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  1. We are looking at £640 for a week balcony cabin. Cruise lines actually have some good deals if you live relatively close to a port. Considering all food, entertainment and basic drinks are included. It's not so great if you need to fly to the cruise port. We are looking at carribbean and the flights more than double the cost.
  2. That greedy ******er is storing up some shit for himself there. Maybe the people he is trying to buy from should just let it too?
  3. Lying estate agents? Please tell me this isn't true? When such well respected and trusted pillars of society start lying to people is when you know that humanity is truely doomed.
  4. Construction was something like -4% in last quarters GDP
  5. From what he is saying 0.1 x average income. I thought he meant low by today's standards as in maybe 3x income. But I think he is talking seriously low!
  6. I think you are taking things to the extreme. If you saying prime London property would cost £10k then the house in Hull would be but a few £10s of pounds. In this event the entire country, society, economy would have collapsed to sub third world levels. I think your definition of low house prices is a tad more extreme than mine. 50% off every house in the country would be excellent for the economy long term. 95% off would indicate that some sort of apocalyptic event had occurred.
  7. You've got things totally the wrong way round. That area is not deprived because the houses are cheap. The houses are cheap because the area is deprived. Going by what you are saying all that needs to be done to revive bad areas is add a 0 to the house prices. Knocking 50% off the price of all houses everywhere in the UK will not increase areas of deprivation.
  8. Had a prompt reply from the land registry and it's exactly as FT said.
  9. So in the counties list we are actually seeing a four month average and not the actual monthly change? I've emailed today about the original question. I'll post their reply when I get it.
  10. I think this is worth an email to ask for an explanation.
  11. Yes you can but only if you phone and tell them. They won't do it automatically.
  12. I'm my experience 6 months after closing of accounts is all it takes to be a "new" customer again.
  13. You have to watch every account. Like RnR says just change every 12 months. I have two that need changing in June. 3.17% isn't brilliant though. There have been similar instant access rates around for a while. My previous post office account was 3.1%. I believe nationwide do a 3.15% and my santandire isa is 3.3%.
  14. My dream house certainly wouldn't be in Basildon!
  15. Are these the bits in pre 2008 where they push the poor naive buyers into over paying, over borrowing and negative equity? With classics like "if you can't afford it, just borrow more" and "if you can't find your dream home buy anything, make money on it until you do" and in 2007 Manchester, "I gaurantee you will not lose money on this house" Knobs.
  16. Does the constitution figures include things like olympic stadia and the like? If so its going to be one dire H2!
  17. I don't think rightmove counts as a proper house price index.
  18. From sky news this morning: I'm surprised the Greeks aren't getting their money out quicker when they are saying things like this.
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