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  1. I lived with my parents until I was 30, (now!) my brother still lives there at 34. Of all my friends only one rents. The others live with their parents still also. They are 30-33. If you can stay there as long as possible. No point renting unless you are forced to. Stay out of the market altogether.
  2. Saving £10,000 scary?? Try living in London or the South east!
  3. Also many who didn't buy and stayed at parents because of information on this site. I now have a tiny mortgage as a consequence and I can overpay like a *******!
  4. Had anyone ever edited that chart and put a proper average line in? Rather than the stupid exponential to the moon one they have?
  5. Yeah I know but that would mean enabling the full site on my iPhone and I really can't be arsed. I know now anyway thanks to Bruce!
  6. Doesn't sound a great deal from the tenants point of view, You could live for another 40 years before they would own the house.
  7. From what he was saying any rental income will be a bonus which he will put back into overpaying the mortgage. Looking at yields currently on ready to let properties he will be lucky to get a yield! He doesn't have a massive deposit currently.
  8. But to be fair he is never going to sell that house is he. It will be taken off the market. Not unless he bought in some underhand way not at fair market value in the first place.
  9. Thanks TMT interest rates was what I was missing! I knew there was something!
  10. Haha I think my iPhone may have been trying to tell me something!
  11. A work colleague came ask my advice last week. He knows I'm pretty clued up about the housing market and mortgages etc. he wanted to know what the potential risks are with buying a property to let within the next year or two to supplement his pension in retirement. He is 29 currently with a piss poor work pension which he has only just started. So I basically came out with all the potential problems ie shit yield (better off having money in the bank) possible HPC or gradual falling prices for several years. Maintenance/ voids / bad tenants/ mangagment costs. But to him none of this matters. He says as long as the rent covers the mortage/maintenance/voids and fees then he doesn't care about. 0 yield as its a pension. All he wants is in 25 years to have a mortgage free property providing him rental returns. He even said he doesn't mind having to top up a small amount each month as he sees as paying into the pension. So what am I missing? It does seem to be a good idea for diversifying and supplementing his standard pension/state pension (if there is one!?) I need some arguments against to come back with. Edit: iPhone word twisting!!
  12. The plebs were spouting the same ******** in 07
  13. House prices are rising? Even with everything the government can throw at it is barely stagnating outside London.
  14. I saw the guy on the roundabout in Basildon with his sign shown in your link. Felt sorry for the guy. Also a bit worried for his safety as its quite likely he would be offered "work" by one of the local pikeys who frequent the area.
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