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  1. Just watching this on 4od. Is this guy really supposed to be a professional negotiator? He's a joke!
  2. Thats not far from me. They should have waited it out. Child's bed in the small second bedroom and cot in the master. Won't be long and they will be becoming pretty desperate for another bedroom. So it's not actually sold then?
  3. That's identical to my iPhone app. Maybe twitter doesn't show you if someone replies to someone you don't follow? Don't know really.
  4. I'm not watching so can only go by the comments here. But the 0% off asking is ridiculous! How did this guy become a negotiator??
  5. Good work, his account is @gwhbr I believe for everyone else to tell him how average his negotiating skills are.
  6. Could be although I've had the same with other people I follow too maybe a twitter bug
  7. I don't know if it's the iPhone app but I don't think I'm seeing all your tweets. I didn't see this until your second reply to her.
  8. Hi TOW long time no see, thought you may have thrown in the towel! I doubt we will get any intelligent debate out of Kirsty apart from the obvious lack of intelligence, in an earlier tweet of hers she's mentions not giving oxygen to trolls which I assume was probably meaning us.
  9. No it's not. And several types of forced sales and sales within a company are not included in the index.
  10. Same here I've used this for years. Is there a new addition? When using postcodes it normally just give you the county that postcode is in. (some counties are broken up a bit more) it doesn't go down to actual post code level.
  11. Yep pretty much. You can do anything that can't be easily returned to its original condition and doesn't impact on the character of the house. No double glazing but you can get away secondary glazing in most cases.
  12. The problem with this is once the vendor is initially told by the agent what it's "worth" they then go out to see what they can buy with the money. Either cars holidays or nice retirement if downsizing or a nice bigger house if upsizing. So when after no interest they are told they need to reduce its like taking a loss, not a physical one because the majority of time they still have a profit but a virtual one. They now can't afford the car or the nice houses they were looking at. So it's a very difficult thing to do. Especially when you are the who told them the first price initially.
  13. The figures are incomplete as the latest data isn't included yet. So the petrol panic won't be in the initial figures but could cause an upward revision later. Won't be anywhere near enough though. Also surely Merv and co would have had a pre release of these figures at the MPC vote yet still Posen has backed away from QE. could be an interesting year.
  14. Old Shappsie wants 20+ years of "price stability" whilst wages catch up. He's far from on our side.
  15. Where did you get it from? I've got a short break next week and need to get some funny money.
  16. At least he's consistant, still saying they should rise. Meanwhile he's arch rival Posen has suddenly changed his permi-QE stance.
  17. Many don't have the luxury. Otherwise they probably would have done so already.
  18. I like Henry Pryor. Although far from one of us he's a realist and a bit of a bear. I got retweeted by one Anne Shaw during the #housingdebate2012 and had a bit of a chat, one thing she tweeted was "thought of more BTL makes me very depressed" I decided to see who this woman was afterwards and actually physically recoiled when I looked at her account and found she is a columnist and agony aunt for the daily excess! She must have kept her views quite during her probation period.. I do like twitter, I'm still relatively new to it but it's good that you can directly converse with just about anyone. Or at least get your views seen even if they don't respond. I don't know if Shappsie ever reads what is tweeted to him but many of the others do. Especially the ones you mentioned. You can even get some good debate going at times. @Rightmove is a waste of time. I think they have one of the PR girls running it same as the Facebook page. They haven't no clue of the housing market and don't respond to anything other than drooling over houses they can't afford. I do like your #rightmovecrash hashtag good play on thier silly #rightmovecrush. When I seek out some good reductions I'll use it. Keep up the good work.
  19. A two bed bungalow near me was to let for 6 months with no takers. Probably because the £1250 PCM rent was mental. Others nearby are £1000 tops. It was eventually let after they ask a more reasonable price but that moment of stupidity must have cost them a fortune.
  20. I've heard this for a while on the news now. Think there was piece on r4 the other day. I wonder if they would be open to 'sensible' cash offers
  21. Maybe we should infiltrate this and LLL and swamp the property porn shows with HPCers. That would be amazing. Never get aired though.
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