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  1. I really have no interest in what rightmove says. It's a waste of time. Purely PR and advertising.
  2. I take offers in the region of to mean that theyll accept a lower than normal offer. Not sure if that's the intention?
  3. I think many countries who had massive booms had no shortage. I don't think there was a shortage in the US? I'd say it's 100% credit which causes the inbred belief of never ending HPC which helps add fuel one the credit drys up.
  4. They are comparing the average salary to an average starter home. How many FTBs are on average salaries? Also if they are on the average they are more likely as you say late 30's and hence a one bed starter home is certainly not appropriate!
  5. Pretty much agree, it's not a bad rate, if I could find a house I'd go for it. Unfortunately they all mentally overpriced! Although I did see a repo asking 50% of peak price. Just not one for me.
  6. I'm with O2. For the next 9 months at least anyway. Working fine for some for the mrs. Didn't know there was a problem until it was on the news. I wonder if I can blag some compensation anyway..
  7. This was expected through. There was a big drop off after the stamp duty. Now they returning back to there previously low levels.
  8. Anthony Webb FRICS, Trenchard Arlidge, Cobham, Surrey, 01932 864242 - Mortgage availability still controls the market. Far too many properties at unrealistic prices. Christopher Gooch MRICS, Carter Jonas LLP, Winchester, Hants, 01962 842742 - The continuing euro zone debt crisis is affecting confidence and it seems even London, a key source of buyers for Winchester, is softening. London demand softening?? Oh dear... Overall pretty gloomy comments. And it's only going to get worse apparently. What with the Olympics and all.
  9. According to Henry prior (can't remember the data he was quoting may have been LR) dagenham is one of two London areas where prices are below the 09 lows. Also didn't Southend fall -1.2% last month according the land reg? Edit: nope I was wrong, it was -1.3% http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/13946/HPIReport120622.pdf
  10. Take the damn money! Then in 5 years say thank god you didn't spend it on a house!
  11. hopefully one day, not that I would buy it, it's an awful modern monstrosity. He actually worked for MF Global but somehow bailed out around a month before the collapse and got a job somewhere else. Not sure if he had any insider knowledge or it was just chance.
  12. Obvioulsly not a very good trader, the one I know has no mortgage on his £900k barn conversion.
  13. To be honest around 3.2% has been on and off the top rate for several years now. I'm not really seeing much of a breakthrough of it.
  14. Indeed. Those buying are obvioulsly gambling men. Could win could lose. I personally think more will come to light yet and the extent of the lawsuits are seemingly limitless.
  15. Wow been busy today and missed all the fun!
  16. The new nethouseprices button on PB is seriously good. It's so much quicker to just jump straight to the sold data, although you still need to street view the house number.
  17. Update Firefox to the latest version, worked for mine and the girlfriends computer.
  18. I don't know about the article linked's credibility but I do think the election was rigged. How can do many people vote for a party which basically ensures more austerity. Just a few months ago there was hardly any greeks who didn't want out now just a 50% want in? Maybe it was a campaign of fear, ie austerity is the much better than the alternative, to get the voters on side.
  19. Exit polls seemed to be saying either slightly ND or slightly Syriza.
  20. I thought about that, go for a couple of viewings of it, agree to price, sort out dates etc then when it comes to signing the contract say to the agent that you assumed it was all a wind up and you was just playing along.
  21. I'll sub let for £2000 PW. Even all inclusive tea. Then I'll also rent out my green house for the nearby mountain biking. £500 PW. This time next month I'll be a millionaire.
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