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  1. Agreed, did the stamp duty holiday really have such a small effect? April will be an interesting month.
  2. Indeed, it's a waste of time. It rises and falls with the seasons and doesn't really diverge much. It's simply advertising for rightmove.
  3. I've already forwarded your tweet. Not that it will do any good I'm afraid.
  4. A grand for a 1 bed flat?? You can ****** right off!
  5. And yet the bbc radio 2 said that the numbe of first time buyer loans surged in January! Although "the market is in for a bumpy ride"
  6. She seems to have gone into hiding, Wendys account seems to be private now. Looks like you struck a raw nerve Timebandit!
  7. I think he was saying that the newbuy ones would have lower interest rates. He also said that lenders won't we relaxing criteria. Which means that you need a hefty wage to afford one of there 95% mortgages and if you can afford one there is no reason why you can't save for a proper deposit.
  8. I've been following that too. Newbuy getting slated on twitter! Looks like people have seen straight through this one.
  9. What's the difference between this a firstbuy? At least it will take potential first time buyers out of the not new build market, could even help with price falls on non new builds as ftbs don't bother to save up and just go with this instead.
  10. But it's only the NAEA so it's not like it's a profession body of any sort...
  11. I support priced out but I do think they are going about it the wrong way. We DO NOT want more mortgage lending to First time buyers. This will push up prices and exacerbate the problem. Less lending = lower prices = less indebtedness. More young people can buy with reasonably sized mortgages.
  12. Friends of mine rent a house down this street. He's quite a well known local butter. They wouldn't let thier kids out trick or treating at Halloween because he was roaming about.
  13. They are very slightly. Some better isa rates coming out now but the best I've seen is only 0.3% above the previous best. So f all really.
  14. It's a well managed default with no panic. Greece still can't pay it's debts though.
  15. That's the best the EA industry can muster. She was embarrassing to watch! Almost felt sorry for her, well almost...
  16. Just watched this. Is Andrew Lilico the new HPC pin up!?
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