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  1. It seems the directorship has been taken on by Ms Bryony Jones, chef at the Penthouse. What a farce! Saturday evening saw the walkout of the remaining original kitchen staff after a fourth month of wage payment problems. What a farce! Stock for the restaurant is now being bought from Tesco & Sainsbury's. Swansea's premier restaurant? What a farce! Brian Rix, eat your heart out!
  2. Cheers MT. Love the Peter & Lois avatar by the way! Just to let you know, although I am now based in North Wales (met a Denbighshire lady, moved up 4 years ago etc) I was born and brought up in South Wales (indeed lived there most of my 53 year old life), and know Swansea pretty well and have many friends there. There are, in my opinion, good and bad people everywhere - and in every walk of life. It has been my experience that the fur coat and no knickers brigade exists the world over, as do the corrupt, so don't be too hard on Swansea! Once again, Cheers.
  3. Just a quick correction to my previous post - the OR in Swansea has informed me that the Trustee in Bankruptcy is in fact an IP based in St Albans, Mr Ian Defty of Kingston Smith & Partners LLP. This was as the request of the petitioning creditor. MT, I suspect there's a lot more to come, though I couldn't tell you what or when - it's down to the appropriate authorities now. For my part (and others), we have provided all the relevant information to the responsible bodies (including HMRC, the CIB [Companies Investigation Branch of the department for Business, Innovation & Skills], the HSE and the police) and investigations are well under way. As you will appreciate, I can't really comment any further about this at this point in time. Therefore, I would just like to say a big thank you to all the users of this forum for allowing me hog some of your space and occasionally going somewhat off topic. Thanks again.
  4. Here's the link for those who may be interested. Peter Way Bankruptcy Article
  5. Snuglybear, under normal crcumstances you are quite right. However, I suspect that due to the circumstances (which I am quite sure we will all be reading about in the coming weeks and months) I think it is highly likely that he will be disqualified from holding the post of director for quite some time. "An order for disqualification can be made under a number of different sections of the Company Director Disqualification Act 1986 (see also section 4 - Criminal proceedings). The order will specify the period of disqualification. For orders made against an unfit director of an insolvent company, there is a minimum period of 2 years and a maximum of 15 years" All that said, it would appear that the biggest problem right now seems to be getting Mr Way to acknowledge or even understand that there's a problem at all! As has been quoted here quite a few times already - "It's all just hurtful rumours, why are people persecuting me?" Hmmmmm, I wonder.
  6. Greetings again MT. Front page of tomorrows Post will answer all the questions you just asked, including those concerning the running of the restaurant etc as well as comments from myself and Mark broadbent. Don't want to steal their thunder!
  7. Hi MT, the Post is covering the bankruptcy in tomorrow's edition (they've just rang me to ask if I wished to make a comment). I'm guessing that all the information was not available yesterday in sufficient time for inclusion in today's paper - largely due to the fact that their reporter was asked to leave the court-room before the hearing started, presumably at the request of Mr Way. It seems with hind-sight and seeking advice from the paper's own legal advisers that the court did not actually have the authority to do this, but none-the-less it was what happened. Also being a newspaper I guess they have to be doubly sure of their facts to avoid any chance of litigation. I can confirm categorically that Peter Way is now a bankrupt and his financial affairs are being dealt with by the Official Receiver's office. It may still be some time before this has any real-world affects, but the ball is now well and truly rolling.
  8. I am very reliably informed that Peter Way only rented that house - but its not like he's gonna need it anyway!
  9. Well the beginning of the end has begun. PETER WAY IS NOW A DECLARED BANKRUPT!!!! His finances are now in the hands of the Official receiver - and any plans he's got of lying to them is a non-starter as I will be ensuring that they know EVERYTHING about him down to the very last detail!
  10. FROM TODAY'S EVENING POST: THE boss of Swansea’s Penthouse Restaurant could face a driving ban after he was caught travelling at twice the speed limit on Fabian Way. Peter Way, of Blackpill reached speeds of 80 miles per hour in a 40mph zone on August 25 last year. The 44-year-old director of the city’s most high-profile restaurant was found guilty of speeding in his absence by Swansea magistrates yesterday(Thursday March 11). Prosecutor Andrew David said following the offence Way told the officer: “I thought it was 70[mph].” The court heard a summons to appear had been served on Way, on February 3 by post as well as the prosecution’s evidence. “The officer Lee Peter Christer works for the Roads Policing Unit,” said Mr David. “At 2.25pm he was on duty in full uniform in an unmarked police vehicle. “He saw a BMW X5 motor vehicle with an ‘09 plate travelling along Fabian Way. “The officer saw that it was travelling in excess of the temporary 40mph speed restriction at that time.” Mr David said the officer saw the car increase its speed to a constant 68-70mph. “It maintained the speed around a sweeping right hand bend followed by a sweeping left hand bend,” he said. “As it exited the bend it reached a speed of 80.” The court heard it was at this point that the officer stopped Way. Presiding magistrate Joan Moruzzi said that the bench found the case proved. “I think we better get Mr Way here because of the speed,” she said. “He may be disqualified so I think he should be present.” Mrs Moruzzi said the court would write to Way to inform him he must attend on March 26 for sentence or an arrest warrant would be issued.
  11. Thought I just had to post this morning. I've just had a phone call telling me that PW was in the Gower Inn last night having a drink and a meal with another man. (Nice to know he can still enjoy such luxuries while some of his unpaid staff can't pay their mortgages because of what he owes them!) Whilst he was there, unbelievably he offered the barman a job at the Penthouse!!! Fortunately the barman kew all about PW as a couple of ex-Penthouse staff now work at the Gower Inn. This barman also heard PW tell the man he was with that he (PW) can't go into town at the moment and so he has to stay in the country. I wonder why!
  12. Thanks for the kind words Charlie Angel. I suspect there won't be much to see on Tuesday though, as I doubt he will attend (However he's due to appear in Swansea Magistrates' court tomorrow [11th March] on a speeding charge). In any event I doubt the bankruptcy hearing will have facilities for the general public to attend. Localhero, in answer to your question regarding what will happen to the restaurant, the answer is 'not a lot'. You have to remember that it's not Peter Way the person (and that's who is facing the bankruptcy petition) that owns the restaurant, but the company 'Peter Way Restaurants Ltd', a completely different entity in the eyes of the law. To quote my own lawyer's words (this was written before we knew BMH was in administration):- " If Mr Way is made bankrupt, whatever assets he owns will immediately vest in his Trustee in Bankruptcy which, initially, will be in the Official Receiver in Bankruptcy. That includes his shareholding in Peter Way Restaurants Ltd (such as it is worth) and BMH. The bankruptcy legislation provides that a bankrupt cannot act as a director of a company or be involved in the management (without permission of the court) though, in reality, it could be some time before anyone physically seeks to stop him from acting and he is unlikely to care too much about personal liability for contracts because of his bankruptcy. Any contracts he enters into will be void for want of authority but again, I don’t suppose he will care too much about that either. Another problem for him is Table A of the Companies Regulations which, if it applies to his companies, provides that the office of director shall be vacated if he becomes bankrupt. My understanding of that is that it has immediate effect on the making of the bankruptcy order but, as I say, not all companies are governed by Table A as its provisions can be varied and if he is the sole director, no-one is going to physically stop him. A bankrupt’s assets aren’t physically taken; its just that legal title vests in the Trustee and the Trustee can do what he pleases with them when he gets round to it. He will certainly look at the value of any shareholdings but, of course, these are not always easy to value at first flush. He may find a buyer for Mr Way’s shares in BMH if it has any value but I suspect that PW Restaurants Ltd will be worthless and such a huge liability that no-one will want the shares. The Trustee cannot actually lay claim to the assets of the companies as these belong to the company and not to Mr Way. Only a liquidator can do that. I would recommend that, if Mr Way is made bankrupt, you immediately contact the Official Receiver and say that you have concerns that Mr Way may continue to try and manage his companies wearing his director’s hat and that letters should be sent to the companies informing them of the bankruptcy and his inability to act as director. Of course, there is no guarantee that Mr Way will not intercept the letters and put them in the bin. " I will of course be doing just that - and a heap more too!
  13. Just a quick update. The Jamie Oliver 'joke' is just that! I'm afraid that was just a bit of mischievious banter from a pal of mine to get me going - and it worked! (I apologise on his behalf!) As regards the story of PW's other business having gone into administration, well that's entirely true and I understand there's a short report about it in todays Eve Post. PW has allegedly told some his creditors that his bankruptcy hearing won't be going ahead as he has "come to an arrangement" with the liquidators of Aquila who have filed the petition - however having spoken to the court myself just a few moments ago, they tell me the hearing (which has been allocated just 10 minutes) is still listed as going ahead at 10.15am on the 16th March, as planned. Charlie Angel, I just wanted to say well done for your unrelenting efforts and I'm glad it paid off in the end. I knew when I spoke to you on the phone that you wouldn't give up. I only wish a few more had your resolve and we could have brought this whole sorry mess to an end sooner rather than later, to save any more unwitting folk getting hoodwinked by this selfish excuse for a man. Blues, I am glad that you finally saw PW for the person he really is. I promised when I first posted on here that I would do all in my power to sink this man before he does any more damage. My own resolve to do that has not changed. It is not a case of victimisation or a witch hunt - it is, plain and simple, putting a stop to the misery being caused by someone who is hell-bent on fulfilling his own narcisitic needs without a care for ANYONE or ANYTHING else - including it would seem, his own reputation.
  14. "He must have Public and Employers Liability insurance (compulsory)" - Nope. However I have reported this, as well as a plethora of other non-compliance issues to the various appropriate authorities. I have also sumitted a 16-page document (plus a vast amount of supporting documents) covering a raft of issues concerning PW's activities both past and present to Swansea's finest boys in blue, so your comments about his next local venue will (I sincerely hope) be not be too far from the truth. I'm guessing that you will also realise from this that my hands are somewhat tied as regards what I can and can't say here just now, so if I appear to be quiet for a while or don't respond to some questions, you will understand why. I think it only right that I should also say that PW has now laid counter allegations against me, saying that an item of jewellery (a ring) has gone missing from his office and that he suspects me of stealing it. Make of that what you will!
  15. It's a 10 year lease with an option to buy.
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