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  1. The Uxbridge end of the Uxbridge road is also nice. Prices in London are starting to fall and didn't really fall at all since 2007 due to the lack of properties on the market and also the number of buyers looking to purchase. This has all now change as a number of properties have come onto the market but the numbers of buyers has dried up. Hopfully prices will now start to fall as I'm not about to pay £300K plus for a standard 3 bed semi!
  2. Take the short term view and sell up and hope prices crash which they will. Stick the money in a bank and let the tax man get his hands on it. Or rent it out, keep your mortgage on repayments as you don't need the cash and any positive cash flow stick in a bank account. Look for a good agent, some do exist really, one that will fully manage and maintain the property while your away. Best of luck with the new job, hope all goes well.
  3. If you are buying the property as a place to live then buy, if your buying it as an investment then don't buy. Don't confuse the two items. No one knows what the housing market holds for the future, and if they tell you they do, their lying to you.
  4. Yes would agree with the above. Start low and go up and never never seem to overly keen to the agent. I always state that I have another property that I'm also interested in, this lets the agent know that your a real buyer and also that if you don't get this one then you have another property lined up. I would also explain to the agent why your putting the offer forward at that price. That way the agent knows that you have put some thought into it and not just pluck a figure from thin air. As I also say, you can always go up in price but it's very difficult to go down. Best of luck.
  5. I've put an online survey together to gauge what landlords look for in a letting agent. You can find the survey at the following link. Thanks in advance for your time. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B7T3ZHY
  6. I certainly know investors who look for joint venture deals. Drop me an email at bobby@andrewestates.co.uk
  7. Very good advice. THis is the way I alway approach agents. 1, You should always put your offer in writing. 2, Make a low offer to begin with. You can always go up but it's very difficult to go down. 3, Tell the agent that you have another property that your interested in an if you lose this one your just put in an offer on the other one. 4, Always act cool and not like your desprate to buy. 5, Do always have your mortgage arranged before hand, as you'll be able to instruct the survey very fast and show the EA that your a serious buyer. 6. I alway treat it as a game. It's you vs the agen
  8. You can always check on one of the sold prices property sites. Nethouseprice and rightmove have this function. This is only the surveyors opinion of what the place is worth but the mortgage company will take this to be it's current market value. You can always pay for a second valuation, I've done this in the past and it costs a lot less then the first one.
  9. I'm afriad all of these locations will remain over priced, as they are located near London, on the river and also are very desirable places to live with good links and schools. People are always willing to pay a premium to live in such locations.
  10. I have always used the method of going in with a low offer and then increasing it if required. You may find that they accept your low offer, in which case you have just saved yourself alot of money and got the house you wanted at a great price. It's far easier to increase a lower offer then it is to go in with a high offer and then try to reduce it due to cold feet or a change of heart. Start low and build up slowwy, never seem overly keen and always make the agent think that you have two of three properties in mind, so if you lose this one your not going to be too disappointed. Try the
  11. When ever you put an offer in with an agent you should always do tit in writing. It's all well and good saying that they have rules to follow, but most EA are out for themselves. If you still have no joy,no harm in popping a letter in the letter box directly to the owner. Stating you've already made an offer to the agent and wanted to know if your offer has been accepted or not. By putting your offer in writting, it makes you look far more professional and also shows the agent that you know what your doing. Also show the agent the offer letter from the mortgage company if you should h
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