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  1. That's a good question but if this is the case then there should be a pretty convincing correlation between QE and changes in mortage rates. I don't know if there is or not? But I don't think so.
  2. But it's not is it. The only way QE will push up prices is if they drive down mortgage rates. It's one thing saying more BTL loans are available but it won't make any difference unless they undercut the competition which they aren't. In fact so far this year mortgage rates have been edging back up with several decent deals being pulled. SVRs too are on the rise. The reason house prices bounced in 09 was falling bad rates. They can't fall any more and QE isn't getting in to mortgage market. So there is no prospect of any rise. Even Posen is starting to doubt his perma-QE stance.
  3. I wonder how Adam Posen is sleeping? I assume he won't be seeking a second term now... From March 2011 No Adam just spray petrol on that fire instead then..
  4. And who exactly has done the approaching? Seeing as the BOE is totally independent. Obviously not George Osbourne of course.
  5. Found this on MSE. Didn't know they could do this. Although it is only a small building society with hardly any borrowers effected if it spreads could be carnage! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3911273
  6. You should have done some educating! I'd live to get one of those calls!
  7. Is it a temporary offer? 9.9% sounds very low for a credit card. Not that I pay interest either.
  8. The express have missed this one. Going with another miracle cure headline.
  9. And this is the reason why this pointless index is at new highs. Estate agents are desperate. So desperate for new listings that they are fighting to out value the competition. Then pester the vendor to reduce. But the damage is done. They won't sell for less than their hours is "worth" and try know its not overpriced because three agents told them that price.
  10. Exactly, I really don't care what a house cost in oil, gold or whatever. It makes no difference to me whatsoever. What does matter is houses priced in £.
  11. They are struggling. This is shown by the rightmove index hitting a new high. They are so desperate to take on new stock that they are desperately out pricing the opposition with obviously detrimental consequences.
  12. This index had lost what little credibility it had over the last few months. Total waste of time.
  13. Read this in the paper the other day. Some dosey old bat was quoted as saying "when you invest in a property you don't expect the price to fall"
  14. Got to love Henry. He's got more and more bearish over the years. I'd recommend following him on twitter. His price reduction tweets are good.
  15. Santander 3.3% instant access allows transfers in. You can even get 4.25% if you're an existing nationwide customer with thier isa. Rates seem to have edged up a tad since this time last year.
  16. I think April will be a bit of short to RICS if they think the last few months will continue. First time buyers have been completing chains and finishing sales throughout all price bands. No more though.
  17. It's those nasty banks demanding ridiculous levels of deposit such 10%! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/constructionandproperty/9193040/Housing-market-slows-to-2008-level.html Surely not, a fall in house prices increases transactions?
  18. Because going by that chart rents fall at this time of year every year. Nothing to report really. If it keeps falling when the rises are expected to re start then it could be a change in trend.
  19. If its still falling April onwards I'll be very interested.
  20. Massive rise 2.2%. There will be an even bigger fall next month now. Could even rival the monster -3.6% from last year.
  21. I've have a much worse opinion of Halifax. I've been with santandire for 3 years now and only experienced mild incompetence.
  22. Blame the BOE ZIRP causes a flight to higher yielding, higher risk assets. I also have £50k in 8x leveraged crude ETFs* *not really... ...It's only £45k
  23. It's a gimmick. 0.1% is f all. The rate is still very good though and beats the shit out of the other 2 year fixes. Although beware you can only find it between the 6th and 14th of April. Same for the instant access. 3.3% worth the risk of the shit customer service and I've had worse from Halifax anyway.
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