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  1. I am sure it is not just me who has noticed that Foxtons, "London's estate agent", has just announced that it is from this weekend going to be open from 9-5 every sunday. It claims to be the first mass market estate agent to do so. Do they need the extra business?
  2. rockdoctor, it sounds like the proverbial is finally hitting the fan. I live just off Putney Bridge road and have rented for what seems like an age since January 2003. Both my girlfriend and I STR'd then and were berated by friends and family alike especially at the beginning of this year when buyers were desperate to buy in Putney and Wandsworth at what ridiculous prices. We nearly took the plunge again but luckily were gazumped twice. (I never thought I'd say that!)... Now the properties we were looking at in March 2004 are below their asking prices then. Admittedly we have spent £24k re
  3. it is obviously someones folly, those floors would have cost a fortune, and the sales patter is playing on the "artistic merits".......bullsh*t I say....the cost per sq m must be astronomical in comparison to a nearby 3 bed semi..... check out the fireplace too...wouldn't want to burn much in that for fear of discolouring/sooting up the mezzanine level just a few feet above it!
  4. this, even after a 45K reduction recently, has to be the most overpriced property i have ever seen (its been for sale for a year) its tiny, dark, has no garden, is weird and too trendy for the family area thats its located in, and is on a busy rat run of a road. http://www.findaproperty.com/cgi-bin/agent...prop&pid=010625
  5. have been keeping an eye on local Putney property and have noticed the following http://www.findaproperty.com/cgi-bin/agent...prop&pid=033337 Was £595k in June, then £570k in October, recently reduced to £545k. 10% in six months and thats the asking price, not necessarily what anyone would actually pay for it. http://www.findaproperty.com/cgi-bin/agent...prop&pid=010625 This has to be the most overpriced property i have ever seen. It has been on since Jaun this year originally at 499K, now at 455K. There is no garden, it is too trendy for the family orientated area, is small and
  6. I viewed this house in May 2004 when the asking price was £312,950 (don't ask me why such a strange amount - it is a probate sale by the family involved so unlikely to have much of a mortgage, if any, on it) http://www.findaproperty.com/cgi-bin/agent...prop&pid=109845 I though it was too pricey bearing in mind its condition...(dated to say the least) and its value compared to other similar houses for sale on the same street...a mint version 4 doors along sold in a week in May for £315k) Since May I have kept my eye on it...It was reduced and went under offer for £306k in July, then c
  7. Phil and Krusty should be taken off the air for their moral skills. If their advice is a indication of their business practices then I hold out little hope for Garrington Homefinders (Phils company) prospects once long awaited legislation of estate agents comes into being.
  8. Certainly the upper price brackets are starting to suffer. I know of a heavily indebted couple who are trying to sell a £980k luxury detached 5 bedder near Esher and can't shift it. It is stunning if you like that sort of thing. They had an offer from an Amercan 3 weeks ago. They were due to exchange this week when the buyer reneged and requested a reduction of 55K to complete. They refused to come up, he refused to come down and the vendors are back to square one. Their property has been on since late May.
  9. I agree BBB, she is the female version of Kevin McLeod chap who does that Grand Designs programme. Savvy and open enough to have her say no matter how negative and willing to do something completely different for a while should the market go Pop!
  10. This news will surely hit York hard. Even if there are not as too many compulsory redundancies which they claim, optimisim in the city economy will be diminished somewhat.
  11. Don't forget to watch tonight. Sarah Beeny is Richard & Judy's guest on their show this evening. I hope Richard is in an ascerbic mood and asks her about the state of the market.
  12. I have recently seen these figures banded about regarding the interest rate levels paid on the average mortage during the last house price boom. 9.80% - Nov 1987 10.30% - Jan 1988 9.75% - May 1988 11.50% - Aug 1988 12.75% - Oct 1988 13.25% - Jan 1989 14.00% - Feb 1989 15.00% - Nov 1989 15.90% - March 1990 15.00% - Nov 1990 14.40% - April 1991 13.45% - May 1991 12.75% - July 1991 12.45% - Aug 1991 12.00% - Oct 1991 11.49% - March 1992 11.20% - July 1992 11.70% - Sep 1992 10.95% - Nov 1992 10.29% - Dec 1992 9.55% - Jan 1993 8.99%- March 1993 8.74% - Jan 1994 8.74% - Apri
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