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  1. 2 grand arrangement fee..feck off!


    "The deal from HSBC launches on Monday and promises borrowers a two-year discount deal with a starting rate of 0.99 per cent. It is available for homebuyers with at least a 40 per cent deposit. It follows HSBCs standard variable rate of 3.94 per cent minus a discount of 2.95 percentage points."

    So it follows the HSBC SVR. which could rise at any time regardless of base rate.

    At £1999 fee you would actually be better off taking a 2.5% deal with £0 fee if borrowing£100,000. You would have to be borrowing a huge mortgage to justify that fee.

  2. Wow is he trolling the house buying forum there now! I thought he stayed on the debate forum, which I keep away from as it's like watching kids fighting in the playground. He should be banned from that site...and the internet in general...

  3. after being the biggest uber bear and most anti ploperty person ever since 2004, i have found myself buying a house.

    maybe you could see what you think to my thinking

    house actually seems good value for what i want. quiet street, old terraced with big rooms, big garden, i rent the council garage next to the house. needs doing up throughout. and of all the houses in my home town this is THE ONLY one i would consider buying value wise. i know the market in my home town like the back of my hand

    on for £65k, ended up getting it for £58500.

    with £5850 dipper down, it works out at £450per month on a 7year fix with halifraud over 13 years. i can save and overpay after the 7years so im confident it will be cleared in 10years. im not too bothered if houses tank 30% tbh as my goal is to be out of the clutches of rent seeking landlords and banks ASAP then go part time and enjoy life in my late 30s!! more to life than work to own a ploperty. if rates go up im laughing, if they dont im not to fussed as i pay 450amonth rent now for a posh 2 bed victorian flat.

    be interesting to hear what you think. have i missed owt? ;-)


    Wow I got mugged offed nearly four times that! :( and I got a good price for the area.

  4. Where I live in Scotland it is cheaper to buy than rent. It is not hard to find a 3 bed terrace house for £80,000. Assuming you can get together a 5% deposit a repayment mortgage will cost approximately £320 per month. To rent the same house costs £450 per month.

    Large swathes of the Scottish central belt are like this price wise. Unless you are getting housing benefit, then renting is not as cost effective as buying here.

    I think some of you guys should broaden your horizons a bit as in England and Wales your are getting screwed over regarding the cost of housing.

    If I could move to Scotland or indeed northern England and still have job I would be very happy to buy a house for £80,000. In fact I would be mortgage free. Unfortunately I would never be able to get a half decent job...

  5. Brilliant! That's just what I wanted, posted way up as well by Northampton Bear which I totally missed!!

    I tend to do all my house browsing on Rightmove, never really used Zoopla for some reason.

    Thanks very much all.

    Also on rightmove if use the price comparison report under the house prices tab that will show the asking price of properties previously on the market. Use the exact postcode.

  6. Just me, but if I had to live in the South East and I was rich enough

    to afford 20 million then I would go for a period one in the Surrey countryside with grounds and not an over-sized Barratt chav box.


    Absolutely. How can anyone think to pay that sort of money when you can get a small mansion with several acres just a few 10s of miles away?

  7. I just took the 70 question test!




    Introvert(67%) iNtuitive(25%) Thinking(62%) Judging(11%)

    You have distinctive preference of Introversion over Extraversion (67%)

    You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (25%)

    You have distinctive preference of Thinking over Feeling (62%)

    You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (11%)

    Looks like I match the forum status quo too.


    Introvert(33%) iNtuitive(25%) Thinking(100%) Judging(67%)

  8. I think we may see 5% pa for a year or too before mad government schemes run out an prices drop back again.

    We see prices fall and then FLS starts and holds them up, then help to sell comes in and pushes them up a bit. Once these run out its back down again until the next crazy scheme by some idiotic short termist government desperate to keep the voting boomer majority happy.

  9. IMHO Faisal Islam is the best economics journalist in Britain.

    Perhaps it helps that instead of the superficial Oxfords' 3 year PPE of Flanders, Balls, Cameron et all, Faisal has instead a proper Economics degree (and from Cambridge! :D ).

    Back to his interview, I'm sure most of us will empathise with this:

    I look forward to buy this book. (As soon as it goes on sale though, sorry Faisal, but I do need to keep saving, sadly.)


    I agree he is a very sensible financial journalist one of a few which I follow on twitter. Always talks sense.

  10. I literally have no words to express my anger. I nearly actually through my tea cup through the tv.

    They did a big piece about poor people in low paid jobs forced into becoming 'property guardians' as the couldn't afford to rent/buy. These people are living in buildings were they effectively have to be a security guard as well as paying rent to live there. The rent is much lower but there a very few rights as a tenant.

    Then the same idiot presenter now in the studio talks up how much a 'good start' help to buy has made by pushing up prices 3% and how there is 'still a long way to go'

    Dear god! How can these morons just blatantly contradict themselves and not even realise!?

    Did anyone else see this?

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