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  1. I'm sitting back, relaxing and enjoying watching the boat sink and the fools drown safely from shore whilst amassing a huge amount of cash by having no debt to service. Second steppers.
  2. Exactly. I keep trying to explain this to people, I really don't understand how such failed logic keeps getting spouted. you buy a 2 bed terrace for £200,000 with a 10% deposit and at the time the next 'step up the ladder' is a 3 bed semi at £300,000. Prices rise 50% over several years of living there. Your house is now worth £300,000 and you have £120,000 equity (assuming IO) the 3 bed semi is now worth £450,000 so you need to increase your mortgage by £130,000. Whereas if prices stayed the same you would have had your £20,000 equity and needed to increase your mortgage by £80,000 to buy the same house. It's not a housing ladder, it's a debt ladder.
  3. I'm glad I still live with my parents.
  4. Then quadruple the rent so you attract the right type of professional executive tenants in future.
  5. I say go round there and kill the tenants. You can't have that scum living in your house taking the piss out of you!
  6. Yep. August is the "summer lull" it's almost always down. Rightmove is a total waste of time.
  7. That's funny as I read in the paper version of that very same newspaper just a couple of days ago that new estates being build in Basildon aren't selling. One local agent was quoted as saying the prices (of the newly built houses) were far too high. And that there is not enough buyers about to cope with the over supply. Also anecdotally a friend of my brother sold his flat in wickford around 18 months ago for £115,000. Asking price was £125,000 he was originally offered £122,000 but they lady had problems getting money out of her divorce. Today identical flat in the same building same condition is asking £90,000 and not selling. It's been gradually reduced from a similar start price. I am seeing bungalows sell relatively quick within a few months, with no or maybe 1 reduction. I assume this is downsizing boomers who can easily accept a slightly lower price for their large family homes bought decades ago and still can offer asking price for an overpriced bungalow and leave money in the bank for cruises.
  8. Seems a lot of agents working out that over valuing is a big problem. And these guys just sold a house.
  9. Forecast is -0.5% I think thats the lowest I've ever seen!
  10. I often wonder the same. Who buys the expensive houses out in the country. Non commutable type places. I assume they must have well paid jobs in nearby towns or be local business owners. Where are theses houses of relative value in the Essex countryside?
  11. They don't confirm the date until the night before. You have to keep an eye on FF.
  12. I'd recommend following Henry Pryor on twitter.
  13. That's ********. I searched rightmove a million times last month max.
  14. On a £100k mortgage I would be better off with 3.49% no fee.
  15. I assumed that all sales appear but sales through companies and others are not used in the hpi calculations.
  16. Property 4 now reduced to £155K: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35129294.html?premiumA=true Property 3 SSTC after being reduced and relisted: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-38331050.html
  17. Does trip advisor get sued? Maybe the option for the vendor to reply to critisimn could be added
  18. There is something similar but I can not remember the site. It allows you to comment on listings which can be seen by everyone. Don't think it was actually intended as purely a review site I think there was more to it. I added some comments. Cannot for the life of me remember what it was though!
  19. Wow he has actually started a real bank. What was the point of this series? Just go to RBS.
  20. Debt? Or he is actually a very well paid member of the DIY SOS team.
  21. Nah, If they don't accept my offer in not a buyer and I'll go elsewhere.
  22. 32% less than the initial Eas valuation is probably not a bad price for a quick sale. EAs valuations are NOT market values.
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