving, is it family, scared? Please enlighten as I would honestly like to know. I think that GB is a great country to work in and having seen some of the country (although living in South West London all my life except at UNI when I was in Bristol) and I have to say I would happily retire here. Please tell me why, if your so unhappy with the UK you are still here? If I was in prison and told I was allowed to leave I would leave the building and not stay complaining about how bad it was. This is not a rant but trying to understand if your so unhappy why you stay? You only live once and lifes to short to be unhappy. Also I have travelled ........india, thailand, south africa, poland , brazil, slovenia, malaysia, Isreal, Cyprus and the weather maybe better but many things are MUCH WORSE.
  3. Agreed alot of programming work is going to India as quite simply they are cheaper and sometimes a lot better than their European conterparts (and they moan less!) but the market that is really in demand still is Consultants who actually translate business requirements into technical solutions. The reason for this is the same as why call centres arent going so well in public opinion - India is a very different place to the UK and the consultants need to understand British/European business in order to provide the best service - this cannot be taught in the classroom
  4. I wouldnt dream of it at the moment. I still live at mummies!!! Although to be fair she lives out of the country. I have £30K for a deposit also sitting a a high interest account and i add to that regularly ie. monthly around £1-3K dependant on spendings. I dont buy at house becuase a) i think they are over priced and I am realistic - i am in a sales job and tomorrow might not be as bright. I can be sacked if I have a bad run and there are a million more graduates to take my place.
  5. Hi just to add I work in IT recruitment and there are many many IT people aged 25-35 earning £500 per day. I know them and have placed them in jobs. They also pay less tax as they work as private companies although really they are just temps - they only pay 20% tax on this. They are out there. Also I I currently earn £70K per annum and I am 26 next week.
  6. I am 25. Rent = £150 per month. Deposit = £40K (maybe £70K if i want to put the lot down) Earnings circa £65K per annum at the moment. didnt buy before = too young and still in education.
  7. today at 1pm there will be a Q&A for a UK property expert at this link as a feature from the Financial Times. http://news.ft.com/cms/s/24bd2d9a-0372-11d...000e2511c8.html Might be worth asking him some questions.
  8. I live in Teddington and am in the same position. I can afford to buy a suitable home for my needs but not at those loopy prices. I am a potential ftb and there is no way i want to buy a two bed flat in broom road for £300K + - i am simply not mental. This is not because I cannot, simply refuse to do so. There are many more of my friends who are all in a position to buy in Teddington that just arent buying for the same reasons. The prices are/will coming/come down.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I think i will conduct further research before purchasing.
  10. I have been doing some research on Oxus and am thinking of making a £1000 investment in this company with the hope that as GOLD prices rise then so will their Market Cap. Also they are buying up other companies assets (Eurogold) and doing some interesting projects in various potentially lucrative countries. I also read the money week article of the RAB special fund founder (who has seen 2200% rise since 2003) saying that he agreed this was good stock due to taxes and insurance reasons. I am an amateur investor and have £1000 that i would like to put on a high risk investment. Any thoughts welcomed.
  11. Hi probably been covered before but i am interested in buying gold. Can someone tell me the best way. I have looked at www.bullionvault.com but with all the hidden costs involved (min monthly charge £4.50 and money transfers back to bank costing £30) I am hesitant to buy this way. Can someone advise a novice investor on the best way to buy gold please and explain.
  12. Try Eidos (based in London) EA Games, Akclaim (based in West London) - used to amke mortal combat i think. My mate works at Eidos and although he doesnt get that much money he absolutely loves his job. He got a desmond (2.2) in computer science and had to start on £12K testing games but as i say he loves it and is now on circa £25K after 4 years service. Gets alot of travel and gets to play games alot.
  13. Sh:t the bed. And I am complaining that i hate my job. No offence intended but people are on some really bad salaries. I am literally shocked. I left school with a firm kick up the **** (expelled) with no G.C.S.E's and worked as a chef for three years on 16K then decided to go to uni so did an access course (which included minimum GCSE passes and UCAS points. Then i studied at a poly uni (which is ok but not red brick). I decided to sell my sole and work in recruitment but in my first year i earned £30K. Now in my second year and I have earned £23K in the first 3 months of this financial year (april, may, june) - last months paycheck £14K. I work in Surrey (not in the city) and am seriously shocked. Admittedly I hate my job but what Iam saying is that if its money you want you need to do a crap job. Recruitment is easy but stressful kinda like Estate Agency I am hated by all. A good mate of mine works for a local paper and is on £20K for the second in command job. I can't believe employer's are getting away with this crap. Jesus and the funny thing is that I would struggle buying a house in Richmond - where i live and I am 25 years old with 40K in the bank.
  14. I live in Teddington/Hampton Wick area (broom road) and I agree with the rest - fantastic area although prices simply reflect this so no bargains but 3 good schools (i went to all and managed to go to a good uni). Parkland access for mountain biking is excellent and you can do a loop round the river through ham, cycle to Hampton Court, go to bushy park or even Richmond park. Also near enough kingston to shop, use facilities i.e. riverside/cinema etc but far enough away to aviod lowlife chav's. Could also try Molesey as suggested, also try Lower Sunbury - still some bargains there and access to London direct on train (but longer journey), M25, M3 so good transport links. Anyway now for the shocker - good 2 bed flats/houses in teddington are around £200-£400K. - good luck!
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