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  1. Brilliant. I doubt you'll get a reply.
  2. Just a shame they had the usual **** ray Boulger on. The worse thing is his introduced as an expert so people believe the bull shit he spouts.
  3. Andrew Lillico saying that Merkel asking Greece for referendum is effectively her asking Greece to leave euro.
  4. This is obviously an admission at being wrong. He said if he was he would go. Fair enough to him.
  5. I like the way that long haired muppet blamed the banks without taking any responsibility for his own reckless over borrowing.
  6. I think he should go back to all the poor naive young families he conned into overpaying in 2007 and before. If you can't afford it "just borrow more" classic phil, just classic.
  7. According to the comments he did make an awful lot of money. Which is why the fine it so big. He has to pay back his ill gotten gains.
  8. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/9706560.My_race_to_sell_Leigh_home_to_pay___395k_fishing_fine/?ref=mr And here it is: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33007099.html/nomsite?premiumA=true If its had no interest then it's obviously not worth the £500k. Looks like he wants some mug buyer to pay his fine and nice bit on top for him to enjoy himself.
  9. I noticed that. It's either the SA or an upward revision to last month. I can't remeber the last time I saw the previous month revised UP so I'm assuming SA. I make the yoy -1% April 11 £162,050.
  10. Looks like I beat Timebandit too it! Can't give a link as I copied from the app.
  11. They also said inflation would fall slower than previously thought and pushed it back by the standard year.
  12. I'm not saying they are ineffectual. In fact they are pretty good effective at starting camps. The problem is they have no direction to them apart from the anarchist anti capitalist extreme leftist nonsense. Maybe if they had an understanding of the things they were protesting against they could make a difference. But they are mostly just drug taking hippies waiving soviet flags.
  13. I think this just goes to prove that these guys Have no idea what they are protesting against. They are just jumping on bandwagons to give them something to do all day after picking up their benefits cheques. On the one hand they claim to fight against social inequality and social injustice and in the next breath they contradict themselves by fighting to stop house building which is desperately needed for the young and future generations. These guys are just anarchists and trouble makers with nothing better to do than start protests and cause trouble. They seem to jump on board with whatever the theme of the day. (just look Dale Farm) even thier main campaign of opposing the banksters in anti capitalist demonstrations is flawed. There is nothing wrong with capitalism. The problem is we don't have a capitalist system if we did the banks would not have been bailed out and would have been left to fail. They don't actually understand what they are protesting against. I don't know if the nimbyism is group wide or just with Southend branch: http://www.occupysouthend.org/
  14. Reduced today, Long way to go yet... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36424091.html
  15. I thought there must a ftse thread coming Banks bearing the brunt. Barclays leading the way at -6.5%
  16. But hasn't the euro lately meant that property in sterling Is a fair bit more expensive? I think this probably has a bigger effect than tax exodus.
  17. Don't worry guys, I'll sort this out... ...BLACK MONDAY!!
  18. Phil is effectively an estate agent, and he did his job wonderfully. First lull the naive buyers into believing you are helping them and giving them friendly advice. Then get them to tell you they can pay more. Job done. Happy sellers, happy EA, FTBs conned
  19. I get it now, all houses will sell if they de clutter and run a duster round. Typical ******** phil spencer ****. 7 minutes in and I'm turnin it off.
  20. Agreed, I also voted cons hoping for a change and as you say nothing has changed much. Still better than liebor but not much. You can rest assured though they won't be re elected. Problem is it will liebor back in as those nasty Tories cut hard working family pensions and jobs. So basically we are screwed.
  21. I wonder if any of those he visits are the naive FTBs he talked into overpaying for thier houses and flats 5 years ago? I'm sure many are now stuck unable to sell. After all if you can't afford a house "just borrow more"
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