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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-50479322.html The other one is 65 Blanford road Poole. Doesn't look like it ever sold? Credit to Property Prawn on twitter
  2. Indeed.... "The deal from HSBC launches on Monday and promises borrowers a two-year discount deal with a starting rate of 0.99 per cent. It is available for homebuyers with at least a 40 per cent deposit. It follows HSBCs standard variable rate of 3.94 per cent minus a discount of 2.95 percentage points." So it follows the HSBC SVR. which could rise at any time regardless of base rate. At £1999 fee you would actually be better off taking a 2.5% deal with £0 fee if borrowing£100,000. You would have to be borrowing a huge mortgage to justify that fee.
  3. Id like to know the debt in the portfolio, the article speculates but it must be massive?
  4. Maybe this is to help offset the MMR rules coming into force next month? Also 15,000 new homes in a garden city at Ebsfleet Kent. Although according to my twitter feed planning was submitted two years ago for 20,000 new homes there. So this is actually a reduction of 5000 on the previous plan.
  5. Wow is he trolling the house buying forum there now! I thought he stayed on the debate forum, which I keep away from as it's like watching kids fighting in the playground. He should be banned from that site...and the internet in general...
  6. £58k? Wow I got mugged offed nearly four times that! and I got a good price for the area.
  7. If I could move to Scotland or indeed northern England and still have job I would be very happy to buy a house for £80,000. In fact I would be mortgage free. Unfortunately I would never be able to get a half decent job...
  8. That have this story on a loop I think as it gets reprinted every 6 months to a year. Total bullshite obviously as firstly it depends entirely on the size of deposit and doesn't take into account maintaining the house.
  9. Also on rightmove if use the price comparison report under the house prices tab that will show the asking price of properties previously on the market. Use the exact postcode.
  10. After years of this show being on the air something has just dawned on me, can these people not look on rightmove for themselves?
  11. Absolutely. How can anyone think to pay that sort of money when you can get a small mansion with several acres just a few 10s of miles away?
  12. Looks like I match the forum status quo too. INTJ Introvert(33%) iNtuitive(25%) Thinking(100%) Judging(67%)
  13. Looks like a lovely house, I think, from what I can see if it. Price is an absulote punch in the ******** though.
  14. Bad as in good or bad as in bad?.. Which is actually good?
  15. I think we may see 5% pa for a year or too before mad government schemes run out an prices drop back again. We see prices fall and then FLS starts and holds them up, then help to sell comes in and pushes them up a bit. Once these run out its back down again until the next crazy scheme by some idiotic short termist government desperate to keep the voting boomer majority happy.
  16. I agree he is a very sensible financial journalist one of a few which I follow on twitter. Always talks sense.
  17. Certainly a lack of cognitive dissonance on the part of the presenters there. Or as I like to call it moronic dissonance.
  18. If anyone wants to make a complaint: https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/?reset=#anchor
  19. I literally have no words to express my anger. I nearly actually through my tea cup through the tv. They did a big piece about poor people in low paid jobs forced into becoming 'property guardians' as the couldn't afford to rent/buy. These people are living in buildings were they effectively have to be a security guard as well as paying rent to live there. The rent is much lower but there a very few rights as a tenant. Then the same idiot presenter now in the studio talks up how much a 'good start' help to buy has made by pushing up prices 3% and how there is 'still a long way to go' Dear god! How can these morons just blatantly contradict themselves and not even realise!? Did anyone else see this?
  20. I found a pound at sainsburys this weekend. Problem is I also lost £20 note somewhere... Worst weekend of my life...
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