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  1. Why indeed, when you can spend 10x more for a shitty self catering house an hour and a half crowded train journey away. And according to one of the big London estate agents London prime rents are falling due to over supply in spite of these huge rents being asked.
  2. http://www.thisistotalessex.co.uk/Essex-homeowners-greedy-Olympics-rent-prices/story-16365067-detail/story.html And here's one in Brentwood at a bargain £20k PCM http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-22000854.html
  3. It's to reduce volatility apparently.
  4. Well the Greek markets were up 10% yesterday and another two today so they are expecting a good outcome. I was actually toying with shorting the ftse today after the last few days rally. I probably would have done if I was so tight.
  5. Wasn't 7% the point of no return? The point at there was 0 chance of debt repayments?
  6. A tax in HPI surely would just be CGT. very easy to implement.
  7. I prefer to just jump straight to conclusions. Although this still doesn't excuse the fact they calling for tax breaks for landlords as a solution to young people being forced to rent is utterly ridiculous. Which is why one could naturally link the two and conclude that there is some sort of vested interest there. I still think there may be more to it. @jrf_uk now seem to be following me, although they didn't reply to any of the critical tweets I sent them.
  8. Well done. Didn't these morons release a similar VI nonsense report a few months ago? Hope you don't mind if I tweet your findings.
  9. I've been seeing that for the last two years. I have noticed bungalows sell well. Not many price drops. I assume retired boomers equity rich with un earned money who dont care about spunking the money on overpriced houses.
  10. I currently have 95% of my cash with them. As its still under £85k I'm happy. Above that I wouldn't have in any one bank no matter which it is. This timed quite well for me as 3.1% instant access is due to drop next week so I'll transfer over to this one. Do they still offer the market beating isa rates too?
  11. It's like a drug addict who needs a bigger and bigger fix each time to reach the same result. €100bn is no where near enough any more.
  12. Looks like Cyprus is next: Retweeted by Faisel Islam
  13. I just came here to post the same. Although Italy is back below 6% again now. The bind markets obvioulsly aren't convinced by the more debt to solve the debt crisis idea.
  14. Technically it would be deflation. But I see what your saying.
  15. The deflation will come once the BOE fed and ECB have destroyed the global economy through inflation.
  16. Peak here in Essex was late 2007. I've seen the odd repo at 2004ish asking prices, mainly flats and one house that's priced at £300,000 that sold for slightly more in 05. It's a lovely house if it was within my price range is view It, I assume there is something wrong with it. 1999 would be better though!
  17. And Italians, spanish, Portuguese, china, and so forth...
  18. Oh yes I forgot the tips. Ours work out £57 each for the week. Which is compulsory apparently even if you receive bad service! There are plenty of extras you can load up on that will push the cost through the roof. If you are a big drinker it will cost you a lot as alcoholic drinks aren't included. For us we will do one excursion and the rest of the time just walk or taxi to nearby beaches and attractions.
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